Release Notes | April 2019

Published on April 5, 2019

As we continue improving the usability of Service Autopilot, the focus of this release is primarily updates to correct system issues and optimization for Email and Automations. Enjoy!



  • In To Do events, you now have the option to show the To Do on calendars throughout SA, including the Mobile App.
  • There is a new “Account Balance” condition that you can use in Start, Stop, and IF/Else conditions.
  • A new “Credit Card was Updated” trigger can now start an automation when a client’s card on file is updated.
  • We now support Invoice Email documents and replacement fields, including Invoice Grids.
  • These invoice replacement fields can now be used in Automations:
    • Invoice Terms
    • Invoice Sales Tax
    • Invoice Payment Method
    • Invoice Subtotal
    • Invoice Pay Now
    • Invoice Pay Now URL


  • We’ve enhanced the “Captcha” security feature for full and stripped forms to prevent you from receiving incorrect form submissions such as spam. Be aware that you need to turn on Captcha if you have not done so already. To get the enhanced Captcha, you need to re-publish your form from the Full or Stripped Form options.


  • Marketplace products are now sorted by date, with the newest at the top.
  • We added support to the Marketplace for Invoice Email documents and grids.

Two-Way Texting

  • If your company is in Canada, you now have access to Canadian area codes for Two-Way Texting.


We've added two new user guides and updated others. Find the user guides at Help > User Guide.

  • Dashboard User Guide—this new guide describes all the panels available for the Dashboard within the SA Report Center.
  • Team App User Guide—this new guide gives an overview of using the Team app as a streamlined alternative to the Mobile App.
  • Chemical Tracking User Guide—this guide has been expanded to walk you through the process of setting up and using the Chemical Tracking feature in SA and the Mobile App.
  • Report Center User Guide—updates include three new reports: Sales by Date Sold, Sales by Date Sold Detail, and Custom Package Renewal.

Mobile App

Mileage Report

The Mobile App has a new beta feature, “Mileage Report,” that shows the mileage driven while a user is logged in.

  • Note that the data is based on GPS movement, not starting Drive Time on the Mobile App.
  • This option appears if GPS/Location Tracking is enabled for the user.
  • You can see mileage data for up to a week.
  • The Mileage Report appears only on the Mobile App, not SA desktop.

This feature is still in beta while we work on an issue with GPS tracking in the background on iOS devices.

Updates to Correct System Issues



  • We fixed some issues in Form Confirmation and Internal Emails.
  • Previously, some special characters did not work with Form submissions. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue in which Tags on Submit for Forms were still applied if the check box was unchecked.


  • We’ve fixed an issue with Automations Emails displaying an “Object reference…” message when a CSR or Sales Person was the sender, but one was not assigned to the client.
  • Previously, on the Automation Edit page, Email Stats sometimes displayed “infinity” or greater than 100% values. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue with Automations Emails not automatically adding an opt-out link if one was not specified.
  • The “Email Stats” dialog in Automations was opening off-center on some screens. This has been fixed.

Mobile App

  • Sometimes, there were problems with Print in Advance jobs that were skipped. These might print a blank invoice with no line items rather than being deleted properly. Print in Advance jobs now print appropriately.
  • When emailing Estimate documents, the PDF was not being included when the "Include PDF In Email" option was checked. This has been fixed.
  • Snow: the Billing Depth for snow jobs wasn’t updating in the Invoice Notes on generated invoices. This has been fixed.

Service Autopilot


  • For Members with a Startup account, there is no longer an option for “Damage Case” on the CRM menu.

Dispatch Board

  • A minor issue was fixed on the Dispatch Board that allows you to scroll while dragging a job.


  • Previously, attachments were not appearing on accepted estimates. This has been fixed.
  • We corrected an error on the date that appears on the signature line for estimates.


  • We fixed an issue on the client screen that in some cases caused the un-invoiced amount to appear as a negative number.
  • Occasionally, the “+” button would disappear with certain user rights. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed the “Pay Now” link on Invoice Documents—it now works when emailing an invoice.
  • We fixed an issue with the Invoice grid overflowing into other columns.


  • We reordered the values in the insight bar to match the grid.
  • You can now specify the first and last name of the employee in the “Print on Check” field.
  • There were some issues with the Wall Clock showing incorrect times for clock-in. This has been fixed.
  • We adjusted the new Lunch and break time settings:
    • If your company pays for lunch time, and an employee logs time for lunch, their lunch time is included in clocked time.
    • If your company does not pay for lunch time, and an employee logs time for lunch, their lunch time is not included in clocked time.
  • We fixed an issue with multiple clock-in and clock-out times by an employee in one day. The overall time for the day will now calculate correctly.
  • We fixed an issue with budgeted hours not showing correctly.
  • Previously, clocking out at midnight caused a blank timesheet record to be created for the next day. This has been fixed.

QuickBooks Online

  • We fixed various issues with payments not syncing properly with QBO in some cases.
  • We fixed an issue with contract invoices not syncing properly with QBO in some cases.
  • For invoices that had services listing a minimum amount, an error message was appearing on invoices. This has been fixed.
  • Sometimes, the sales tax configuration “Error Code 1” was remaining on Member accounts. This has been fixed.


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