Jonathan Pototschnik: What Comes After Selling Season?

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Maximize profits after the sales rush ends by selling to the customers you already have.

What Comes After Selling Season?

Upselling season.

Join us as we talk with our CEO and co-founder, Jonathan Pototschnik about the art of the upsell. Upsells are the best way to increase your profitability throughout the year.

Here are the blog posts we mentioned on the show today:

11.5 Ways to Market Your Lawn Care Company

13 Ways to Market Your Cleaning Company

The principles in both of those posts will help you sell ANY service, not just to new clients, but to existing clients as well.

Don’t Let Your Year Be Dictated by 3 Months

A lot of owners live or die by the selling season’s increase (or decrease), but it is cheaper and easier to sell to someone again (rather than for the first time). Don’t hang your hat on March, April and May, lawn care owners. Your most valuable asset is your customer list and they want to give you more money, they just don’t know it yet.

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