The Best Bet to Avoid “Business Blindness”

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Chad Cranston and Garrett Matthews are very different people. Chad is a former IT/tech guy. Garrett is a former firefighter. They live hundreds of miles apart. One’s in the desert (Chad), the other’s in the swamp (Garrett).

They talk at least twice a day… and they credit those talks with saving their businesses and plugging huge profit leaks.

They rely on each other (and friends of the pod Mike Callahan and Ted Glaser) for outside perspective. The kind of perspective that protects them from “business blindness.” Business blindness is tunnel vision. It’s being too close to a problem to realize that it’s a problem. And it’s made them tens of thousands of dollars.

This episode was recorded at SA4, our 2017 conference in Dallas. Don’t miss out on SA5, where Bear and Cody will be recording interviews live from the main stage.


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“Summon the Rawk” by Kevin MacLeod (

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