How to Add Pest Control Services to Your Lawn Care Business

Published on February 17, 2022

If you’re looking to expand your business and increase profits, then you’ll need to explore how to add pest control services to your lawn care business.

Despite what you might think, the process for adding pest control services to your lawn care business is simple when you know the right steps to take.

When you know how to how add pest control services to your lawn care business, you’ll have the power to:

  • Increase client satisfaction with more convenient services
  • Upsell existing lawn care clients into pest control services
  • Simultaneously increase profits and CLV (i.e. client lifetime value)

Plus, unlike when you first started in the lawn care industry, you already have an established client base to tap into.

Which means, instead of focusing on gaining new clients, you can focus on upselling your existing ones.

Here’s how to add pest control services to your lawn care business as quickly and seamlessly as possible:

1. Hire Certified Pest Control Applicators

In most states, anyone who will be applying or supervising any and all pesticides will need to be a certified pest control applicator.

Depending on your state laws, the process for being a certified applicator varies.

While you could technically transition existing employees into becoming certified pest control applicators, it makes more sense to hire pest control technicians.

Most states require pest control apprenticeships and course hours, which wouldn’t be realistic for existing lawn care employees to complete.

For this reason, it’s important to hire licensed pest control technicians.

Plus, you should consider hiring a pest control manager or supervisor to oversee your pest control operations.

Once you’ve successfully integrated pest control services into your business, you can consider offering pest control apprenticeship positions to your top lawn care professionals.

In turn, you can offer your best employees a chance to advance their careers into a higher paid position.

2. Protect the Business With Bonding and Insurance

As an existing lawn care business, you likely already know the importance of protecting your business with bonding and insurance.

Even though it’s important to be bonded and insured as a lawn care business, it’s even more important in the pest control industry.

This is because there are increased risks, hazards, and liabilities in the pest control industry.

  • Damage to property
  • Client and employee lawsuits
  • Accidents and injuries during equipment and chemical use

Due to the significant increase of risk to both the client and technician when applying chemicals, you’ll likely need to add or change your existing lawn care insurance policy.

Keep in mind, many insurance providers require higher coverage for pest control businesses.

As always, verify your policy with your insurance provider to ensure your business is properly covered.

3. Increase Prices to Meet Profit Goals

While the opportunity to increase profits is higher for pest control services, it also comes with higher upfront costs.

For instance, you’ll have to budget for chemicals, additional equipment, and even higher salary requirements.

As a result, you’ll need to charge clients more to cover the additional costs.

Plus, as a new business entering the industry, you’ll have even more upfront costs than existing businesses. Which means, you’ll likely have to set prices a little higher.

When determining how much to charge, it’s important to explain to clients why they’re paying top-dollar for your pest control services.

Reassure them that while you might charge more than the competition, your business is fully equipped with the most qualified pest control technicians, bonding, and insurance.

In turn, clients will pay less in the long-run due to mitigated liability and high-quality pest control services.

Also, remember to ensure your pricing is set high enough to conquer profit goals.

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4. Buy the Necessary Equipment and Chemicals

Before you can begin adding pest control services to your lawn care business, you’ll need to buy the necessary equipment and chemicals.

Which means, in order to keep the cost of equipment and chemicals to a minimum, it’s important to start small.

At first, consider only offering a few basic pest control services. Then, you can add additional services as you hone in on your skills and profits increase.

Also, consider purchasing new equipment and chemicals AFTER you’ve sold the jobs requiring it.

After all, it’s better to sub or drop a client than to have expensive equipment and chemicals going unused.

Plus, don’t forget about the learning curve it’ll take for you and your team to adjust to these new pest control services.

In fact, you might start by offering only one or two services within the first year. For example, you could offer services to treat yards or houses for mosquitos or ants.

Since you won’t be offering many services in the beginning, it’s a good idea to start small by hiring only one or two pest control technicians.

Also, be sure to account for any training costs in your pricing.


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5. Start Marketing to Existing Lawn Care Clients

Fortunately, you already have a set of amazing existing lawn care clients who are loyal to your business.

As a result, you likely won’t have to spend as much on marketing to acquire new clients as you did when you first started in lawn care.

Since your existing clients already love your lawn care business, they’ll be your easiest conversions into buying additional pest control services.

Generally, it’s a good idea to begin marketing your new services about two months before starting the service (though, more on that later).

Take a look at a few different marketing pieces you can use to get existing clients to purchase your new services:

Then, follow up with clients in the weekly leading up to the launch of your new services.

Remind clients who’ve purchased when services will begin, and convert clients who haven’t yet purchased.

Also, consider giving existing clients who haven’t yet bought your new services an “exclusive offer.” Sometimes, these offers are just enough to convert those last few undecided clients.

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6. Give Your Best Clients Referral Offers

Providing your best clients with referral offers can prove highly effective in cloning your favorite clients.

Easily accomplish this by simply giving your favorite clients your magnetic business card the next time you service their property.

Though, remember to include a referral offer on your cards! Despite what you might think, your referral offer doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive.

In most cases, a simple $15 discount off their next service for every successful referral is enough to make them feel valued.

Keep in mind, a referral offer is a small price to pay to increase your CLV (e.g. client lifetime value).

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7. Bid Early Before Releasing the Pest Control Services

Before releasing your pest control services, it’s important to bid early to win clients.

As we briefly discussed earlier, start by initiating a marketing campaign to existing clients about two months before releasing the new services.

Then, complete estimates to determine things like:

In turn, you’ll have a much clearer picture of how successful adding pest control services to your business has become.

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Now You Know How to Add Pest Control Services to Your Lawn Care Business

Fortunately, adding pest control services to an existing business is easier than when you started your lawn care business.

After all, you already have an established business with great recurring clients. Plus, you already know how to hire a crew of talented employees.

Knowing how to add pest control services to your lawn care business is a relatively simple process.

However, when done right, pest control services can substantially increase profitability and grow your lawn care business.

At last, you know how to add pest control services to your lawn care business today!

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Originally published Feb 17, 2022 7:00 AM

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