10 Cleaning Business Website Design Elements That Shine

Published on July 9, 2024

In the competitive world of cleaning services, your cleaning business website design can make all the difference in getting ahead.

In this article, we’ll explore some standout examples of cleaning business website design elements that:

  • Increase conversions
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Cultivate a positive reputation

1. Molly Maid: AI Chatbot Utilization

Did you know, some business leaders have reported a 67% increase in sales by utilizing AI chatbots on their website?

By using a simple AI chatbot integration, Molly Maid is able to stand out from the competition to increase sales.

Plus, these are a few other notable areas of their cleaning business website design:

  • Reviews are showcased on the main homepage
  • Quick 2-minute estimate completion time listed
  • “Why Hire Us” page provides a compelling USP
  • “Cleaning Tips” page provides immediate value and industry authority
  • Cleaning services are clearly listed within the horizontal navigation bar

2. Dallas Maids: Social Validation

93% of consumers make purchase decisions based on reviews, and 98% of consumers say reviews are an essential resource for purchase decisions.

Additionally, 45% of consumers won’t purchase if they can’t find any reviews.

In other words, social validation is a crucial aspect that every cleaning website design needs to take into account.

Dallas Maids’ website is a shining example of how you can showcase your social validation.

On their homepage they make the bold statement, “Voted best cleaning in Dallas for a reason,” which is then backed up by all of the main publications where they’ve been featured:

  • Angie’s List (i.e. Angi)
  • FOX 4 KDFW
  • D Magazine
  • Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate
  • Living Magazine
  • VoyageDallas

In addition, these are a few other notable areas of Dallas Maids’ cleaning business website design:

  • “Help” page with FAQs
  • “Blog” page to establish authority and provide immediate value to clients
  • “Awards” page with a complete list of all of the accomplishments they’ve earned
  • Unique estimate calculator to quickly demonstrate how much their services cost
  • Complete list of their service area cities within the dropdown menu of their horizontal nav bar

3. Imagine Maids: Immersive Animation

Virtually every aspect of Imagine Maids’ cleaning business website design is animated, and it’s truly a unique and immersive experience.

Take a look at a few of their unique animations:

  • Animated icons that move within the design background
  • CTA buttons that change colors when you hover over them
  • Subtle parallax scrolling as you navigate down the homepage
  • Animated copy that changes colors when you hover over pieces of it
  • A number count graphic design that demonstrates their compelling stats

Plus, these are a few other noteworthy aspects of their cleaning business website design:

  • Robust “FAQ” page with detailed Q&As
  • An embedded calculator form within their “Pricing” page
  • “Services” page with a complete list of their service offerings
  • “Book” page to make it easy to fill out a form and get sign up

4. CottageCare: Storytelling Through Design

CottageCare’s cleaning business website design allows you to experience what life would be like with their services.

By showcasing their house cleaners in action, they’re providing you a behind-the-scenes look of their cleaners at work.

Here are a few design elements that provide a unique storytelling:

  • Photos of their best work
  • Photos of their house cleaners working
  • Featured video and slideshow of their cleaners at work

Additionally, these are a few other aspects of their cleaning business website design that stand out:

  • “Rwanda” page showcases their charity project
  • “Locations” page hosts a U.S. service area map
  • “Blog” page to establish authority and value for clients
  • “Maids No Way” page allows you to get to know their cleaners
  • “Our Story” features personable photos and videos of the owners

5. Two Maids: Benefits First Approach

Instead of selling services, Two Maids’ website sells the benefits—the experience—of their cleaning services through:

  • A slideshow of families enjoying quality time together
  • Dynamic copy that scrolls through a transitioning list of benefits

Also, their website features a “Services” page as well as a “Locations” page, which ensure they’re reaching the right leads.

Furthermore, here are a few other notable aspects of their website:

  • “Blog” page to establish industry authority
  • “About” page that helps leads get to know the business
  • A list of reputable publications where they’ve been featured
  • “Reviews” page with a long list of raving reviews from clients
  • “Why Hire Us” page that lists the charities they support to stand out from the competition

6. Cowtown Maids: Unique Showcase

By leaning into your branding, you can stand apart from the competition to build a memorable cleaning business website design, which is exactly what Cowtown Maids has created.

These are a few memorable branding decisions on their website:

  • Cowboy hats featured within every CTA button
  • Cowtown Maids logo featured throughout the webpage copy
  • Photos of “Cowtown Fort Worth” featured throughout the website
  • Cowtown Maids logo located in the upper left-hand corner of the page

In addition, their cleaning business website design has a few other unique aspects about it:

  • “Service Areas” list located at the bottom of the homepage
  • “Reviews” page with a long list of exceptional Google Reviews
  • “Gift Cards” page so clients can gift cleaning services to others
  • A “Services” dropdown menu included within the horizontal nav bar
  • “FAQs” page to answer the most common questions they get from leads
  • “About Us” page that allows leads to get to know this family-owned local business

7. Love My Maids: Highlighting Google Reviews

The Love My Maids cleaning business website design includes a Google review popup within the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to highlight their best reviews.

Plus, they have a “Reviews” page that showcases additional Google reviews, and it also has an option to write reviews on their various platforms (e.g. Facebook, Yelp, etc.).

Take a look at a few other unique parts of their cleaning business website design:

  • “Blog” page featuring articles on everyday cleaning tips
  • “Cities” dropdown menu located within their horizontal nav bar
  • “About” page that tells visitors all about their small veteran-owned business
  • “Checklist” page listing all of the services included within their cleaning packages
  • “Quote” popup with their raving Google reviews highlighted to the right side of the form

8. The Maid Place: Relatable and Trustworthy

Their branding takes it back to the basics with a simple video of their cleaners at work at real clients’ houses. Nothing is staged, which makes the video relatable and trustworthy.

Instead of showcasing staged or stock photos, The Maid Place gives you a little sneak peak into their work.

Another noteworthy aspect is their unique branding, which is prominently showcased throughout their website. Prominent company colors and soap bubbles are a huge part of the cleaning business website design.

These are a few other memorable pieces of their site:

  • Thorough “FAQS” page
  • “Our Rates” gives leads a general idea of what prices to expect
  • “Testimonials” page that is way more detailed than typical reviews
  • “Our Blog” page establishes industry authority while providing value
  • Services listed on the homepage as well as the horizontal nav bar dropdown
  • “About Services” demonstrates what makes their services different from others
  • Service areas listed on the homepage as well as the horizontal nav bar dropdown

9. Texas Cleaning Services: Service Area Finder

Instead of listing all of their service areas, Texas Cleaning Services provides a service area finder where leads can input their zip code.

As a result, they don’t get bogged down by leads who aren’t within their service area.

Also, these are a few other areas their cleaning business website design stands out:

  • Bonded and insured assurance
  • “Blog” page offers specific everyday cleaning tips
  • 50 point checklist is outlined for individual cleaning packages
  • “About Us” page provides additional information about their business
  • “FAQ” provides detailed answers and has a share button for social media
  • 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google are highlighted on the main homepage

10. Rover House Cleaners: Highlighting All Reviews

By highlighting their review sites as well as their awards and places they’ve been featured, Rover House Cleaners’ homepage immediately establishes trust and local authority.

From being featured in DBest, to winning “2024 Best House Cleaning Services in Dallas,” this cleaning website design quickly proves their services are exceptional and reputable.

Also, there are several pieces of their “About” page that stand out:

  • Mission
  • Reviews
  • Core Values
  • Why Choose Us

Plus, the “Services” page has a detailed list of the cleaning services included within their packages.

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Take Advantage of These Top Cleaning Business Website Design Elements

These examples demonstrate how a thoughtful cleaning business website design can:

  • Build trust with leads and clients
  • Facilitate easy booking and communication
  • Effectively communicate your USP (i.e. unique value proposition)

While the specific design elements may vary, the most successful cleaning business website designs prioritize user experience, clear communication of services, and strong CTAs (i.e. calls-to-action).

Remember, your website is about:

  • Understanding your clients
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Leveraging technology to enhance user experience
  • Storytelling that resonates beyond the simple desire for a clean home
  • Social validation by highlighting reviews, awards, and features in publications

The key to an effective website is not just in its initial design, but in ongoing optimization based on user feedback and performance metrics.

Regular updates, A/B testing, and responsiveness to client needs can help ensure your cleaning business website design continues to shine and drive business growth!

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