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8 Designs to Inspire Your Lawn and Landscape Website

Published on May 16, 2019

Your lawn and landscape website represents your quality of work and drives online sales. However, many websites don't accomplish either of these tasks — reducing their website's full potential.

Whether you have an outdated lawn and landscape website, or there wasn’t a sufficient amount of time invested into creating a high-quality one, a professional website is VITAL to your success.

Remember, your website solely acts as a digital business card. However, if your website isn’t properly designed, your website doesn’t work for you — you work for your website.

Here's how these lawn and landscape website designs are reviewed:

  1. How does the lawn and landscape website look?
    • One of the factors I take into consideration is the aesthetics of the website. After all, your website represents you, your business, and the quality of your work. It needs to have a professional appearance and be easy to navigate.
  2. How well does the website rank in Google?
    • Has time been invested into the SEO of the website? Are they focusing on keywords, title tags, more to get their lawn and landscape website ranking for certain search queries.
  3. Can the lawn and landscape website turn visitors into customers?
    • Since we don’t have access to their website analytics, we're judging this by the strategies they’ve used on their website to convert visitors into paying customers.

Take a look at these top designs to inspire your lawn and landscape website.

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grassperson lawn and landscape website

1. GrassPerson Lawn and Landscape

The GrassPerson Lawn and Landscape website is clean, simple, and easily navigatable — all of which you should strive for when building a professional website.

Although, even beyond the lawn and landscape website design, it still executes on a number of important characteristics that make a great website.

More specifically, there are two important characteristics we'll discuss:

  • Pricing
    • It answers the primary questions most leads ask, "How much will it cost?"
    • While some lawn care prices vary based on the project, providing a general ballpark of starting base prices can save you on large call volumes.
  • About page
    • Oftentimes, this is a neglected page not many businesses invest enough reasonable time into developing an effective one.
    • Leads want to know the faces of who's caring for their property and are eager to discover who's behind your business.
    • Personable subsections:
      • Video
      • Company timeline
      • Additional insight into their business

As a result, the efforts invested into creating a highly personable, informative lawn and landscape website deeply aid in capturing more leads and increasing client conversions.

What Did This Lawn and Landscape Website Do Right?

This clean, simple, readable, easily navigatable website is highly persuasive with a clear CTA (i.e. Call-to-Action).

The testimonials, customer map, and video all work together in consistently establishing trust throughout this lawn and landscape website.

In addition, their gallery pages, list of services, and pricing page provide an opportunity for leads and clients to explore all of the various services their lawn and landscape business offers and their prices.

Plus, there are 3 clear CTA buttons located in the upper righthand corner of the homepage – a quote button, a call button, and a pay bill button. As a result, this makes it easier for website visitors to take action.

What Can Be Improved?

On the homepage, there could be a few more images of their work. There are some fantastic images in the gallery, but you have to go looking for them.

Also, it would be huge if they emphasized their 75 years of combined experience and 20 years in business. It's located on the About Us page, but it needs to be emphasized on the home page.

Overall, this website is very well done. As you can tell by their reviews, it does a phenomenal job at driving new business.

2. Ryan Lawn and Tree

While Ryan Lawn and Tree is one of the larger companies on the list, they do a really good job of making their lawn and landscape website feel small and easily digestible.

Many larger lawn care companies struggle with a disconnect between the clients and the company. In turn, leads naturally lean towards smaller businesses where they feel they'll be taken care of better.

Ryan Lawn and Tree doesn’t feel like a large company where your needs are buried on hundreds of other customers. Plus, everything you need is easy to look for in it.

They cover many of the common questions leads might have when choosing a lawn care business.

For example, their website provides what they offer, where they serve, and what others love about their business.

What Did This Lawn and Landscape Website Do Right?

A number of reviews are included on the homepage, as well as Google reviews and a summary of their business.

There are a ton of clickable links on their website so visitors ca quickly find what they need. Plus, it's easy to find their phone number or get a free quote.

The About Us page virtually covers everything leads and clients need to know about their lawn and landscape business – their story, certificates, community outreach, and more.

Floating in the bottom right of the webpage, there's a live chat feature. Which means, leads and clients can immediately get their questions answered.

While there are a few stock photos, the vast majority of the featured photos are theirs. Although, the stock photos seamlessly fit the website.

Finally, the "wait before you go" CTA popup this lawn and landscape website uses is instrumental in minimizing bounce rates and increasing conversions.

What Can Be Improved?

There is no gallery page. In addition, they don't have any pictures of their best work on the homepage. While this might seem like a minor overlook, photos of your talented work are really powerful.

After all, photos an additional level of trust and proof of the high-quality work your business is capable of rendering.

3. Dunners Lawn Care Service

As soon as you land on this lawn and landscape website, you’ll notice how inviting it is to continue scrolling further and further down the page.

They use certain design elements on the page to pull your eye down, so you keep scrolling.

For example, the image at the top of their homepage directs your interest further down the page. As a result, this entices you to continue scrolling.

Next, their About Us page has a photo of the owner's family. Which means, they're adding a face to the business to seem more approachable.

As a result, this added level of personalization builds trust, humanizes the business, and is highly compelling at maximizing conversions.

What Did This Lawn and Landscape Website Do Right?

Firstly, the clean, simplistic design makes this website easy to navigate.

Secondly, there are minimal stock photos on their homepage — most of their photos are original ones of their work. In turn, this establishes trust with visual testimonials.

Thirdly, the copy on the About Us page is highly personable with a photo of the owner's family.

Finally, their gallery page is filled with an abundance of original photos of their projects and their crew.

What Can Be Improved?

It would be great if there were more CTA buttons on the homepage. Plus, the CTA's aren't bold enough and blend into the rest of the webpage.

Additionally, the testimonials are on the homepage, but they're nowhere else to be found. I'd recommend adding them elsewhere to ensure they're unmistakably noticeable.

4. Denmark Lawn Care

It seems the primary goal of Denmark Lawn's website is to make visitors trust them and feel as comfortable as possible.

They use compelling headlines, such as:

  • "Best Quality Guarantee"
  • "Serving Fort Worth 11 Years"
  • "Fort Worth loves Denmark Lawn"
  • "Exceptional service is what we do!"
  • "Fort Worth's Leading Lawn Care Company"
  • “We are your Fort Worth, family-owned business!”
  • "Our Personal, 100% Risk Free UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE"

Remember, leads and clients want to know you'll perform reliable, high-quality services in caring for their property. Which means, they need to be able to trust your business to provide the promised services.

To reinforce these leading authority claims on the website, they immediately showcase their 5-star reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

The rest of the website is no different. The company uses what they have to establish as much trust as possible in a short period of time.

To top that off, like a few of the websites on this list, Denmark Lawn has a great About Us page.

Not only do they have a page introducing the company, but there is also a page introducing the owner and his family!

As previously mentioned, this is huge because it puts a face to the business, which humanizes the company and makes them more easily approachable.

What Did This Lawn and Landscape Website Do Right?

The Denmark Lawn Care website is highly effective in making it easy for the visitor to take action.

Not only do they have a CTA popup upon first entering the website, but they also have these items located on the website — making CTA as easily actionable as possible:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Estimate button
  • Contact Us button

Also, they use real images throughout the website as an added layer of instilling trust.

In addition, they pull their reviews dynamically, which separates this lawn and landscape website from other companies. Which means, when a new review comes in, the website automatically generates updates.

Much like the other websites ranking in this list, Denmark Lawn Care has a fantastic About Us page. It not only covers this company, but visitors can also read about the business and how it got started.

What Can Be Improved?

Even though there are some original photos, there are quite a few stock photos used throughout the website.

Although there are photos of the owner's family, there aren't enough photos of their work and the crew.

While there is a Reviews and Testimonials page where reviews are automatically generating updates, the homepage uses a misleading 5-star review stock photos hyperlinking to different reviews sites.

Since not all of the review platforms listed have 5-star reviews, this could ruin a huge layer of trust when visitors discover they don't actually have 5-star reviews on all of those platforms.

5. Just Right Lawns

This lawn and landscape website is built for performance. As you scroll through the website, you'll immediately notice its primary goal is to provide all easily digestible important information.

Located in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen, there is a reviews widget. This widget is intended to make it seem as though reviews are being left in realtime — further establishing trust.

As a result, the unique way in which the reviews are presented makes the website feel more alive. Plus, it reminds leads and clients that people love this lawn care business.

What Did This Lawn and Landscape Website Do Right?

On nearly every section of this website, there are CTA buttons:

  • "Call Today!"
  • "Contact us!"

Additionally, the original photos displayed naturally throughout the website are a nice, personal touch. In particular, there's a photo of the team on the About page, along with the company's history.

Also, there is a floating contact button to make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the desired CTA.

Finally, the new customer offer and the referral offer presented on the website are an compelling addition to the website.

What Can Be Improved?

The unique way in which Just Right Lawns displays reviews is highly attention-grabbing. However, a Reviews and Testimonials page with a list of reviews would be a nice addition.

Another note, there are several instances where there are large paragraphs of copy.

Visitors like to quickly skim websites to find the information they're seeking. In turn, it's important to break down copy into smaller, more concise points to make it easier to digest.

6. TruGreen Lawn Care

TruGreen is the largest lawn care company on this list, yet their website is simple, concise, and straight to the point.

They only have two pieces of information that would establish trust. First, are the testimonials. Second, are their before and after pictures. Beyond that, they’re relying on your recognition of the TruGreen name.

Based on the simplicity of the website in how it's laid out, it's obvious the objective is to have the visitor fill out one of their uniquely designed free quote forms.

Also, notice how they phrase each form differently. They are split-testing to see which form performs the best:

  • "Save Now"
  • "Get a custom quote"

As a result, if one form doesn't capture your attention, they're hoping the next one will — this is the magic of the TruGreen website.

It's almost like a landing page in that there's nothing to distract you from the main objective of filling out the forms and scheduling a service.

What Did This Lawn and Landscape Website Do Right?

Of the few things TruGreen displays on their homepage, testimonials are among the first to be showcased.

Plus, from the quote forms, to phone numbers, there's no shortage of ways to get in contact with them.

TruGreen made their primary CTA blatantly obvious – fill out a form to schedule a quote. Also, they make it really easy to get a customized estimate for your property by following their step-by-step process.

In addition, the before and after pictures show off what their services can do for your property. This is a fantastic way to give visitors a visual of the high-quality service they're capable of rendering.

What Can Be Improved?

Some of the before and after photos aren't the best quality. Especially when you're showcasing your work, having low resolution photos can have a negative impact on the presented perception of quality.

Secondly, an About Us page or Meet the Crew page with more original photos would be a nice finishing personal touch. A Gallery page of their before and after services would be really compelling too.

7. The Ground Guys

The Ground Guys simultaneously has a professional, yet simple website.

However, to really learn about their lawn care company, you'll have to dig further into the website and read more than just the homepage. Although, this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Some land and landscape websites stuff too much information onto the homepage — overwhelming the visitor. In reality, the most important questions should be answered elsewhere on the website.

This website does a great job at evenly distributing all of the necessary information throughout the website.

They answer the most important questions first on the homepage. Then, they allocate everything else the visitor can explore about their business elsewhere.

What Did This Lawn and Landscape Website Do Right?

Having instantly accessible forms is a great way of increasing CTA success rates. Although, it's important to be cautious, as sometimes this can clutter the design of the website.

This website does an excellent job at displaying an easily accessible form without causing any design issues.

In addition, Ground Guys displays a number of reviews on their homepage top establish a layer of trust.

Plus, contacting them is effortless because all of their contact information is prominently displayed both at the top and bottom of their website.

What Can Be Improved?

While there is a floating quote button on the right side of the page, it isn't blatantly obvious what it is. Also, there aren't very many CTA buttons further down the page.

In order to increase conversion rates, it's crucial to add a healthy amount of CTA buttons to make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the desired action.

Additionally, the Contact Us page only allows visitors to request an estimate. Visitors go to the contact page to get questions answers, so it's essential to broaden the page to allow them to ask questions.

8. Purple Care

The Purple Care website is extremely unique compared to other lawn care websites.

With their bold purple color scheme, there’s not a chance in the world you wouldn’t know which lawn care company you're looking at.

However, the main thing you’ll notice is their website is focused on resolving problems customers have with their lawns.

For example, they have 20+ pages dedicated to in-depth overviews of each service they offer. This informs the visitor what the business can do and how Purple Care can help.

Additionally, there is contact information and contact forms evenly peppered in throughout the website. Meaning, the information visitors needs is just at the touch of their fingertips.

What Did This Lawn and Landscape Website Do Right?

By prominently displaying awards and testimonials, Purple Care does a solid job at establishing trust. They even have an entire page dedicated to testimonials.

Plus, getting in contract with them is easy and convenient — their phone number is at the top of every page, and they have contact forms spread throughout the website.

Furthermore, they have a helpful blog on their website as well. Not only are blogs benefits to customers, but they also drive additional organic traffic to gain web domain authority and improve search engine ranking.

What Can Be Improved?

The homepage of this lawn and landscape website is heavy on the copy. In some instances, this can be a good thing, but in most instances it's a distraction from the primary CTA.

In other words, webpages relying too heavily on copy (and not enough visual elements) make it difficult and distracting to find what visitors need.

Remember, leads and customers skim websites when they're searching. Which means, during your key points in long, drawn-out paragraphs may lead them to never be seen.

While more content isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's vital to evenly distribute concise copy throughout the website to render more bite-sized pieces of information.

Also, even though the photos on the website aren't stock images, there aren't enough photos showcasing their work.

Keep in mind, photos are a highly compelling element to include in any lawn and landscape website.

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Gain Inspiration from These Lawn and Landscape Website Designs

Although designing a compelling lawn and landscape website that captures leads and clients might seem like an overly complex process, this article has simplified it into bite-sized pieces.

Now, you know how to:

  • Create several captivating CTA's
  • Incorporate unique, personal webpages
  • Sprinkle custom forms throughout your website
  • Make small improvements to your website and see big changes
  • Develop a professional website with simple design and concise copy
  • Use original images, compelling copy, and testimonials to increase conversions by establishing trust

Finally, you have everything needed to inspire your lawn and landscape website design and start increasing conversions today!

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Originally published May 16, 2019 7:00 AM, updated Sept 14, 2022 4:29 PM

Riley Pototschnik

Riley has been designing and building websites for 6+ years. In 2019, he launched RocketThruster, a full-service website design and SEO company. He works with field service businesses of all sizes to increase their online presence and sales. You can find him at


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