The 10 Essential Landscaping Tools for Your Business

Published on September 17, 2019

No matter if you're a new or established business, reliable landscaping tools are essential to the successful everyday operations of your business.

In this article, you'll get:

  • A complete list of essential landscaping tools
  • A list of pros and cons for decision-making
  • Top industry product recommendations

Although, keep in mind, with the operation of ANY power equipment, you MUST provide and enforce the use of PPE (i.e. personal protection equipment). This keeps you in compliance with OSHA regulations.

Use this complete list of essential landscaping tools to efficiently run your business and ensure smooth daily operations.

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1. Multi-Task Landscaping Tools 

Dedicated Hand Tools vs. Multi-Task Tools

Simply put, dedicated hand tools are basic hand tools without multi-tasking abilities. Whereas, multi-task tools are ones you can purchase with different attachments and multi-tasking capabilities.

Within the last few years, Echo and Stihl have begun creating their own versions of multi-task landscaping tools.

Which means, you can purchase multi-task tools (i.e. the motor) separately. In turn, you only have to buy the attachments, which can save you hundreds of dollars or more.

Deciding Which Tools Is Right For You

When deciding which of these landscaping tools to purchase, consider whether you're primarily working in lawn care or landscaping.

If you’re primarily in lawn care, you’ll want to purchase dedicated hand tools. After all, you don’t want to waste time and energy switching between string trimmer and edger attachment heads while on the job.

However, if you’re primarily in landscaping, you’ll want to purchase multi-task tools.

Typically, landscapers don't switch between different attachments as frequently as lawn care professionals.

As a result, you can potentially save a lot of money by purchasing a multi-task tools.

Examples of Various Attachments You Can Purchase

  • Edgers
  • String trimmers
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Pole pruners
  • Pole saws
  • Brushcutters
  • Pruners
  • Blowers
  • Sweepers
  • Paddles
  • Cultivators
  • Bed redefiners
  • Pole extensions
  • Brushes

Stihl vs. Echo Models

WEIGHT (LBS)9.99.7
MSRP≈ $339.99≈ $419.99

Though, keep in mind, these prices only include the motor. All attachments and accessories are sold separately.



  • Lightweight
  • See-through fuel tank
  • Quick-change coupler for easier, faster attachment switches


  • Smaller fuel tank
  • Less powerful engine
  • Can’t use a curved shaft attachment

Stihl KM 131 R


  • Lightweight
  • Large fuel tank
  • More powerful engine
  • Can use a curved shaft attachment
  • Quick-release coupling for easier, faster attachment switches


  • Generally more expensive
  • Harder to see through fuel tank

2. Blowers

Blowers are one of the most essential landscaping tools because of their versatility.

They can be used to remove leaves and debris from various places, such as:

  • Grass
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Flower beds

While backpack blowers are the industry standard, you’ll also want to remember to purchase a handheld blower too.

After all, handheld blowers will help you reach those tight spaces (e.g. flower beds).

Best Options

WEIGHT (LBS)26.726.825.423.1
ENGINE DISPLACEMENT (CC)79.975.675.680.3
FUEL CAPACITY (FL OZ)83.887.977.867.6
MSRP≈ $629.99≈ $619.99≈ $629.99-

Note, all CFM is based on round nozzle.

Echo PB-9010T


  • 2-year commercial warranty
  • Pipe connection secured with Posi-Loc
  • Metal ring at the end of the tube reduces wear-and-tear
  • Intake system provides cool air on the user's back for comfort in hot weather
  • Top mounted pleated paper and foam pre-filter allow for use in dusty conditions


  • No hip strap
  • Horsepower isn't provided by the manufacturer

Husqvarna 580BTS


  • Cruise control
  • 2-year warranty
  • Ergonomic harness
  • Commercial air filter
  • LowVib reduces vibrations
  • X-Torq engine reduces emission
  • Air Injection allows for longer operating time


  • Low fuel efficiency

RedMax EBZ8560-RH


  • Commercial air filter
  • Padded hip belt for increased comfort
  • Air Injection allows for longer operating time


  • Louder
  • Lower fuel capacity

Stihl BR 800 X MAGNUM


  • Purge pump primer
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Adjustable support harness
  • Multi-function control handle
  • Reduced emissions technology
  • Throttle trigger lock with momentary stop switch


  • Smaller gas tank
  • Lower blowing force
  • MSRP not provided by the manufacturer

3. Hedge Trimmers

While lawn care businesses might be able to get away without hedge trimmers, landscaping businesses cannot.

Hedge trimmers are useful for cutting or pruning bushes.

Plus, bush trimming is a fairly easy upsell which also serves as a simple, quick task your crew can complete in no time.

Best Options for Dedicated Hand Tools

MODELHC-2420522HD60SHS 82 T
WEIGHT (LBS)11.51111.2
MAX RPM1050078008500
IDLING RPM-30003000
FUEL CAPACITY (FL OZ)12.515.215.6
MSRP≈ $499.99≈ $539.99-

**All of these hedge trimmers have a 30-inch blade option.

Echo HC-2420


  • See-through fuel tank
  • 5 position rotating handle
  • Front-facing exhaust prevents brush burning
  • 21” double-sided, double-reciprocating blades
  • Vibration reduction system improves comfort


  • Smaller fuel tank

Husqvarna 522HD60S


  • Larger fuel tank
  • Multi-position handle
  • See-through fuel tank
  • Vibration reduction system improves comfort


  • No double-sided blades
  • Side-facing exhaust doesn't prevent potential brush burning

Stihl HS 82 T


  • Rotating handle
  • Larger fuel tank
  • Double-sided blades
  • Vibration reduction system improves comfort


  • Harder to see through fuel tank
  • MSRP not provided by the manufacturer
  • Side-facing exhaust doesn't prevent potential brush burning

Attachment Options

 Echo PAS-2620

Stihl KM 131 R

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4. Chainsaws

Chainsaws are highly individualized and largely depend on how you’re going to use them.

However, for most typical lawn and landscaping businesses, battery chainsaws will do the trick because they:

  • Quickly charge
  • Typically cost less
  • Are safer since it’s silent when it’s not in use
  • Are less of a liability with more safety features
  • Faster, easier, and more lightweight to operate
  • Require less maintenance with no mixing gas and oil
  • Have less of a learning curve and are easier to operate
  • Just as good as gas chainsaws (depending on the make and model)
  • No engine choking in between breaks (just press the button again)

In general, tree businesses would truly benefit from using gas chainsaws. However, if you’re mostly only grooming/pruning trees, then a battery chainsaw should do the trick. 

Which means, unless you also do tree removal, you may not want to invest $1,000+ on a chainsaw that can remove trees.

Plus, you’ll be working in quiet neighborhoods, so electric chainsaws are more ideal in noise-restricted areas.

Best Options

RUN TIME (MAX CUTS)70112150200 MIN MAX (W/ AR 3000)**
BAR LENGTH (IN)16161610-14
WEIGHT (LBS)12.213.713.911.1
MSRP-≈ $339.99--

**Stihl calibrates their run time differently than the other contenders.



  • Brushless motor
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Tool-free chain tensioning
  • Quarter turn cap for quick oil refills
  • Chain brake for kickback protection
  • Auto-oils for continuous lubrication
  • Bar retention knob for proper bar-clamping force
  • Longer bars and chains available for installation


  • Lower battery amp hour
  • Only a maximum of 70 cuts per charge
  • MSRP not provided by the manufacturer
  • Needs manual draining of entire oil reservoir before storing

Echo CCS-58V


  • Brushless motor
  • On board tool storage
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Side access chain tensioning
  • Maximum of 112 cuts per charge
  • Auto-oils for continuous lubrication


  • Heavyweight
  • Low battery amp hour
  • Longer bars not available for installation

Milwaukee M18 FUEL


  • Brushless motor
  • Variable speed trigger
  • On board tool storage
  • High battery amp hour
  • Maximum of 150 cuts per charge
  • Auto-oils for continuous lubrication
  • Dual-stud for bar and chain retention


  • Heavyweight
  • Only an 18V battery
  • Longer bars not available for installation
  • MSRP not provided by the manufacturer

Stihl MSA 200 C-B


  • Lightweight
  • Brushless motor
  • Tool-free chain adjustments
  • Rubberized soft-touch handle
  • Quickstop plus chain braking feature
  • Automatic oiler bar oil consumption reduced up to 50%
  • Maximum cut time of 200 minutes with AR 3000 battery
  • Coast-down brake stops chain rotation after trigger release


  • Only a 36V battery
  • Low battery amp hour
  • Only 10-14 inch length bar options
  • MSRP not provided by the manufacturer

5. Pole Pruners/Saws

Pole saws are useful for trimming trees and brush in hard-to-reach places. Tree trimming is a pretty typical service, which can also hold a higher price tag. 

Since pole saws are fairly inexpensive, this means they can be quite a lucrative tool.

Best Options for Dedicated Hand Tools

WEIGHT (LBS)13.215.9
MSRP≈ $499.99-

Echo PPF-2620


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • See-through fuel tank


  • Small fuel tank
  • Lower engine displacement
  • Small fixed pole length (8 ft)

Stihl HT 133


  • Big fuel tank
  • Higher engine displacement
  • Long adjustable pole length (7’6”-11’6”)


  • Expensive
  • Heavyweight
  • Hard to see through fuel tank

Attachment Options

Echo PAS-2620

Stihl KM 131 R

6. Enclosed vs. Utility Trailer

Whether you should buy an enclosed or utility trailer largely depends on your business needs.

Deciding between these two trailer types depends on:

  • Your budget and personal preference
  • The variety of services you want to offer
  • Your business size (e.g. solo act vs. entire crews)
  • Where you’re at in your business (e.g. just starting out vs. landscaping pro)

As you’re looking to find the right equipment trailer for your landscaping business, all of these factors come into play.

However, there is no right or wrong answer in whether you should buy an enclosed or utility trailer.

Best Options

When it comes to trailers, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. It’s probably best to stop by your trusted dealer in your area to explore the trailers in person.

Your local dealer will be able to help you find what best suits your needs. Plus, if need be, you might be able to go to them for assistance or repairs.

Additionally, purchasing from your local dealer allows you to get a hyper-personalized trailer that’s exactly perfect for you and your business.

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7. Dump Trailer

Once your business starts to grow, you’ll want to look into getting a dump trailer.

As a landscaper, owning a dump truck is important because it allows you to save large amounts of money.

After all, dump trailers allow you to:

  • Transport soil, sod, rocks, etc.
  • Save money on product deliveries
  • Transport debris to your local dump
  • Transport large equipment that doesn’t fit on normal hauling trailers

Plus, just by owning a dump trailer, you can offer more services. Plus, you won’t have to rely on paying other companies to deliver products.

As a result, dump trailers truly have the potential to quickly pay for themselves.

Best Options

The purpose of your dump trailer will determine which one is right for you.

This is why it’s best for you to reach out to your local dealer to find the best option for your landscape business.

Based on things like your truck and budget, they’ll be able to personalize a fit that’s right for you.

8. License and Sprayers

First off, if you’re offering fertilization and weed control, you’re going to need a license.

Although, every state is different, so contact you local government to find out the steps you need to take to get properly certified.

Then, you need to decide whether you want to purchase a skid sprayer.

Skid Sprayer

Primarily, skid sprayers are used for weed and pest control. They can be a serious investment, but it’s likely they’ll yield you some serious profits.

When priced correctly, you can make as much as $1,978 gross daily profit and $9,890 weekly gross profit - just with this sprayer.

However, you should only consider this investment if you’re an established lawn and landscape business.

After all, there’s no sense in committing to such a huge investment if you don’t have the satisfied clients to purchase your new services.

Best Options

Graham GSE Unit


  • Customizable options


  • Expensive
  • VERY bulky (no room in the bed)

NorthStar Skid Sprayer


  • Affordable
  • Compact (leaves room in the bed)


  • Not customizable
  • Limited options to choose from

Solutions Pest & Lawn


  • Customizable options
  • Somewhat compact (leaves some room in the bed)


  • Can get expensive

Don’t Forget Mist Blowers (i.e. Sprayers)

No matter where you’re at in your business, backpack sprayers are great. They’re somewhat of an easy investment, which allow you to provide more services to clients.

Backpack sprayers can be used to treat special problems. For instance, you could use it for a specific bug or weed infestation.

Usually, these backpacks can hold between 2-4 gallons of product.

Based on the types of insects you want to treat, you’ll be able to determine which backpack sprayer is right for you.

For instance, if you want to treat flying insects (e.g. mosquitoes) you’ll need something that has a high spray range. 

However, if you’re not treating for flying insects, you could probably choose a less expensive model.

Also, I recommend purchasing a gas-powered sprayer, because it will spray faster, farther, and more efficiently than a manual-operated backpack sprayer.

ENGINE POWER (BHP)3.672.93.9
WEIGHT (LBS)29.323.828.2
MSRP-≈ $699.95-

Makita PM7650H


  • Fuel efficient
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Large fuel tank capacity
  • Powerful 4-stroke engine
  • Large chemical tank capacity
  • Includes high AND low viscosity nozzles
  • L-shaped chemical tank improves balance
  • Single action switch activates chemical flow
  • Liquid chemical in tank automatically mixed by intake airflow


  • Heavyweight
  • MSRP not provided by the manufacturer

Solo 452 Backpack Mist Blower


  • Lightweight
  • UV-resistant tank
  • Large filling and cleaning aperture
  • Wide variety of nozzles for different plants
  • High air expulsion technology extends reach
  • Includes long reach nozzle, wide spray grille, and interchangeable deflectors


  • No anti-vibration system
  • No padded shoulder straps
  • Only a 2-stroke engine (not as fuel-efficient as 4-stroke)

Stihl SR 450


  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Can convert to a leaf blower
  • Adjustable support harness
  • Multi-function control handle
  • 20% greater spray range than previous models
  • Converts from misting to dusting applications
  • Precise control over product feed and airspeed


  • Heavyweight
  • MSRP not provided by the manufacturer
  • Only a 2-stroke engine (not as fuel-efficient as 4-stroke)

9. Spreader

If you’re applying dry fertilizer or other ingredients to the property, you’re going to need a spreader.

Depending on the type of product you’ll be spreading, the distance, terrain, etc. will all determine the type of spreader you need.

Check out these spreaders to find the right one for you:

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Choose the Best Landscaping Tools for Your Business

In this industry, there are so many potential landscaping tools at your disposal. As a result, your consistent need for new equipment will never end.

This is why it’s important you choose specific areas of expertise and then add more services later.

You can’t do everything at once, so just do a few things you’re good at and have the right equipment for. Then, gradually expand your services as you can afford the proper equipment and training.

While the landscaping tools mentioned in this article are just the beginning of what you need, it’s enough to give your business a jumpstart.

However, every business is different, so it’s important to evaluate your individual business needs. Then, choose the landscaping tools which are right for you.

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Originally published Sept 17, 2019 7:00 AM, updated March 2, 2022 11:25 AM

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