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9 Leading Commercial Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Published on September 14, 2023

Finding the top commercial eco-friendly cleaning products can seem like an impossible task when you’re faced with ENDLESS options.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • The 9 essential types of products you need to be successful
  • The leading commercial eco-friendly cleaning products and brands on the market

Even without spending countless hours researching the best products on the market, running a successful green cleaning business is challenging enough.

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Why Your Cleaning Business Should Consider Green Services

Before we jump into the top commercial eco-friendly cleaning products, let’s quickly talk about why adding green services.

While you don’t have to fully commit to going green, many cleaning businesses have chosen to add green service offerings.

Take a look at a few of the top reasons why you should consider adding green services to your business:

  • 92% of homeowners are looking for more sustainable solutions for their homes
  • 64% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products
  • 62% of businesses have made eco-friendly improvements

In other words, your cleaning business is missing out on a large market segment if you don’t tap into the green service space.

Here’s an inside scoop of the top commercial eco-friendly cleaning products for your business.

1. All-Purpose

One of the most useful commercial eco-friendly cleaning products for your business is all-purpose cleaner.

With an all-purpose cleaner, you can use it for a variety of everyday tasks, such as cleaning floors, windows, and mirrors.

All-purpose cleaners are perfect for light, everyday tasks and are great for quick maintenance cleaning services.

Even though all-purpose cleaners can’t be used for everything (e.g. carpets, wood furniture, marble, etc.), its versatility makes it one of the most essential products for businesses.

Commercial Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products to Consider

2. Glass

Even though you can use all-purpose cleaner for glass, it won’t work for the heavier, in-depth cleanings with built up soap scum and dirt.

With the right glass cleaner, you can quickly and efficiently clean even the dirtiest glass surfaces.

Whether you’re cleaning glass inside or outside of a property or home, the best glass cleaners serve as one of the most crucial commercial green cleaning products for any business.

Commercial Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products to Consider

3. Bathroom

Due to the large amounts of soap scum, dirt, debris, and germs that come with bathrooms being a high-traffic area, every cleaning business needs a heavy-duty bathroom cleaner.

With the right bathroom cleaner, you’ll be able to quickly wipe away even the worst residue and filth with streak-free, shiny finishes.

For these reasons and more, bathroom cleaners are one of the best commercial green cleaning products every business needs to have on-hand.

Commercial Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products to Consider

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4. Toilet Bowl

In order to quickly clean even the filthiest of toilets, you’ll need a toilet bowl cleaner that’s quick and efficient.

Instead of scrubbing away at built-up, compacted filth in toilets, your cleaners can easily clean the worst toilets with the right cleaner—making toilet bowl cleaner one of the top commercial green cleaning products your business needs.

Commercial Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products to Consider

5. Mold Inhibitor

If your cleaners are removing mold or noticing recurrent mold in the same areas, then a mold inhibitor is a great way to prevent future growth.

With the right commercial green cleaning products, your cleaners can comfortably use mold inhibitors. Plus, it’s a much safer alternative for both humans and pets.

Commercial Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products to Consider

6. Disinfectants and Sanitizers

Commercial green cleaning products especially reduce the human health and environmental concerns that come with using traditional disinfectants and sanitizers.

Plus, these safer disinfectant and sanitizer alternatives are perfect for those with weakened immune systems or health conditions.

Commercial Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products to Consider

7. Furniture Polish and Upholstery Cleaner

Whether you’re polishing furniture or cleaning upholstery, it’s important to use commercial green cleaning products to reduce waste.

Additionally, these biodegradable products are important for encouraging continued sustainable practices without the potential carcinogens.

Furniture Polish

Upholstery Cleaner

8. Non-Chlorine Bleach

Due to rising concerns over health and environment concerns surrounding bleach, many cleaning businesses are choosing to switch to non-chlorine bleach.

Even though some businesses might be concerned that it’s less effective, there are still highly effective commercial green products that don’t use bleach.

Commercial Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products to Consider

9. Carpet, Hardwood, and Tile

Improved air quality, ingredient transparency, minimal health concerns, and biodegradability are among some of the top reasons many businesses choose commercial eco-friendly cleaning products to clean carpet, hardwood, and tile.

Plus, choose from a wide variety of reliable, commercial floor cleaning products without sacrificing effectiveness or efficiency.



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Choose the Best Commercial Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for Your Business

Finding the best commercial eco-friendly cleaning products for your business might seem overwhelmingly impossible.

However, this list of the top products on the market has given you the perfect starting point to:

  • Add green cleaning services to your business
  • Improve your services with the best professional products on the market

At last, you can use these essential commercial eco-friendly cleaning products to expand your market segment while supporting a sustainable environment!

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Originally published Sept 14, 2023 7:00 AM CT

Alyssa Sanders

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