The 3 BEST Ways to Upsell Fall Landscaping Services

how to upsell fall lawn services
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The end of grass-growing season (“Fall” to most people) is a hard time to be in the green industry.

There’s reds, yellows, and browns all around but not a lot of green – clippings or cash – to be had.

But –

I’ve got good news: You can STILL MAKE MONEY through the fall by upselling fall services.

If you’re unsure what fall services you should be offering – we’ve got you covered. Figure out what works best for your business. The following upsell strategies will work for ANY of fall service you want to sell.

Don’t know which fall services make the most sense for your business? Check out these 11 Profitable Landscaping Services for the Fall.

1. Sell the Service When the Prospect Cares about it

Selling snow services in July won’t work.

Selling mowing services in January won’t work.

People buy things as it becomes relevant to their life. Consumers rarely think ahead – especially about things they don’t want to pay for.

That means that you want to hit people with marketing pieces (emails, door hangers, etc. about fall cleanups right as the leaves start to fall in their yard. That’s when the idea of raking their yard begins to weigh on them.

So think about when your upsell prospect will think about the problem your service solves…

… and then sell them on it at that moment.

3 Sales Triggers to Close More Deals

2. When the Holidays approach, Family is the Best Benefit

The best way to upsell fall services is not the promise of a clean yard or a protected sprinkler system or a beautiful light display.

Sales are closed by benefits, not features.

Benefits get to the deeper heart of why the person would pay you to do this thing for them.

upsell fall lawn services with benefits not features

With Christmas, Hanukkah, and Thanksgiving right around the corner, the best benefit you can sell is:

Time with Loved Ones

Seriously, this is what people are thinking about and idealizing during the holiday season. A clean lawn and a house with Christmas lights installed for you means that you don’t have to take away time from visiting family members or kids home from school.

Focus your sales copy and headlines (and in-person conversations) around this benefit.

This will close more deals than the promise of any features.

3. Seal the Deal with an Offer They Can’t Refuse

EVERY marketing campaign should have a ridiculously great offer. Something that compels the prospect to buy – right now.

1. Savings – foremost among offers

Offer a discount, even a small one, for signing up today for ______ (insert fall service here).

2. Guarantee – lowest risk

Provide a money-back, 100% satisfaction guarantee on your fall services. This reduces risk for the client and costs you very little. It’s a win-win.

3. Exclusivity – make ‘em feel special

When launching a new service, it can be wise to limit the amount of people you service – to work out the kinks with understanding customers and to avoid overwhelming crews.

Sell this to customers by telling them you’re opening this service to them first, because of their loyalty and importance to your business.

4. Urgency – act now or forever have leaves on your lawn

“Our schedule for ______ [fall service] is filling VERY quickly.”

Set a deadline, make them feel like they’re missing out if they skip this offer.

Sell Smart and Make Money through the Fall

If you use these strategies:

  • timeliness,
  • the benefit of family-time,
  • and a solid and urgent offer,

…you’ll upsell more services and make more money through the fall.

What are you waiting for? Figure out what fall services work for your business and put these money-making strategies to work in your business.

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