Release Notes | May 2019

Published on May 17, 2019



To improve deliverability, we’ve changed what appears in the “From” information that displays when a recipient receives your email. Now, when you send Marketing, Automations, and Forms emails, they will still show your company name, but they will no longer show “On behalf of" your company. Replying to your email is unaffected.

Service Autopilot

When we update terms and conditions, we now require Members to click “I agree” to be sure that you are aware of the changes.

Mobile App & Team App Training Course

A new multimedia course walks you through using the full Mobile App and Team App in the field. You'll learn how to clock in and out for the day, clock into jobs, take payments, and create estimates. 
Go to HELP > On Demand Classes > Using the Mobile App.

Documentation Updates

The following user guides have been updated. Go to HELP > User Guide.

  • Mobile App Field User Guide –added information on the Mileage Report
  • Mobile App Setup Guide – added instructions for the Team Tracking feature
  • Report Center User Guide
  • Service Autopilot Glossary
  • User Roles and Rights Guide

Updates to Correct System Issues


  • Previously, if an Automation email marked for approval was set to notify specific resources or roles, they were not receiving an alert. This has been fixed.
  • If you were cancelling an approval email, it would remain on the page until you refreshed it. Now, the approval email no longer appears after you cancel it.
  • Invoice Grids were not displaying products properly when used in Automation emails. This has been corrected.

Service Autopilot

  • The Employee Edit overlay now aligns properly.


  • The right to edit a client was incorrectly being set in User Roles and Rights under “Add Client.” Now, the right is controlled by the right “Allow Edit."

Dispatch Board

  • Previously, if you wanted to scroll through large numbers of jobs (1000+) on the Dispatch Board, the Actions Bar did not properly scroll down the page with you. You are now free to scroll away. 


  • We fixed an issue with gross profits not matching in all instances.


  • Previously, if you didn’t specify a “Reply To” on a Forms email, the recipient would be able to reply only to the company email. Now, if no "Reply To" is set, any responses to the emails will automatically go to the "From" address.
  • Some Forms emails were being delivered without a "From" name, but this has been corrected.
  • In rare cases, some Forms emails were not being delivered, but this has been fixed.


  • Previously, default invoice emails would appear when searching from non-invoice emails. This has been fixed.


  • Previously, Marketing emails could not be delivered when the client name contained a special character. Now, you can include special characters with impunity.

My Day

  • In the Batch Export list, dates sometimes displayed incorrectly due to time zone differences. This has been fixed.

Payroll Report

  • In some cases, Payroll Report hours did not match Timesheet pay hours. The hours now match up correctly.
  • Sometimes, Payroll Report total hours were not calculating correctly, but this has been fixed.

QuickBooks Online

  • In some cases, performing a QBO sync was unlocking invoices in Service Autopilot. This has been fixed.
  • In some cases, QBO was deleting the Client Portal username, password, and office notes. This has been fixed


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