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Does Free Lawn Care Software Exist?

Published on July 20, 2023

If you’re just starting out, then you’re likely looking for ways to save time and cut costs. In order to do that, you might be wondering if free lawn care software exists.

When you have the right software, you can:

  • Find and fix profit holes
  • Generate instantly optimized routes
  • Quickly create professional estimates on-the-go
  • Utilize time and job tracking for all employees/crews
  • Access client accounts and job notes from anywhere
  • Get paid on time, every time with automated payments

However, you might be hesitant to invest in a paid software. As a result, you might be wondering if there are any free lawn care software alternatives.

In this article, you’ll discover how you can create your own free lawn care software by choosing the best software that essentially pays for itself.

Same-Day Automated Payments

Are you fed up with chasing after late payments? Think about the countless hours you’ve spent tracking down clients in an effort to get paid.

As a result, all of these unpaid invoices are eating away at your profits. Although, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With same-day automated payments, you can get paid on time, every time. No more phone tag or resending invoices.

Plus, when you choose SA Payments, you’ll become fully PCI compliant, so you can store all client credit cards on file.

In addition, credit cards will automatically update, allowing you to speed up cash flow and eliminate wasted time chasing after payments.

Here are some additional ways SA Payments can boost your cash flow:

  • No more late invoices
  • Clients spend 83% more when using credit cards
  • Save time by automating your invoice and payment process with automations

If you’re searching for free lawn care software, then SA Payments alone has the power to pay for itself.

Easily Find and Fix Profit Holes

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out why you’re not meeting profit goals, then Service Autopilot’s reports center is the answer.

Using the reports center, you can locate where you’re losing profits so you can find solutions to fix it.

Once you’ve resolved your profit holes, you can get back on track to meeting profit goals.

As you’re looking for free lawn care software, keep in mind, just by utilizing the reports center to fix your profit holes, you can get an immediate ROI (i.e. return on investment) that allows Service Autopilot to pay for itself.

Track Employees, Time on Jobs, and Performance

By tracking employees, time on jobs, and performance, you’ll be able to:

  • Track time spent on jobs
  • Track job progress in real-time
  • Know where employees are at all times
  • Keep records of employee job performance

As a result, employee and job tracking allows you to:

  • Keep your crews on task
  • Maximize time spent on jobs
  • Ensure continued high-quality services
  • Communicate with dispatched crews in real-time

When you take advantage of everything employee and job tracking has to offer, you can instantly maximize time, increase profits, and keep clients happy with timely, high-quality services.

In other words, Service Autopilot might not be free lawn care software, but it does have the power to immediately pay for itself.

Generate Rapid Professional Estimates from Anywhere

By generating rapid professional estimates from anywhere, you can create quick estimates from the field or in the office. Also, you can measure properties from anywhere using Smart Maps.

In addition, Smart Maps allows you to:

  • Bid faster with remote property measurements
  • Maximize routes by instantly generating perfectly optimized routes
  • Win more clients by generating faster estimates than the competition

Plus, you can take advantage of efficient scheduling with frustration-free dispatching that allows you to quickly organize your crew’s routes based on high-value jobs.

By saving your crew’s time and gas mileage with remote estimate generation, Smart Maps is a lucrative tool to add to your lawn care business.

Take a look at a few additional ways Smart Maps can help your business:

  • Measure property lines over the phone
  • Set the latitude and longitude of any property
  • Label and color code measurements to save and access at any time
  • Get precise square footage and linear footage of any property online

These are just a few of the endless ways Smart Maps can help you make your software free lawn care software.

Access Client Accounts on-the-Go

When you have the ability to access client accounts on-the-go, you can reduce mistakes and minimize overlooked client notes.

Plus, crews can access anything they need to know about a client’s account:

  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Job history
  • Important notes

As a result, you can keep clients happy with your services by paying attention to the individual needs of every client.

The #1 Way to Put Your Everyday Tasks on Autopilot

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Additional Ways to Streamline Daily Operations

There are endless ways you can streamline daily operations to maximize time and profits. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by automating daily tasks with automations.

With Service Autopilot’s automations, you can automate daily tasks like:

  • Surveys
  • Reports
  • Invoice follow ups
  • Service reminders
  • To do assignments
  • Estimate follow ups
  • Past due reminders
  • New client welcome series
  • Upsell and cross-sell campaigns

Simply put, here’s how automations work:

  1. A series of tasks are created within a workflow, set to automatically run
  2. The workflow’s actions are based on how clients respond
  3. Save countless hours, increase conversions, and improve client retention with your new automation

If you’re searching for free lawn care software, then automations is the fastest way to get your ROI whilst boosting profits. Simply set up your custom automations, and it’ll run 24/7, until you tell it to stop.

Eliminate repeat tasks. Respond faster. Never forget about another follow up. THAT is the power of automations.

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Free Lawn Care Software: How Service Autopilot Pays for Itself

When you choose the best lawn care software, you can streamline operations and automate daily tasks.

While Service Autopilot isn’t a free lawn care software, it can essentially pay for itself when you take advantage of things like:

Now, you know how you can get free lawn care software by choosing the right software that increases profits, streamlines daily tasks, and basically pays for itself!

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Originally published July 20, 2023 7:00 AM CT

Alyssa Sanders

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