How to Price Apartment Lawn Care

Published on February 4, 2021

Knowing how to price apartment lawn care can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never done it before.

In order to properly price your lawn care services for apartments, you have to know how to take your average lawn care times and residential pricing and translate it to apartments.

Oftentimes, this process can trip up many lawn care owners and leave them feeling like it’s too risky.

However, when you know how to do this, apartments can be a highly profitable account that can give you consistent revenue.

In this article, you’ll find out how you should price apartments for lawn care services to maximize your profits and minimize potential lost revenue.

Should YOU Bidding Apartment Lawn Care?

Before we dive in, let’s talk about who should be bidding lawn care for apartments… 

First off, apartments will be the equivalent to several of your residential accounts.

As a result, it’s important that only experienced lawn care owners in established lawn care businesses bid these jobs.

This is because you need to know your average service times for particular property sizes.

As you’ll notice later on in the article, we use your average lawn care times to help you determine how much to charge for apartments.

Consequently, if you don’t know these numbers, then you’re not going to be able to accurately price apartment lawn care.

Present the Proposal as if the Property Is Already in Shape

Are you bidding on an overgrown apartment complex?

Just like residential properties, not all apartments are the same.

Many lawn care owners make the mistake of calculating initial property cleanup into the annual contract. However, this is a mistake.

When you add initial property cleanup to your contract, your client might find someone else that’s “drastically cheaper” the next year when your competitors try to poach them.

In reality, they’re not that much cheaper because you’ve already cleaned up the property for them.

As you’re doing one-time, initial cleanups on an overgrown apartment complex, you want to bid for the everyday upkeep - not the initial cleanup.

Start off by looking at the apartment complex as if it’s already cleaned up, and you’re simply maintaining it.

Then, later on, you can determine how much it’ll cost to clean the property up, and you’ll be able to charge your client separately for the cleanup.

Even though this may not seem like a necessary distinction, it is to the apartment manager.

This way, when they look at how much you charged them next year, they’ll be able to easily distinguish the actual cost of upkeep at a glance.

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Break Down the Apartment Complex into Small Sections

If you’re bidding to an apartment complex, then you already have enough experience in lawn care to know your average times (or at least you should).

The concept here is simple: Stick to what you already know.

Estimate the Lawn Care Service Time

Walk the apartments and start calculating your average service times based on property sizes you’ve done before.

In other words, break down the apartment complex into smaller sections so you can estimate on smaller, bite sized property sizes (and later combine). 

When you’re first starting to bid apartments, this is much easier than trying to calculate for one large property.

Based on your previous experience with each bite sized piece, jot down how much time you think it’ll take to do each section.

Then, add up each property piece, and you’ve now calculated how long you think it’ll take you to service the entire apartment complex.

Estimate the Lawn Care Price

Now that you know how long it’ll take you to service the entire apartment complex, you’re ready to see how much you should charge for it.

Since you’ve already estimated how long each section will take you, then you can do the same here too.

Base your prices on how much you’ve charged for property sizes like this in the past.

Then, take all of your bite sized properties and add up how much you should charge for the whole complex.

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Give Yourself a Safety Net and Add an Extra 10-20%

Once you’ve added up how much you should charge for all of your bite sized pieces of the apartments, you should add an extra 10-20% as a safety.

In case you accidentally miscalculated anything, this is an important step because it’ll save you from losing money from the job - for the entire annual contract.

Unlike residential accounts, you’re going to be locked into whatever price you give the apartments for the next year.

By adding an extra safety net, you’re not only protecting yourself from any miscalculations, but you’re also preparing for other things like:

  • New employees
  • Gas price fluctuations
  • Equipment and other price increases

Once you add your extra 10-20% to the overall price, you now have an estimate!

And if you want to double-check your pricing to make sure you’re maximizing your profits, be sure to download our free lawn care pricing calculator!

Also, don’t forget to download our free lawn care estimate template too.


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Get Maximum Profits When Your Price Apartment Lawn Care

As you bid lawn care at an apartment complex, it’s important that you remember to base your estimate on what you already know to be successful for you.

Don’t try to estimate everything at once, or you can end up overwhelming yourself or miscalculating.

Look at your apartment lawn care bid in small, bite sized pieces, so you can ensure the most profitable pricing.

Now, you have all the free tools, knowledge, and resources you need to start bidding apartment lawn care like a pro!

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Originally published Feb 4, 2021 1:15 PM

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