How to Transition Your Lawn Care Crew into Snow Removal

Published on October 11, 2022

One of the best ways to improve employee retention and keep your best employees is by discovering how to transition your lawn care crew into snow removal.

By transitioning your lawn care crew into snow removal, you’re able to:

  • Reduce hiring needs
  • Keep your top talent year-over-year
  • Minimize additional employee training

In this article, you’ll explore how to transition your lawn care crew into snow removal by utilizing some of the best pro strategies.

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Select Your Top Employees

At first, you’ll likely be starting small with a few select snow services before expanding. Much like when you started your lawn care business, a slow start ensures maximum profitability.

This is especially important for snow, since equipment and training hold a higher cost than in the lawn care industry. By starting small, you’ll minimize the necessary amount of equipment.

As a result, you probably won’t transition all of your lawn care crew into snow removal for the first few years.

Until you’ve established your snow removal business, you’ll likely only need a few select employees at first.

For this reason, you’ll only want to select a few of your star lawn care employees to bring into your snow removal business.

Choose your star employees with:

  • Great attendance
  • Time management ability
  • Excited to learn new skills
  • Stellar work ethic with a positive attitude
  • Pride and proven ability to render excellent work
  • Eagerness to provide clients with the best services

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Follow Local Legal Requirements for Certifications and Licensing

Depending on your area and the services you offer, there are various legal requirements for certifications and licensing.

For example, if you provide snow plowing services, you’ll need a snow plow permit. In addition, many states require commercial licensing.

Before rendering any services, always adhere to all local legal requirements to ensure both safety and seamless business operations.

Ensure Proper Training

Transitioning your lawn care crew into snow removal takes time. Ensure you have ample time for proper training before taking the leap.

While your local legal requirements involve basic training, it’s important to develop your own mainstream training as well.

To start, select a few additional training courses to ensure adequate training. Take a look at a few excellent options:

By supplying your team with exceptional training, you can secure safety, mitigate liability, provide top tier services, and charge premium prices.

Consider Hiring a Few Experienced Snow Professionals to Help

When you hire a few experienced snow professionals to help transition your lawn care crew into snow removal, you’ll ensure smooth, seamless operations.

Plus, not only will these seasoned professionals aid serve as excellent managers in training your crew, they’ll also be able to guide your business to success.

The best snow professionals will lead your business and:

  • Assist in mainstreaming training
  • More quickly prepare your team
  • Provide input on everyday and storm operations
  • Offer insider experience and knowledge to make improvements

These seasoned snow professionals are vital in quickly transitioning your lawn care crew into snow removal.

While you already have an amazing lawn care crew to transition, it’s important to have experienced leaders to guide your business in the right direction.

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Set Up Your Snow Removal Software

A pro strategy to transitioning your lawn care crew into snow removal is by setting up your snow removal software before the snow season begins.

By setting up your snow scheduling software before the winter season starts, you’ll have access to the top resources for streamlining storm operations and:

  • Streamline routing, dispatching, and managing jobs
  • Manage salt and other chemicals needed for the job
  • Track time for employees across different locations
  • Increase efficiency with contracts, invoicing, and more
  • Help tackle big jobs that require multiple team members
  • Pre-built master routes for quick operations during storms
  • Rapid estimates with maximum profitability in 5 minutes or less

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Begin Transitioning Your Lawn Care Crew into Snow Removal Today

Now, you’ve discovered how to transition your lawn care crew into snow removal. This article simplifies the process by providing the easiest steps to quickly get started.

In order to transition your lawn care crew into snow removal, it’s crucial to:

At last, you know how to transition your lawn care crew into snow removal and can now begin the process!

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