5 Effective Steps to Create a Pest Control Contract

Published on September 15, 2022

A pest control contract is one of the best ways you can safeguard your business for future successes.

This article will show you the 5 effective steps to create a robust pest control contract that:

  • Fully outlines services for clients
  • Provides mutually clear expectations
  • Establishes an agreement for requested services

In return, the right pest control contract uses clear communication, which minimizes miscommunication.

By the end of this article, you’ll discover how to create the best robust pest control contract to establish mutual accountability between your business and clients.

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1. Key Elements to Include in a Pest Control Contract

Set clear mutual expectations by including these key elements in your pest control contract:

  1. Extent of Work
    • Offer descriptions of pest control services.
      • E.g. pest control maintenance packages, one-time pest control services, etc.
  2. Services
    • Detail the requested services as well as specifics about each one.
      • E.g. free access to the attic, etc.
    • Give a description of the service(s).
      • E.g. treating the yard for mosquitoes, treating the attic for a termite infestation, etc.
  3. Property Description
    • Document any pre-existing property damage during the final estimate walkthrough.
      • Easily document this by uploading pictures to the client’s account in Service Autopilot.
  4. Guarantee
    • State there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  5. Contract Pricing
    • List the agreed upon price of the contract.
    • Explain how you’ll charge for the contract.
    • Mention a retainer or downpayment, if applicable.
  6. Payments
    • Include any due dates or payment plan information.
  7. Legal Compliance
    • Include a statement explaining how your pest control business abides by all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  8. Insurance
    • Your business is supplied with adequate insurance coverage. You can also include your insurance provider.
  9. Subcontractors
    • While this isn’t as common in the pest control industry, when applicable, provide a disclosure about potential subcontractor use.
  10. Unexpected Costs
    • The client acknowledges that a change may be made in the price of the contract if any unexpected costs or loss in profitability arise.
  11. Arbitration
  12. Final Disclosure
    • In the disclosure, state that this is the final contract. Any and all future amendments to it must be signed in writing by both parties.

The Outline for a Pest Control Contract

Even though this  pest control contract outline offers a great kickoff point for your business, it’s crucial to adjust it to fit the needs of your business.

Pinpoint any contract gaps or potential conflicts/ misunderstandings by weighing all of the elements in your business operations.

ALWAYS meet with a trusted lawyer or legal consultant to ensure all of your bases are covered.

2. Adequately Document the Requested Services

By adequately documenting the requested services, you set clear, mutual expectations from the start of the relationship with clients.

For instance, if you’ll need free access to the attic, then you’ll want to include that piece of information in the pest control contract.

In addition, you’ll want to include any details or other specifics regarding the services. It’s important to detail all of the services within the contract.

Also, it’s important to have a disclosure about how any unexpected costs or changes may result in a change in the agreed upon price.

Here are a few disclaimers for you to consider including:

  • The estimate is an approximate price and may vary from the actual total price of services. After the start of the service, the client understands unexpected costs may impact the final price (including, but not limited to: unforeseen challenges, obstacles, obstructions, loss in profitability, etc.), the client may receive additional charges.
  • Even though the [pest control business name] will seek to avoid any property damage, no promises can be made. Any damages caused by [pest control business name] will be covered by [insurance provider name].
  • [Pest control business name] reserves the right to capture photographs and/or videos of the client’s property for marketing and/or media use.
  • The client understands they’re required to provide free access to areas needing pest control services (e.g. attic, crawlspace, etc.). At any time, [pest control business name] has the right to reject any property it deems unsafe.

Keep in mind, these disclaimers are an excellent place to start, but it’s important to adjust them and include any additional ones your business needs.

3. Explain the Payment Process

By explaining the payment process, clients can understand how they’ll be paying for their services.

For example, will they pay by credit card, cash, check, etc.?

Plus, Service Autopilot offers automatic same-day payments to minimize late-paying and non-paying clients.

Any payment stipulations, such as due dates, declined payments, late fees, non-payment penalties need to be clearly outlined.

4. ALWAYS Obtain Proper Legal Counsel Before FInalizing

Before finalizing, ALWAYS obtain proper legal counsel from a trusted lawyer or legal consultant.

This way, you can fully safeguard your business from conflict, liability, improper language/verbiage, and more.

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Begin Using a Pest Control Contract to Safeguard Your Business

Mitigate liability and safeguard your business for future successes by creating the best pest control contract:

  • Cultivate mutually trusting relationships with clients
  • Establishing clear expectations between both parties
  • Minimizing miscommunication between the business and clients

ALWAYS obtain proper legal counsel from a trusted lawyer or legal consultant to cover all essential bases within the pest control contract.

Creating a robust pest control contract might seem intimidating at first glance. However, this article has shown you everything needed to easily create the best pest control contract now!

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Originally published Sept 15, 2022 7:00 AM

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