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Published on February 7, 2017

Some competitors have more clients than you. Others have newer equipment. Some might have both.

But there’s one thing that will set you ahead of the competition…

Any landscaping company with a healthy culture will attract better employees and generate more jobs. Retention rates will go up, as will job satisfaction.

The best part? You can build a strong, healthy culture right now:

The Importance of a Good Company Culture

If you have a good company culture, your employees will enjoy going to work.

They will feel empowered. They will do a better job.

They will serve as ambassadors for your business. Satisfied employees are more likely to:

  • recruit other talented employees,
  • work harder to please existing clients
  • and go out of their way to attract new business.

But if your company culture struggles, your company will struggle.

It will be difficult to keep your best lawn employees, and it will be even harder to replace them, because nobody wants to work for a company with a “bad attitude.”

Your company’s quality of work and customer service will decline.

Not only will you be less successful at attracting new business, but you’ll also run the risk of losing the clients you already have.

So, what does a good company culture look like?

  • Your team should have a “get it right the first time” attitude. They should have pride in their work, and always strive to meet or, better yet, exceed your clients’ expectations.
  • Speaking of “team,” your company should also have a strong focus on teamwork. When employees feel like part of a team, they’re more likely to work together and encourage each other. Individual credit matters less because everyone takes pride in – and gets credit for – what they accomplish together.
  • High standards and a team atmosphere can help create a company culture that is professional, yet not uptight. Everybody knows their role and everybody is ready to work together at a high level. Your team will run their jobs like clockwork without being turned into machines. This looks especially good in front of clients out in the field.

How to Build a Strong Landscaping or Lawn Company Culture

The Lawn Care and Landscaping industry is different from most other industries.

For example, you probably don’t show up for work in a suit and tie.

But all good company culture starts the same … with the Leader.

You – the Leader – must use your authority to set rules for the workplace. When the owner demonstrates work ethic and respect for others, employees will follow suit:

1. Identify your purpose, standards, and goals.

If your business is still small, your team can work together to determine the direction of your company. As you grow, however, your purpose, standards, and goals need to be solidified and communicated to each new employee that you hire.

Every team member needs to clearly understand – and be completely on board with – the purpose of your company.

They need to understand why the company exists, who the company serves, and what your long-term goals are. Each employee must understand the values and standards that your company upholds.

You should be a walking mission statement. When your employees see you, they should see everything your company stands for, and be inspired by your example.

Passion is contagious, and if you are passionate about your team and your work, your team will be passionate, as well. Give your people the tools and training they need to succeed, and be ready to step in whenever and wherever you are needed.

3. Be truthful and always communicate.

Honesty and integrity are vital for creating and maintaining a healthy company culture.

Every employee – including you – must treat that culture with that respect.

Even the best companies struggle from time to time. Complete transparency during rocky times can go a long way toward building long-term trust between you and your employees.

Make a habit of clearly and consistently communicating your company’s values and expectations. Tell the truth and be ready to hear it, too – even when it’s difficult.

4. Be kind and respect your employees.

If you want to create a good company culture, you need to treat your employees how they want to be treated and pay attention to how they treat others.

Few things can sabotage your company culture more than employees with bad attitudes. While it’s great to recruit experienced team members, a toxic attitude is never worth the talent.

Hire people who are the right fit for both your needs in the field and your company’s culture.

Treat them right. Help each one reach his or her full potential, and always be on the lookout for those employees who could develop into leaders within your company. Reward them for their work, and they will pay you back 100 times over.

A good company culture can lead to good production from your team — as well as good reviews from clients. Here are some tips for getting 5-star reviews.

Bill Colrus

Bill Colrus serves as a marketing writer and social media editor for Service Autopilot. Bill got his start as a reporter for his hometown newspaper while still in high school, and has spent more than two decades creating content and content strategies for publications, companies, and clients. He takes pride in providing service business owners with practical information and inspiration that will help them achieve their goals.


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