Top 100 Landscaping Company Names to Inspire You

Published on January 26, 2024

Whether you are starting a landscaping company or rebranding - –thinking through the best landscaping company names is a crucial step.

Your landscaping company name will be everywhere… business cards, websites, trucks… the list goes on and on! 

Make sure you think through this important decision!

Using your landscaping company name, you can:

  • Increase conversions
  • Create a lasting and memorable impression
  • Increase organic traffic via SEO
  • Become a recognizable brand

Keep reading if you want to see how easy it is to find quality landscaping names!

We’ve even included 100 examples you could use for your business!

Create Memorable Landscaping Names

Good landscaping company names are easy to remember. 

That means that they should be simple and easy to say… nothing too long!

You want them to come to mind effortlessly and stick with your customers.

While it might be tempting to go for rhyming or alliteration, it is okay to keep it straightforward.

Here are a few other things to consider when thinking up your options for landscaping company names.

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If your landscaping services are specific to a city or region, incorporating the local flavor can make your business more relatable to the community. 

Plus, it helps you sound familiar and trustworthy with the locals.


Your landscaping business name should give potential clients a hint about the services you offer. 

Simply put, that means using words like “landscaping”, “green”, or “outdoor services”. 

This ensures that people immediately associate your name with what you do.

Additionally, you may want to consider adding the name of your city, your name, or even a specific type of service that you offer.

All of those ideas work, but remember to keep the landscaping company names short.

Stay Positive

Positive words help establish a feeling with customers right away.

This could include words like beauty, clean, quality, etc.

Your name is a marketing tool… you want to describe how customers will feel and how their landscape will look with just a keyword or phrase.

Be Unique

You also want to have options that are unique landscaping business names. 

This means that the name could include:

  • A word that stands out
  • Your name (first or last)
  • Words that are easy to remember

REMINDER: Make sure to do some Googling for other lawn care services in your area.

You want to make sure your name is not too similar to your competition. That can be confusing to your clients (and cause issues with the competitor!).

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Moving Forward With Names

So you’ve got a few ideas in mind for your new name… Now what?


A great place to start is getting feedback from friends, family, and the community.

Simply ask people what they think of your landscaping company names.

Are they able to pronounce it and remember it?

Your naming options should pass the “bar test.”

That means if someone were in a crowded place like a bar, would they be able to quickly understand your company’s name over the noise and distractions?

Digital Availability

In today's digital age, having an online presence is crucial. 

That means you should go to a place like GoDaddy to see if the domain name is available.

You may need to adjust your name a bit, find a way to shorten it, or consider using something other than “.com” at the end.

This applies to social media, so be sure to check and see if the name is available on X, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

This also could affect your SEO rankings in the future, so you want to try to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to find you online.

Having that local aspect of your name can help with SEO too!

For example, if your company name is “Big Dallas Landscaping” and somebody in Dallas Googles “landscaping near me,” you might be more likely to show up on the search for that client!

Planning for the Future

You should also think about the future growth of your landscaping company.

If there is a chance that you’ll be offering additional services or servicing other areas, you don’t want a name that pigeon-holes you to a specific service or location.

This also applies if you’re going to be including your name…

Some companies become family businesses, and others are sold in the future.

You don’t have to have it all figured out right away, but you should think about what could happen to your business when it really begins to grow.

Legal Considerations

Finally, it is smart to work with legal professionals to make sure the options you’ve picked for landscaping business names don't infringe on trademarks or existing businesses.

We recommend running any new names or rebrands by a legal pro! 

Claim Your Name

Now that you’ve got a good name and you’ve made sure it is available, it is time to make it yours!

That means registering your business, buying the domain and building a website, and setting up social media accounts too.

It is wise to work with a CPA to help you set up your company the right way from the start so that you can pick the type of entity that is right for you.

Streamline communication between the business and the client!

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100 Landscaping Business Name Examples 

Looking for some inspiration?

We’ve got 100 examples of landscaping business names to get you started.

Make sure to customize them for you and your town, and do your background research too (reminder - make sure your competitors don’t have a similar name!).

  1. [CITY NAME] GreenScape Pros
  2. [CITY NAME] Nature's Canvas Landscapes
  3. [CITY NAME] Turf Triumph
  4. [CITY NAME] Bloom Gardens & Landscapes
  5. [CITY NAME] EcoEdge Landscaping
  6. [CITY NAME] FreshView Landscapes
  7. [CITY NAME] Pinnacle Plantscapes
  8. Harmony Landscapes ([CITY NAME] Edition)
  9. [CITY NAME] Serene Spaces Gardening
  10. Urban Oasis Outdoor ([CITY NAME] Landscapes)
  11. Earthly Elegance Landscapes of [CITY NAME]
  12. [CITY NAME] Terra Tints Gardens
  13. Ultimate Landscaping ([CITY NAME])
  14. Oasis Gardens in [CITY NAME]
  15. Enchanting Landscapes of [CITY NAME]
  16. [CITY NAME] Vibrant Vistas Lawns
  17. Sustainable Landscaping for [CITY NAME]
  18. TerraForma Turf ([CITY NAME] Landscaping)
  19. [CITY NAME] Blissful Blooms Gardening
  20. GreenThumb Glory in [CITY NAME]
  21. [CITY NAME] Horizon Harmony Landscapes
  22. AquaBloom Gardens of [CITY NAME]
  23. Outdoor Odyssey Landscaping [CITY NAME]
  24. EcoHarbor Haven ([CITY NAME] Landscapes)
  25. [CITY NAME] Tranquil Turf Transformations
  26. Pristine Petals Landscapes in [CITY NAME]
  27. [CITY NAME] UrbanGrove Gardens
  28. Enviroscape Excellence ([CITY NAME] Edition)
  29. Skyline Sanctuary Landscaping of [CITY NAME]
  30. [CITY NAME] GreenGlow Gardens
  31. DreamyDew Landscapes of [CITY NAME]
  32. [CITY NAME] BloomBurst Backyards
  33. ArborArtistry Gardens in [CITY NAME]
  34. GreenSculpt Lawns of [CITY NAME]
  35. NatureNook Landscapes in [CITY NAME]
  36. [CITY NAME] EverBloom Expanse
  37. TerraTrove Turf ([CITY NAME] Landscaping)
  38. LushLoom Landscapes in [CITY NAME]
  39. EcoCrest Gardens of [CITY NAME]
  40. [CITY NAME] Tranquility Turf Team
  41. GreenGem Gardens in [CITY NAME]
  42. TerraTonic Turf ([CITY NAME])
  43. [CITY NAME] EnvisionEden Landscapes
  44. BotanicBurst Gardens of [CITY NAME]
  45. [CITY NAME] GreenHarbor Haven
  46. TerraTranquil Turf ([CITY NAME] Landscaping)
  47. BloomingBridges Landscapes in [CITY NAME]
  48. [CITY NAME] UrbanUtopia Gardens
  49. EarthEmbrace Landscapes of [CITY NAME]
  50. AquaArray Gardens in [CITY NAME]
  51. Open View Landscapes
  52. TerraTints Turf
  53. EnchantedEco Gardens
  54. MeadowMingle Landscapes
  55. SkySculpt Turf
  56. GreenGrace Gardens
  57. Nature Nurtured Landscapes
  58. Pure Petals Landscaping
  59. TerraTreat Turf
  60. ZenZest Gardens
  61. EcoEden Landscapes
  62. Urban Utopia Turf
  63. GreenGrove Gardens
  64. Terrific Terra 
  65. EnchantingEco Landscapes
  66. AquaArtistry Turf
  67. Verdant Vista Gardens
  68. Meadow Mosaic Landscapes
  69. Sky Serenade Turf
  70. Bloomscape Bliss 
  71. Earth Essence Landscapes
  72. Pure Plantscapes Turf
  73. TranquilTrails 
  74. GreenGroove Landscapes
  75. TerraTide Turf & Landscapes
  76. Urban Unity Landscaping 
  77. Nature Nook Landscaping
  78. ZenZone Landscapes
  79. Aqua Arbor Gardens
  80. Big Valley Turf
  81. Meadow Majesty Landscapes
  82. Sky Sculpture Gardens
  83. Bloomscape Turf
  84. EarthEcho Landscapes
  85. Pure Plants Turf
  86. Tranquil Transect Gardens
  87. Green Glow Turf
  88. Terra Tropics Landscapes
  89. Urban Utopian Gardens
  90. Nature Niche Landscapers
  91. Zen Landscapes
  92. AquaAmbiance Gardens
  93. Verdant View Turf
  94. Big Meadow Landscapes
  95. Sky Serenity Landscaping
  96. Sunny Day Landscapes 
  97. Earth Eclipse Landscapes
  98. Pure Turf & Landscaping
  99. Tranquil Traverse Gardens
  100. GreenGlade Landscapes

Choose the Best Landscape Business Names

It’s time to put on your thinking cap, and see what you can create for your landscaping company

Remember to choose a name that is:

  • Easy to remember
  • Is available digitally
  • In line with your brand and services

Happy naming!

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