16 Best Resources to Grow Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Business


The best way to start – and grow – a truly successful Lawn Care business?

Become a human sponge.

Soak up as much knowledge as possible. Doesn’t matter how young (or old) you are, you can always learn something.

The key is to listen to people who are already doing what you want to do.

Anything from:

Here, I’m going to give you 16 of the best resources for growth. Let’s start:

3 Growth-focused Lawn Care and Landscaping Video Channels

1. Jacob Godar of Scooter’s Lawns

Jacob is fresh enough to remember what it was like to start his lawn care business…

…but experienced enough to show you the way.

His videos are quick, inspirational, and filled with “go get it” advice that actually helps.

2. Top Notch Lawn Care

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.

This guy has one of the best lawn care YouTube channels.

If you want to know about equipment, setups, and lawn care “how-to’s” – this is your channel.

3. Lawn Care Millionaire

From pushing mowers solo… to building a business that brings in $10+ million per year, Jonathan Pototschnik has it all figured out.

Most people think this channel is all about his business, but it isn’t. He started the channel as a way for him to share his advice – and help others grow the businesses of their dreams.

Watch this, and maybe you’ll be the next Lawn Care Millionaire.

The Best Podcasts to Listen While You Work

4. The Profit Roadmap

The newest (and fastest growing) Service Business podcast out there.

Every episode has a huge dose of advice from Landscaping Industry experts, Million-dollar lawn care owners, and even guys just starting out.

Rich in content, and filled with great interviews. The two hosts take growth seriously… but not too seriously.

Our Favorite Recent Episode: Ted Glaser talks about how he Built Summit Lawns

5. Lawn and Landscape Radio Network

Nice, quick episodes.

They frequently interview industry experts who are “in the know” – consultants, NALP Members, etc.

Our Favorite Recent Episode: Dealing with the Uninsured

6. Lawn Care Business Success

Great energy, and solid content.

Julio interviews Lawn Care Business Owners and talks about other growth strategies.

He’s good at picking apart the problems that smaller lawn and landscape owners face. You’ll hear content about:

  • Marketing
  • Equipment
  • Customer Service

Our Favorite Recent Episode: Getting more customers for your lawn care business (Skip ahead to 6:30 for actual content.)

The Best Lawn and Landscaping Blogs

7. The Service Autopilot Lawn Care Blog

You’re already here!

Every week, we post blog posts and podcasts that are tooled to help your business grow. We cover:

Best Recent Post: The Ultimate Guide to Estimates

8. Landscape Leadership Blog

Chris Heiler and company have built a business centered around helping landscapers grow.

In this blog, you’ll find ways to improve your content marketing, talk to your clients, and more. These are well written articles that get straight to the point.

Best Recent Post: The Real Reason People Buy Lawn Care


9. Lawn and Landscape

The industry news magazine.

You’ll also find plenty of quick tips and articles where Lawn Care and Landscaping experts discuss their daily obstacles.

Best Recent Post: Tips on Estimating to Boost Profits

10. Turf Magazine

Another counterpart to Lawn and Landscape.

These guys focus a bit less on industry news and abstract concepts – instead, opting to get down and dirty with business operations.

Best Recent Post: Where do you store your equipment?

The Best Books to Grow Your Lawn Care Business


11. The Lawn Bible

Want to grow greener grass?

Want to become the ultimate expert in all things lawn-related?

If you want to become the “Master of Dirt,” this is your new favorite book.


12. Profit First

When you start a business…

Money can get complicated very quickly.

…especially if your business is based on recurring services, like Lawn Care.

Mike Michalowicz’s Profit First makes it super simple to create a business that ALWAYS turns a profit.

13. The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working

What are the four main elements that increase your productivity?

In this book, the author argues we’re not paying attention to the stuff that matters – and talks about how you can fix this.

If you’re facing problems in your business that “just can’t be solved,” this is your next read.

14. The Goal

Bottlenecks are the death of most companies.

Because if you stop growing – you start to lose steam. You get stuck in a rut.

This book talks about how important it is to set goals, and how you can create goals that launch your business forward.

The “Must-See” Conferences for New Owners

15. GIE+Expo

This is a great conference for the Lawn and Landscaping industry. It’s easy to buy tickets… but this one gets crowded fast.

You’ll meet and drink with tons of other owners who are struggling right along with you. It’s a good place to meet people, and check out the new equipment.

Warning: this one is filled with salesmen. Be prepared to get hawked at.


16. The Annual Service Autopilot Conference

Hungry for growth?

So are we. Everyone who attends the SA Conference is starving to get ahead.

This event is the perfect place to meet other Business Owners who are working to get to the next level.

Meet others, listen to talks stuffed with business advice, and see the latest software tools coming to the industry.

Check out the 27 Most Powerful Insights from the 2017 SA Conference.

Get Unstoppable Growth

Most lawn care owners brag about their experience.

“I’ve been working in this industry for 40+ years…”

Yet, they’re stuck. They can’t admit that being a “man in a van” isn’t all that great.

There is a way out.

When you work smart, and when you focus your energy on improving your business…

…you’ll reach your goals – and shoot right past them.

Bonus Resource: Free Pricing Audit Tool – Price Your Lawn Services for Profit NOW!

Patrick Hoffman

Patrick Hoffman

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