8 Designs to Inspire Your Lawn & Landscaping Website

Published on May 16, 2019

Your website should represent the quality of your work and drive online sales, but many lawn care websites don’t accomplish either of these tasks.

Either because the website was built years ago and never updated or there wasn’t a sufficient amount of time invested into creating a high quality website.

Due to either one of those reasons, then your website solely acts as a digital business card. It may not be a good one mind you, but that’s about its only purpose.

If your website isn’t properly designed, your website doesn’t work for you - you work for your website.

So, before I get into the top 10 lawn care websites, let’s first talk about how I grade these websites.

  1. How Does The Lawn Care Website Look - One of the factors I take into consideration is the aesthetics of the website. After all, your website represents you, your business, and the quality of your work so it needs to ‘look good’ and be easy to navigate.
  2. How Well Does Their Website Rank in Google - I want to see if time has been invested into the SEO of the website. Are they focusing on keywords, title tags, etc. to get their website ranking for certain search queries.
  3. Can The Website Turn Visitors Into Customers - Of course, I don’t have access to their analytics, so I’m judging this by the strategies they’ve used on their website to convert visitors into paying customers.

Now that you have an idea of how I judge these lawn care websites, let’s start talking about each one so you can hopefully take some of these points and improve your own website.

1. GrassPerson Lawn Care and Landscape

One of my favorite looking websites on this list is GrassPerson lawn care. It’s clean, simple, and super easy to navigate which is what you should be aiming for when building a website.

But, even beyond the design of the website, it still executes on a number of important characteristics that make a great website.

There are two important characteristics that I want to touch on specifically.

First, I want to talk about their decision to mention lawn care pricing.

One of the first questions people have when looking for a lawn care service, or any other service for that matter, is “How much will it cost?”

Yet, almost no lawn care websites answer that question and leave their visitor hanging.

While it’s true that lawn care prices vary based on the project (GrassPerson is no different), giving them an idea of how much it will cost is a huge plus in my book!

Second, I want to talk about their About Us page.

Oftentimes, this is a neglected page where no one invests any reasonable amount of time into creating a good one.

It’s seen as just another page standing in the way of you and the finished website.

But, in your visitors’ minds, it’s the total opposite.

People nowadays really want to know who’s behind the business, they want to know that their property will be taken care of.

GrassPerson did a very good job on their About Us page.

It has information about them, a video, a timeline of how they got started, and other information about their business.

This is a very good About Us page and you can tell some time was invested into creating it.

Let’s talk about specifics…

What Did GrassPerson Do Right?

  • Like I’ve said, this is one of my favorite looking websites on the list. The website is clean, simple, and very easy to read which are all very important on a lawn care website.
  • They do a really good job of establishing trust throughout the website. The testimonials, customer map, and video all work very well together to establish themselves as a trusted business.
  • Gallery pages are always a big plus for service businesses, including lawn care. This gives people the opportunity to see your work and what you can do for them.
  • Call-to-actions are a must on a lawn care website and they provide a good amount of them. Whenever a visitor is ready to get started, all they need to do is click a button.
  • One of the biggest questions a person has is “How much will this cost?” GrassPerson answers that question on the first page of their website - Big Plus!

What Could Be Improved?

  • On the home page specifically, I would like to see a few more images of their work. They have some fantastic images in their gallery, you just need to go looking for them.
  • It would be huge if they emphasized their 75 years of combined experience and 20 years in business. I found that important piece of information buried in their About Us page.

Overall, the website is very well done and as you can tell by their reviews, it’s done a good job of driving in new business. Great job!

2. Ryan Lawn and Tree

While RYAN Lawn and Tree is one of the larger companies on the list, they do a really good job of making their website feel small and easily digestible.

One thing many larger lawn care companies struggle with is people thinking there will be a disconnect between them and the company.

People are naturally inclined towards smaller businesses because they feel like they will be taken care of better.

RYAN Lawn and Tree doesn’t feel like a large company where your needs are buried on hundreds of other customers.

Really, their website as a whole makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

They cover many of the common questions someone might have when choosing a lawn care company, such as what do you offer, where do you serve, and do others love what you do.

What Did They Get Right on Their Website?

  • They include a number of reviews on their home page, as well as a Google reviews summary of their business.
  • They have a ton of clickable links on their website so visitors can quickly find what they are looking for - Big Plus!
  • It’s really easy to either find their phone number or get a free quote once you’re ready to get started.
  • RYAN Lawn and Tree has a very good About Us page that virtually covers everything you need to know about the company. This includes their story, certificates, charity involvement, and more. Well done!
  • They have a live chat feature that floats in the bottom right of people’s screens so whenever they have a question, they can immediately get in touch.
  • While they have a few photos that aren’t taken by them, the vast majority of the photos they have are real. Though, the photos that aren’t by them still look good and fit with the website.

What Could Be Improved?

  • Minor website flaw: On the RYAN Lawn and Tree website there is an issue with their page sizing. When you scroll left and right, there is a large grey gap that shows up on the right side. Nothing major, just something to have fixed.
  • In regards to their Google reviews summary, I personally would change the color of the stars to a red or gold. They have a very highly rated business and the grey color they are using hides how great their company truly is.

3. Dunners Lawn Care Service

As soon as you land on this website, you’ll notice how inviting it is to continue scrolling further and further down the page.

They use certain design elements on the page to pull your eye down, so you keep scrolling.

Take the image above for example, that is the very top of their home page.

That arrow isn’t there just for design purposes, it’s there to direct your interest further down the page, so they can continue showing you what they have to offer.

Very smart!

I want to direct your attention to their About Us page for a second.

Notice how their page has a picture of the owner’s family.

This is a big deal.

Having an image of you and your family is a huge plus! It puts a face to the business and it makes you feel more approachable.

This is an incredibly easy way to build trust with the visitor. If you can make your business feel more human, there will be more people willing to give you a shot for the first time.

What Did They Get Right on Their Website?

  • Very clean and simplistic design, which makes it easy on the visitor to find what they are looking for.
  • For a business like lawn care, it’s important to have almost no stock imagery and that’s the case for Dunner’s Lawn Care. The majority of the images they are using are taken by them.
  • They are building trust with testimonials!
  • Dunner’s Lawn Care is another great example of what an About Us page should be! The text on the page doesn’t sound robotic and it has an image of the owner’s family.
  • They have a great gallery page that shows off the 50+ photos they’ve taken of their projects.

What Could Be Improved?

  • It would be great if more of their contact buttons stood out on the page. While some are easy to spot, others aren’t as bold which leads to them blending in with the rest of the website.
  • In terms of the testimonials situation, they did a good job of adding them to the home page, but for the rest of the website, they aren’t anywhere to be found. I’d recommend adding them elsewhere because you never know where someone will stop and read them.

4. Denmark Lawn Care

It seems the goal of the Denmark Lawn Care website is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

They use headlines like “Fort Worth's Leading Lawn Care Company,” which signifies authority.

After all, people want to know that you will do a good job and properly take care of their property. They don’t want to hire someone that makes their life more difficult.

To follow up the bold headline on the website, they immediately show off that they have five star reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

The rest of the website is just like this.

They are using what they have to establish as much trust as possible in a short period of time.

To top that off, like a few of the websites on this list, Denmark Lawn Care has a great About Us page.

Not only do they have a page introducing the company, but there is also a page introducing the owner and his family!

As I’ve mentioned before, this is huge because it puts a face to the business, which makes it feel more human and approachable. Good work!

What Did They Get Right on Their Website?

  • The Denmark Lawn Care website does a really good job at making it easy for the visitor to take action. They have a number of contact, call, and “get a quote” buttons for visitors to click on when they’re ready to get started.
  • They use real images throughout their website which is always a good thing to be doing as a lawn care company.
  • One thing they are doing that separates them from other companies is that they are pulling their reviews in dynamically. Meaning when a new review comes in, their website automatically updates.
  • Denmark Lawn Care also has a fantastic About Us page that not only covers his company, but visitors can also read about him and how he got started.

What Could Be Improved?

  • I’d highly recommend getting HTTPS set up on their website. Nowadays, with the sheer amount of people browsing websites and such, website security is a must.
  • While they do a great job of using testimonials on the front page, I can’t find them anywhere else. The Service pages are another great place to display your reviews because people are actively looking at what you do and how well you do it.

5. Just Right Lawns

While this lawn care website isn’t the most elegant of the bunch, it’s built for performance.

As you scroll through the website, you’ll immediately see that the main goal of this website is to provide you with all the information you’ll possibly need to make a confident decision.

The main thing I want to focus on is the testimonial situation on the website.

While there are a few things that I would change, they use testimonials very well and they use them in a unique way.

For the most part, they use testimonials just like any other lawn care website, but what’s different is that they have testimonials showing up in the bottom left corner of the screen.

These little popups are made to look like someone left a review at that very moment.

This makes the business feel more alive. Plus, it reminds you that people love the lawn care business you are looking at.

What Did They Get Right on Their Website?

  • JustRightLawns does a good job when displaying their reviews. In my opinion, I’d display more than one testimonial on the page, maybe one at the top and a few at the bottom, but they make up for it with their testimonials widget.
    • They are using a widget that displays reviews in the bottom left of your screen as if people were just now leaving you a review. I’d recommend every lawn care website consider using a widget like that - it reminds people that you are a trustworthy business.
  • They have no shortage of action buttons on their website. On nearly every section of the website, you are greeted with a phone number and a “Book Online” button.
  • They use real photos which is incredibly important for a lawn care service. Your photos should say something about your work and fake photos can’t do that.
  • At the bottom of their website, they have an image of the owner’s family and a short story about them. Big plus!
  • Having a floating contact button is a great way of making your visitors’ lives easier. Whenever they are ready to get in touch, all they need to do is click that button.

What Could Be Improved?

  • In some cases, having large paragraphs isn’t the most user-friendly tactic to be using. People like to skim websites and read the most important parts; they can’t do that with large blocks of text. Try break your text down into key, easily digestible points.

6. TruGreen Lawn Care

TruGreen is the largest lawn care company on this list, yet their website is the least fancy of any of them.

Frankly, the website gets straight to the point. There’s nothing there that doesn’t need to be.

They only have two pieces of information that would establish trust, one would be the testimonials and the other is their before and after pictures.

Beyond that, they’re relying on your recognition of the TruGreen name.

The TruGreen website is simple in the fact that the main goal they are working towards is having you fill out one of their forms.

You can tell just by how the website is laid out that the objective is to have their visitor fill out one of their uniquely designed free quote forms.

Notice how they phrase them differently. They are testing to see which form performs the best.

If one form doesn’t capture your attention, they’re hoping the next one will.

That is the magic of the TruGreen website.

There’s nothing to distract you from the main objective of filling out the forms and scheduling a lawn care service.

What Did They Get Right on Their Website?

  • Of the few things TruGreen displays on their front page, testimonials are among the first to be shown - good choice!
  • From quote forms to phone numbers, there was no shortage of ways to get in touch with them.
  • TruGreen made it obvious what they wanted to do - that was to fill out a form and schedule a lawn care service. They also make it really easy to get a customized estimate for your property by following their step-by-step form processes.
  • TruGreen uses before and after pictures to show off what their lawn care services can do. This is a fantastic way to give your visitor a visual of how you can help them.

What Could Be Improved?

  • On desktop, some of the before and after photos aren’t the highest quality. Having low quality photos, especially when you are showing off your work, can have a negative effect on their perception of quality.

7. Grounds Guys Lawn Care

The GroundsGuys lawn care website is professional, yet simple at the same time.

To really begin to learn about their lawn care company, you need to dig into the website and read more than one page.

But, that’s not a bad thing!

Some lawn care websites put too much information on the home page and totally overwhelm the visitor.

The most important questions should be answered on the front page, everything else should be answered elsewhere.

That’s what GroundsGuys does really well.

They answer the most important questions first, then have anything else the visitor may need elsewhere.

What Did They Get Right on Their Website?

  • Having forms that are instantly accessible are a great way of making your visitors’ lives easier. Just be careful, sometimes this can clutter the design of your website. GroundsGuys did a good job of doing this without causing any design issues.
  • GroundsGuys display a number of reviews on their homepage to help build trust.
  • Contacting them is super easy because their contact information is prominently displayed both at the top and bottom of their website.

What Could Be Improved?

  • While they have a floating quote button on the right side of your screen, it wasn’t totally obvious what it was. I also didn’t notice a ton of action buttons as I scrolled further down the page. If you want to have your visitors take a certain action, be sure to include buttons that make it easy for them to do so.
  • I also noticed that the Contact Us page only allows visitors to “Request a Job Estimate.” People go to the contact page to get questions answered, so I highly recommend broadening that page to allow people to ask questions.

8. Purple Care Lawn Care

The Purple Care website is extremely unique compared to other lawn care websites.

With their purple color scheme, there’s not a chance in the world you wouldn’t know which lawn care company you were looking at.

The main thing you’ll notice is that their website is focused around providing answers to visitors’ questions.

For example, they have 20+ pages that were made to cover each service they offer in depth. This helps the visitor know exactly what they can do and how they can help.

I will say that as I am looking through the website, it is really easy to get in touch with them at any moment.

They have contact forms and their phone number spread out throughout the website, so their information is almost always in front of you.

What Did They Get Right on Their Website?

  • Purple Care does a good job of establishing trust by displaying awards and testimonials. I also really like that they have an entire page dedicated to their testimonials.
  • Getting in contact with them seems to be pretty easy since their phone number is at the very top of the page and they have contact forms throughout the website.
  • Blogs are super important to your website’s performance and Purple Care has one! This can help drive new business and increase ranking of your website.

What Could Be Improved?

  • There is a lot of text on the front page of the website. While in some cases that can be good, for the most part this makes it difficult for the visitor to find what they are looking for. Remember, people skim websites for what they are looking for, burying your key points in long paragraphs may lead to them never being seen.
    • Extra note: This isn’t to say more content is bad. The main thing to think about is how you can break that information up into bite size chunks, so people can pull the main points without reading a book.
  • While their photos aren’t stock, there aren’t a ton of examples of images showing off their work. I’d highly recommend introducing more real-life photos into the website.

Top 10 Lawn Care Websites: Summary

With everything we just went over, both in terms of the pros and cons, hopefully you have some new ideas of how you can improve your lawn care website.

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Originally published May 16, 2019 7:00 AM, updated June 12, 2020 8:55 AM

Riley Pototschnik

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