Mobile Apps Release Notes October 2020

Published on October 7, 2020

This release contains enhancements and fixed issues for the Team and Legacy apps. Be sure to download the latest version from your app store!

Legacy App


To Do list is now online-only. This will improve the speed of the To Do list as well as the general sync.

Updates to Correct System Issues

Emailing Estimates – Some estimates emailed from the Legacy app did not include the quote link. This has been corrected.

Form Responses were duplicated in some cases. This has been fixed.

Lead Creation – When creating a lead on the Legacy app, some users would get an error. This has been fixed.  

Location Tracking - Corrected an issue in which some iOS users were asked to set their location tracking every time they logged in. 

Photos – Some photos taken in the Legacy app would appear sideways or partially cut off when viewed from Service Autopilot. This has been fixed.

Team App


Adjusting Per-Unit Service – We added the ability for a Team app user to adjust the quantity when adding a per-unit service to a job.

Clock In Again – Team app users can now clock back in after finishing their day.

Clock Out Early – Team app users can now finish their day early.

Field Time Clock Reminder – When a Team app user tries to log in, but they do not have permission for this, they will now see the message:“Field time clock disabled.”

In order for them to log in, their management must select the Field Time Clock option for each Resource on the “User Settings” tab at:
Team > Employees [Emp. name] > Edit or Team > Vendors [Resource name] > Edit

Job Notes Updates – Now, when Team app users view the Job Notes screen, any updated job notes will display “(updated)” next to them.

Location Services Reminder - If a Team app user has location services disabled, tapping the current location button on the map now prompts them to turn on location services.

Resource Status – You’ll now see real-time updates to a Resource's status (active versus inactive) in the Team app.

Updates to Correct System Issues

iPad Issue – Sometimes, tapping a job's address on the iPad would cause the Team app to crash. This has been fixed.

Day Finished – Some iOS users would see a blank Review Job screen after tapping the Day Finished button. This has been fixed.

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