Lawn Care Software Reviews: 7 Key Insights

Published on January 3, 2024

With an overwhelming amount of available options, it’s challenging to make an informed decision based on lawn care software reviews.

Software has become an invaluable asset to any successful business.

In turn, there are a few key insights to lawn care software reviews that you can use to make the best decision for your business based on:

  • Accounting report needs
  • Individual business needs
  • Long-term goals for scalability
  • ROI based on the maximization of resources
  • Responsive customer service that’s dedicated to building positive relationships

Use this article to explore the top key insights in lawn care software reviews to help you choose the best software for your business.

1. Caring Customer Support

A caring and intuitive customer support team (when you need it most) is one of the biggest leading factors in lawn care software reviews.

After all, you never want to be put into a tough spot that can cost you clients.

For these reasons, Service Autopilot is dedicated to delivering AMAZING customer success to help members.

Here’s what SA members have to say about Service Autopilot’s customer success team:

  • 91% satisfaction rate
  • 88% phone satisfaction rate
  • Average response time is 2 minutes or less
  • 85% of support cases are resolved in a single touchpoint

2. Commitment to Onboarding and Beyond

A committed onboarding team is one of the biggest points of concern in lawn care software reviews.

The right software for your lawn care business should be fully dedicated to helping get you set up and running as soon as possible.

The onboarding team at Service Autopilot will show you EXACTLY how the software works, and they’ll help you to quickly set everything up with your data.

Plus, Service Autopilot’s commitment to your success doesn’t just stop at onboarding.

If you’re looking for proven strategies for GROWTH and support in your business, then you’ll love Service Autopilot’s Field Services Academy!

Additionally, to further solidify a commitment to long-term networking, success, and education, Service Autopilot hosts an annual Service Edge Conference.


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3. QuickBooks Two-Way Sync

QuickBooks Online and Desktop Sync is one of the most powerful elements in lawn care software reviews.

Using Service Autopilot’s QuickBooks Two-Way Sync, you’ll have access to easier accounting with:

  • Smarter record keeping
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Safe and secure records for your financial team
  • Less data entry with the minimization of mistakes
  • Fully loaded two-way sync to eliminate double-data entries

Plus, did you know, Service Autopilot is the ONLY platform in the industry to fully integrate with the QuickBooks API?

Which means, when you update something in QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, that information will automatically update in Service Autopilot (and vice versa).

As a result, you’ll do half the work with FLAWLESS updates.

Take a look at a few additional ways that Service Autopilot’s QuickBooks Two-Way Sync will make your life easier:

  • Eliminate exports for your accountant
  • Quickly categorize all of your expenses
  • Easily refund credit cards and issue credits
  • Easily apply discounts to single or multiple invoiced items
  • Never lose your data with data-encrypted, automatic backups
  • Extremely secure system with PCI Compliance and Tokenization
  • Get accounting data online—whenever and wherever you need it
  • Quickly view the health of your business using the Profit and Loss Reports

4. Rapid Route Optimization

By automatically optimizing your routes, you’ll be able to:

  • Capture new clients in real-time
  • Measure properties from your office

In addition, Service Autopilot’s Smart Maps allows you to:

  • Bid faster with remote estimate creation
  • Win more clients with on-the-go, rapid estimate generation
  • Maximized routes with instantly perfectly optimized routes every time
  • Efficient scheduling with frustration-free dispatching and daily organization based on high-value jobs

From making your office days easier and FASTER, to getting precise mapping data without all of the legwork, Smart Maps has the power to generate optimized routes in SECONDS.

Here’s a look inside some of the top mapping features to look for in lawn care software reviews:

  • Measure property lines over the phone
  • Set the latitude and longitude of any property
  • Get precise square footage and linear footage of any property line
  • Label and color-code measurements to save for later access at any time

Plus, when you choose Service Autopilot, you can quickly save measurements to Custom Fields to use with the Rate Matrix and Estimates.

5. Same-Day Automated Payments

How would you like to… 

  • Get paid faster
  • Eliminate wasted time
  • Minimize late invoices
  • See clients spending up to 83% more on your services

Plus, auto-update credit cards, charge invoices, and run payments all in one software.

Automatic, same-day payments are one of the top priorities for businesses looking at lawn care software reviews.

With SA Payments, you’ll have the power to:

  • Automatically update credit cards
  • Generate same-day, automated payments
  • Become fully PCI Compliant to store credit cards on file
  • Instantly speed up your cash flow by maximizing office time

Choose SA Payments to virtually simplify every aspect of your business now!

6. Automate Daily Tasks

Imagine having your most mundane, time-consuming tasks AUTOMATICALLY done for you—without having to hire an entire team to do it.

Using Service Autopilot’s Automations, you can automate:

  • Reports
  • 90-day surveys
  • Welcome clients
  • Service reminders
  • Estimate follow-ups
  • Past due reminders
  • Upsell and cross-sell campaigns

Plus, diligently send email and two-way text reminders to clients when you don’t have the time.

In turn, automating client and lead communications allows you to:

  • Respond faster
  • Eliminate repeat tasks
  • Increase lead conversions
  • Never forget another follow-up
  • Improve client satisfaction and retention

Here’s how Automations work:

  1. Series of tasks are created within a workflow and are set to automatically run
  2. The workflow’s actions are based on how clients respond
  3. Save countless hours and win more clients with your new automation

Also, Service Autopilot allows you to create custom Automations or choose from pre-built ones in the Marketplace.

In turn, these automated client communications allow you to immediately streamline communications between the office and dispatched crews.

The #1 Way to Put Your Everyday Tasks on Autopilot

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7. Robust Job Tracking

Choosing a software with robust job tracking is one of the most essential elements in lawn care software reviews.

With Service Autopilot’s Fleetsharp GPS, you’ll gain access to a complete solution that allows business owners and managers to track and report:

  • Driver behavior
  • Vehicle and asset locations
  • Vehicle maintenance needs

Plus, you’ll have the power to:

  • Save money by accurately tracking mileage
  • Communicate mobile asset location information
  • Reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel management
  • Monitor your crew’s location, performance, maintenance, and speed
  • Set up custom alerts for time-sensitive events, hourly job summaries, and daily reporting of driving behavior

In addition, Service Autopilot allows you to track everything you need in real-time:

  • Job progress
  • Job profitability
  • Time spent on jobs
  • Assets and chemicals
  • Crew time-clocking and location

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Make the Best Choice Based on the Insights in Lawn Care Software Reviews

Finding the right software for your business based on lawn care software reviews is largely depending on a few key insights:

Finally, you can use these top key insights in lawn care software reviews to choose the right software for your business today!

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Originally published Jan 3, 2024 7:00 AM CT

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