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Author: Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot is software that will help you grow - and automate - your service business. From Lawn Care, to Snow Removal, to Cleaning, we help owners learn how to run healthier, more profitable businesses, and give them the tools to win in their markets.

Latest Posts

Release Notes | March 2021
Service Autopilot Release Notes for March 2021
Release Notes | Feb. 5, 2021
The Feb. 5, 2021 release of Service Autopilot introduces Email Integration!
Release Notes | January 2021
This release of Service Autopilot introduces numerous enhancements and fixed issues. Read on for details. Enhancements Date Filters We changed the Date filters on the V3 Invoices List, Account List, and Tickets List to clarify wording and to be consistent with other screens. For instance, the operators "Is less than" changed to "Is earlier than" and "Is greater than" changed to […]
Release Notes | Dec. 11, 2020
Service Autopilot has been updated on Dec. 11, 2020.
Update Notes | Dec. 2020
Service Autopilot Update to Correct System Issues December 4, 2020
Updates to Correct System Issues | November 20, 2020
We have been working to correct challenges within Tickets since the rollout of Release 3 on November 13. This update corrects the following issues. Accounts For V2 Accounts, the Maps function was displaying "This page can't load Google Maps correctly." Sorry about that. Access to Google Maps is now working. On the Activity Stream in […]

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