7 Signs It’s Time to Fire a Bad Lawn Care Client

Published on January 26, 2023

Knowing when it’s time to fire a bad lawn care client is one of the biggest secrets to running a long-term, successful, profitable business.

When you know the signs of when it’s time to fire a bad lawn care client, you can:

  • Keep crews happy
  • Redirect your efforts to the right clients
  • Reallocate lucrative resources for higher value tasks
  • Increase profits by replacing bad clients with more profitable ones
  • Mitigate liability by firing bad lawn care clients who are harassing your business

Instead of waiting to fire a bad lawn care client, it’s important to know the signs of when to fire. In turn, you can fire these clients before they become too much of a liability or nuisance.


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1. They Consistently Compare Your Lawn Care Business to the Competition

Clients who consistently compare your lawn care business to the competition in an attempt to haggle the price are typically not worth the extra effort.

Usually, clients who compare your lawn care business to the competition are trying to get you to come down in price. However, in most instances it's best to stand firm.

If the client is unwilling to accept the price you know your services are worth, then it’s best to fire the bad lawn care client and replace them with a more profitable client.

2. The Client is Habitually Late or Non-Paying

If a client is habitually late or non-paying, then it’s time to cut your losses and replace them with a client who will pay on time.

After all, for every day a client is late to pay, your lawn care business loses money.

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3. They’re Minimally Profitable and Fall Short of Profit Goals

For clients that are minimally profitable and fall short of profit goals, you have two options:

In most cases, you’ll want to offer the client the opportunity to stay with your business at an adjusted price. However, if the client isn’t satisfied with this option, then it’s time to fire them.

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4.The Client Is Impossible to Please

Unfortunately, there will be clients who are impossible to please. Despite the strides your lawn care business makes to satisfy them, it never seems enough.

Take a look at a few instances where it’s time to fire an impossible client:

  • Multiple or frequent trips to reservice their property
  • More resources are spent with them than your other clients

Sometimes, you’ll come across clients who are more trouble than they’re worth. Instead of wasting valuable resources on an impossible client, it’s best to let them go to the competition.

If you can’t meet their demands, then it’s time to find a new client who you can please.

5. They Make Unreasonable Demands

Similar to a bad lawn care who is impossible to please, if a client is making unreasonable demands, then it’s likely time to let them go.

Rather than waste valuable time and resources, it’s important to stand up to your bully clients making demands you can’t honor.

For example, a bad lawn care client might make unreasonable demands relating to:

  • Set lawn care service times
  • Repeat mowing for the same price
  • Rendering of services you don’t offer

In most instances, it’s best to part ways with unreasonable clients and replace them with clients worth your time.

6. The Client Refuses to Follow Company Guidelines

Clients who refuse to follow company guidelines can cost your business profits, upset your crews, damage equipment, and more.

Here are a few examples of company guidelines a bad lawn care client might consistently break:

  • Leaving the back gate locked
  • Neglecting to pick up pet waste
  • Leaving obstacles which impede rendering services

Remember, five minutes here and there add up. Every time your crews wait for a gate to be unlocked or an obstacle to be removed, you’re paying your crews for that time.

Additionally, clients who neglect picking up pet waste can damage mower blades as well as spread bacteria and parasites.

Instead of immediately firing the client, you can send a written warning. If the client continues to ignore company guidelines, then it’s time to let them go.

7. They Harass Your Crews

Despite creating potential liability, a bad lawn care client who harasses your crews can also cause:

  • Wasted resources
  • Top talent to leave
  • Unhealthy work environment

Even if a client verbally or physically harasses your crews just once, it can be a liability to your business if you don’t take action.

Depending on the situation, you can either:

  • Send a written warning
  • Immediately fire the client

Likewise, if a client is a nuisance who repeatedly interrupts your crews at work, then you can either warn them or fire them. After all, regular interruptions cost resources.

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Fire Your Bad Lawn Care Client and Replace Them With Great Ones

When you know the signs of when it’s time to fire a bad lawn care clients, you can:

Remember these steps when firing a bad lawn care client:

  1. Check the terms of your contract or agreement
  2. Stay professional, calm, and polite
  3. Call to explain the reasons for fighting them
  4. Stay civil and avoid finger pointing, name calling, or blaming
  5. Provide a referral, if applicable
  6. If you’re in the middle of a contract or ongoing project, then complete it before parting ways

As always, when in doubt, consult a trusted legal advisor to determine what next actions your lawn care business should take.

Finally, you know the biggest signs of when it’s time to fire a bad lawn care client and replace them with great ones who have higher profitability!

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Originally published Jan 26, 2023 5:42 PM

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