How to Create the Perfect Pool Service Business Cards

Published on August 27, 2020

If you’re looking to consistently win more clients while also increasing your professionalism, then pool service business cards are one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Pool service business cards are a great way to:

  • Increase your reach
  • Build on your branding
  • Replicate your best clients
  • Make your pool service business look legit
  • Grow your pool service business’ social media following

Typically, business cards are overlooked in the pool service industry and replaced with flyers; however, I would argue that you should actively be using both.

In this article, we’ll go over the best ways you can create the best pool service business cards in the industry to throw your competition out of the ballpark.

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Place Your Pool Business’ Name and Contact Info Front-and-Center

You’d be surprised by the number of pool service businesses that don’t get this part right.

Many times, they’ll use a fancy, hard-to-read font and blinding neon colors, which defeats the purpose of your business cards.

When it comes to creating effective cards, it’s better to choose simple colors, a plain font with large text, and a straightforward design. You don’t want anything too busy, because you don’t want the design to take away from the content of the cards.

Don’t try to put your business name and contact information in any creative places. Put it front-and-center to make it easy for your clients and leads to contact you.

While there are creative ways to make your business cards fun, just remember that your business cards have a purpose. Don’t get too carried away with overly busy design work and flashy colors.

Bottom line: Keep your pool service business cards functional and professional-looking. 

Add the Pool Service Technician’s Name for a More Personal Touch

Depending on how your routes set up, adding your pool service technician’s name to the business cards is an excellent personal touch that can make your clients feel more connected to you.

Alternatively, you can also add your own name to the pool service business cards as well.

At every stage of the branding and marketing process, you should be consistently trying to find new ways to connect with your client base.

Simple gestures like adding names to your business cards can really go far in making your clients feel a part of your brand.

When your clients feel like a part of your company culture, they’ll be more likely to stick with you when your pesky competitors try to poach them.

By building strong relationships with your clients from the start, you’re making them feel a part of your pool business’ family. As a result, they’re more likely to be loyal to you because they’re connected to your business on a personal level.

Magnetize Your Pool Service Business Cards

Do you remember the last time someone handed you a business card when they were trying to sell something? What did you do with it?

Whenever I receive a business card, I have a two-step process:

  1. I throw it in my wallet for a few months and forget about it.
  2. When my wallet is bursting at the seams, I find the business cards I forgot about and toss them in the trash.

Chances are, your process is pretty similar to mine. And much like most people, your clients are no different.

This is why it’s important to MAGNETIZE your pool service business cards!

Most of the time, magnetic business cards end up as a placeholder magnet on the fridge - which is AWESOME NEWS for you.

When you magnetize your business cards, your clients are way more likely to put it on their fridge. And even if they’re only using it as a placeholder on their fridge, that means that EVERY DAY your clients, their family, and friends will see YOUR business card.

How amazing is that?

And remember how we talked about it taking 6 to 8 touches to convert your leads into clients? This is a SUPER creative way to continuously touch your clients - without them even realizing it!

Even though magnetic business cards cost more than your typical business card, these are way more likely to be effective.

Add Your Social Media Handles and Website to Your Pool Service Business Cards

Many businesses struggle to get their social media accounts and website up and running.

By adding your social media handles and your website to your pool service business cards, you’re doing three things:

  1. You’re showing your clients how they can virtually connect with you.
  2. You’re driving new traffic to your social media accounts and website.
  3. You’re showing them where to write reviews about your excellent service.

So not only are you growing your social media presence and website traffic, but you’re also potentially getting more online reviews to increase your authority.

A quick word of caution: When you pass your business cards out to existing clients, make sure it’s because of a recent compliment they’ve given you.

You never want to give a business card to a disgruntled client and essentially show them all of the places they can write bad reviews about you.

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Give Your Existing Clients a Referral Offer

Oftentimes, business owners are so busy handing out their business cards to leads that they forget to give them to existing clients too.

It’s important to have a referral program in place so that your best clients will refer you to their friends and family.

Your referral offer can be as simple as a $15 gift card or $15 off their next service for every successful referral.

The point is this: You want to give your clients a reason to refer you to their friends and family.

Most of the time, great clients will refer you to other great clients. As a result, one of the best ways to clone your favorite clients is by giving them your business card.

But before you start handing out your business cards to your existing clients, make sure that you’re being selective.

Like we talked about earlier, you should ONLY give your business cards to your best, happiest clients.

You can give your pool service business cards to clients who recently:

  • Gave you a compliment
  • Wrote an amazing online review
  • Responded positively on a survey (by the way, you can do this in Service Autopilot)

When you’re passing out your business cards to the right clients, you can start automatically winning new clients - without doing a thing. Just sit back and watch the referrals flow in.

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Use Your Pool Service Business Cards to Automatically Clone Your Best Clients

Did you know that it can take 6 to 8 touches to convert a lead into a client?

For this reason, it’s important to reach your potential clients in as many ways as possible.

Great pool service business cards are often overlooked and undervalued. When in reality, they can be an excellent way to consistently win more clients.

While printing magnetic business cards might seem simple enough, it can still be an effective, affordable way to begin to continuously win more clients.

When you create professional-looking business cards using the advice in this article, you can start using your cards to automatically clone your best clients fast.

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