Release Notes | October 2019

Published on October 14, 2019

This release integrates our new credit card processor, Clearent, into Service Autopilot. It also unveils our new and improved Multi-Day Job functionality. Read on for more updates in this release.

Meet SA Payments

With this release, we’re announcing SA Payments, powered by Clearent, our new payment processor. Clearent offers the advantage that your money is available on the next business day with next-day funding.

What’s New with Multi-Day Jobs

If you’ve used Multi-Day scheduling before, we think you’ll be pleased with these improvements.

  • Multi-Day Jobs will be automatically scheduled based on the maximum hours per day, the number of people on the job, and the budgeted hours for the job. To change the number of days, you would need to change one of these variables. You are no longer able to manipulate the number of days on a job.
  • You now can see the revenue earned each day based on the time worked on that day. This helps you make sure that you are making enough money daily to complete the project on-budget.
  • You’ll be able to see both your daily time variance and running time variance, which helps you compare daily progress to your original plan.

Here is a video to tell you more about the changes to Multi-Day Jobs in SA:

Click here for written instructions on using Multi-Day functionality. You also can find this information at HELP > Knowledge Base.

In addition to updating various calculations throughout the Multi-Day feature, we’ve made the following changes:

  • When you create a new master job, the Days field is no longer editable. You must change the Team Size and Budgeted Hours fields to get the number of days to calculate.
  • After you save a Multi-Day job, it goes into “processing” status and equally distributes the Budgeted Hours, Actual hours, and the Amount among the days in the job.
  • The progress indicator for Multi-Day jobs has changed. If jobs are still processing, a spinning indicator lets you know that fields are being updated.
  • A Multi-Day job runs on demand, so it usually processes almost instantly.
  • The Dispatch Board now refreshes only the Multi-Day jobs that are processing.
  • We’ve added a “Variance” column on the Dispatch Board and updated the calculation for this column.
  • Daily Amount and Remaining Hours were removed from the Multi-Day screen. These fields are no longer available in the custom column options, grid, or custom sort.
  • Daily Amount and Remaining Hours were also removed from the Export options on the Dispatch Board.
  • On the Job Details screen, Number of Days in the left panel has been replaced by a Multi-Day panel on the right side above the Total panel. The Multi-Day panel contains the number of days and the remaining budgeted hours.


Read on for more improvements that we’ve been working on for our Members.

Documentation Updates

New and Improved Knowledge Base

Did you notice that the SA Knowledge Base has been updated throughout? We’ve been revising, organizing, and grooming the articles, including adding links to all user guides. Enjoy! Go to HELP > Knowledge Base.

New and Updated User Guides

Check out these user guides at HELP > User Guide.

  • Estimates User Guide – New!
  • Automations Triggers & Conditions User Guide – Update
  • Mobile App Field Users Guide - Update
  • Service Autopilot Glossary – Update

Dispatch Board

We’ve been changing the look and feel of SA as we convert it to the new V3 style. With this release, we made a few changes to the Dispatch Board, to help you get used to the new interface.

  • We removed the red/green color from the “Variance” column.
  • We removed the pencil icon for editing a job. Now, just click the account name or service to edit it.
  • On the Job Details screen, the High Priority, Low Priority, and Normal Priority radio buttons were replaced with a dropdown list with the same options. All priorities you set previously should carry over and work the same.
  • When there are multiple assignments, a check box for Split Assignment appears next to the High Priority dropdown list.

We hope you’ll bear with us as we roll out changes like this to improve the simplicity and elegance of Service Autopilot.

Known Issue: Printing from Chrome

Google Chrome recently did an update that removed the ability to print documents from a tab in your browser. You may have noticed that nothing happens when you try to print Route Sheets and Invoices while in Chrome. Here are two workarounds.

You can switch to the Firefox browser, which lets you print these from the browser.

You can also print the Route Sheets or Invoices by first downloading them as a PDF, and then printing from the PDF.

To print Route Sheets

  1. Instead of clicking Print on the Route Sheet screen, select the option Export to the selected format
  2. In the dropdown list, select Acrobat (PDF) file
  3. Click Export

The Route Sheets will be downloaded as a PDF file.

To print Invoices

  1. Instead of clicking Print on the Print Invoice screen, select the option to Export to the selected format
  2. From the dropdown list, select Acrobat (PDF) file
  3. Click Export

The Invoice will be downloaded as a PDF file.

Updates to Correct System Issues


  • In some cases, pre-payments were not firing the “Invoice was Paid” trigger in Automations. This has been fixed.
  • When an incomplete invoice was manually completed, it was not activating the “Invoice was Created” trigger in Automations. This has been fixed.

Report Center 

  • Previously, if a job’s status changed from “Completed” to “Pending” or any other status, the job was still listed on the Job Costing report. These jobs no longer appear on the report.

Service Autopilot

Global Search

  • We fixed an issue with the global search bar sometimes returning incorrect data that was sometimes not properly sorting.


  • Previously, the "pay invoice link" was opening the incorrect payment screen. This has been fixed.

Message Center

  • In some cases, the message counter in the Message Center showed the wrong value. This has been corrected.

SA Mobile App

  • Sometimes, jobs would display as To Do’s in the SA Mobile App. This has been fixed.
  • The SA Mobile App now supports Clearent credit card processing.


  • In the Client View on the Timeline, you’ll now see a message indicating when data is loading.


  • Previously, you might have seen a trashcan icon appear mistakenly on the Dispatch Board under the Status icon. This has been fixed.
  • The Email and Print flags to and from QBO were not always connected properly. These are now connected.
  • In some cases, QBO was deleting the Client Source that should appear on the Client Edit screen. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed various issues that were causing QBO sync errors across the system.


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