Tracking Non-Billable Time Can Increase Your Earnings

non-billable time

When your crews are out working in the field, you know you’re making money. Everything’s great. When they’re mowing lawns, or cleaning houses, or putting up walls, that’s when you are making money.

But what happens when they finish the job?

Non-billable time (when your employees are still on the clock, but not actually earning you money) can eat into your profits, especially if you’re not taking that time into account. If you are looking for more ways to increase your revenue, you need to keep track of your employees’ non-billable time.

Non-billable time includes

  • Driving to and from jobs
  • buying parts and materials
  • load/unload time
  • inspections

Keeping an eye on all this can be a difficult task.

Thankfully, we’ve developed a new feature for our mobile app to help you easily track your non-billable time. In the app, you can create your own non-billable categories (‘gas station, shop time, etc.’), or you can just use our pre-loaded categories, and your crew leaders and other employees can use their phones to time themselves.

Streamline Your Non-Billable Time, Increase Your Profits

You’ve job costed your services, so you know that from the time you arrive on the property to the time you leave, you should be earning profits.

To increase your profits, now you want to focus on your non-billable time. You have to pay your crews, whether they’re making you money or not. So, track your crews, see how much time they’re spending off the job, and figure out why. For example, why do their drives from one client take fifteen minutes longer than expected? Can you find them a better route for avoiding traffic?

Once you start keeping track of your non-billable time, you’ll get a better idea on how to cut down on it.

Your goal is to streamline those non-billable hours, so you can convert as many non-billable hours into billable hours, and increase your revenue.

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Patrick Hoffman

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