Release Notes | February 2020

Published on February 21, 2020

This release debuts two major components of the Service Autopilot V3 redesign.

  • Invoices, Payments, and Credits screens have been redesigned.
  • Forms has been overhauled, and V3 Forms can be used on the Team app.
How do you see the new screens in SA?

After you launch Service Autopilot, navigate to any of these:

  • Marketing > Forms
  • Accounting > Invoices
  • Accounting > Payments
  • Accounting > Credits

You will have a “try it out” link at the top of these screens to switch to the V3 version. You can click the “switch back” link to switch back to the old version of SA at any time.  

Training Resources

The Help Center contains training videos and documentation about V3 Invoices and Forms.

  • Videos and Knowledge Base articles: Go to HELP > Knowledge Base and search on “V3” or the specific category.

User Guides: Go to HELP > User Guide and click Forms or Team.


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