Navigating Climate Change in the HVAC Industry: Insights from Tim Fisher

Published on June 13, 2024

On this episode of the Profit Roadmap podcast, Ryan and Bekah chat with Tim Fisher, the Director of Market Intelligence at HARDI.

In this episode, Tim talks about:

  • Climate change
  • Keeping your team safe during extreme weather
  • How to adopt new HVAC technology
  • And so much more!

Tim’s Background

Tim Fisher is the Market Intelligence Director at HARDI, the leading research and education trade association for the HVAC industry, and his journey into the industry was a "happy accident."

Previously, Tim worked for a trade association in Columbus, Ohio focused on economic development and infrastructure finance. 

With a background in economics, he was looking for an opportunity more in line with his expertise when he came across HARDI on LinkedIn.

Tim joined the HARDI team about five years ago, and has leveled up his HVAC knowledge since then. 

In his role as Market Intelligence Director, Tim oversees HARDI’s market data and research initiatives, helping to provide valuable insights to HVAC professionals and businesses.

Warmer Weather

Tim says that as the weather gets warmer, people will use their air conditioners more. 

This is good for HVAC companies because it means more work, but it also means the government might start looking more closely at the industry. 

They want to make sure the AC units are using energy in a smart way.

To help customers understand why they need a good AC, Tim thinks HVAC pros should talk about the weather getting hotter. 

They can show how this will make electric bills more expensive if the AC is old or not working well. Getting a better AC now, even if it costs more, could save money later.

Weather Safety For Techs

Tim also thinks it's important for HVAC businesses to make sure their workers are safe when it's super hot or cold outside. They can do things like:

  • Have water and cooling towels in the work trucks
  • Let workers take breaks in the shade or air conditioning
  • Schedule jobs for times when it's not as hot if possible
  • Have workers team up so they can take turns

Advances in HVAC Technology

Using technology is another big opportunity for HVAC companies. Tim talked about things like smart HVAC systems that are connected to the internet. 

In the future, these could help find problems before they happen as well as provide some diagnostic tools without having to come onsite.

HVAC Financing

As units get more high-tech and expensive, Tim says offering financing is very important. 

Monthly payment plans make expensive units seem more affordable, like how people buy cars. 

He also shared that some governments and utility companies offer discounts for energy-efficient units, and HVAC businesses can help customers find and use these discounts.

The Role of Industry Associations

Tim also talked about how important it is to be part of industry associations and events.

This includes attending trade shows and conferences, participating in peer groups, and staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends through newsletters and websites.

By leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the industry, HVAC businesses can stay competitive and adapt to the changing landscape.

Looking to the Future

As the HVAC industry continues to evolve, it's important for businesses to stay proactive and embrace change. 

This means investing in the development of their teams, whether it's through technical training or leadership skills.

It also means being open to new technologies and business models. Because even though connected devices may seem foreign now, they also present opportunities for HVAC companies to stand out with great service and expertise.

Ultimately, the future belongs to those who are willing to learn, adapt, and innovate. By staying informed, leveraging data, and focusing on customer needs, HVAC businesses can thrive in the face of any challenge.

Learn More

Want to learn more about Tim and HARDI? Be sure to visit their website to see how this organization can help your business.

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