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Pool Service Training: Developing a Standardized Program

Published on June 4, 2024

Pool service training is one of the biggest challenges for many businesses because of how difficult it is to find and keep skilled technicians.

When your pool service training is lacking, you might experience:

  • High employee turnover rates
  • Decreased client satisfaction
  • Increased operational costs
  • Reduction in overall profitability

One of the best solutions to this problem lies within developing a standardized, comprehensive pool service training program.

In turn, your new standardized pool service training program can provide your technicians with the knowledge and skills they need to provide high-quality services.

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Key Benefits of a Standardized Pool Service Training Program

Take a look at a few of the key benefits of standardizing your pool service training program:

  • Cultivates a strong workforce
  • Establishes consistent practices and services
  • Improves service quality and safety standards
  • Creates a pipeline for career path development
  • Increases your team’s confidence and job satisfaction

However, developing an effective program from the ground up requires careful planning and commitment.

Here’s how to create your own standardized pool service training program:

1. Define Program Goals and Competencies

Before anything else, you’ll need to clearly define the core goals and competencies that your team’s training needs to cover.

For example… 

  • Are there any gaps in the current workforce's knowledge base?
  • What skills are essential for performing basic pool maintenance?
  • What advanced services does your company offer that require more specialized expertise?

Survey your team and reference industry resources and certifications to identify all the areas that should be addressed.

Some potential topics to include:

  • Customer service skills
  • Water chemistry and testing
  • Company policies and protocols
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Swimming pool operation principles and components
  • Common issues, troubleshooting, and safety procedures  

2. Build a Comprehensive Curriculum

With target competencies identified, the next step is designing a comprehensive curriculum with various training modules and content to build those skills.

One of the easiest ways to build out a comprehensive curriculum is by taking advantage of an existing training and/or certification program.

These are a few of the top online pool service training curriculums:

Pro Tip! Don’t Forget About Experienced Techs

Experienced technicians shouldn't be left out either. By continuing your existing team’s pool service training, you can keep their knowledge fresh and introduce them to any new technologies, techniques, and best practices.

Depending on industry changes as well as your local laws regarding pool certifications/licensing, this might be a recurring requirement. 

3. Using a Blended Learning Approach

As you implement your new pool service training program, it’s important to consider using a blended learning approach that utilizes both self-guided online training and hands-on instruction.

Online training modules are easily accessible and allow technicians to learn at their own pace.

Whereas, on-the-job training fosters face-to-face interaction with your team, providing opportunities to learn your business’ unique routines, processes, and services.

Schedule routine check-ins to provide regular assessments and feedback on your new technician’s progress.

4. Create a Positive Training Culture

Unfortunately, training programs can't just be dictated from the top-down and expected to gain full participation and support.

The leaders in your business need to cultivate a culture that celebrates continuous learning and embraces the training as an opportunity to pave the way for a lucrative career path.

Keep your pool service training fresh and engaging by getting continuous feedback and contributions from your team.

In addition, you can consider incentivizing specific certifications with rewards and opportunities for career advancement for new and existing technicians alike.

Most importantly, ensure sufficient time is being allocated for technicians to balance training with their regular workload of service calls.

Remember, consistent reinforcement from managers about the importance of this standardized pool service training is key as well.

Which means, your supervisors and trainers need to model the behaviors and mindset they want to instill in your technicians.

5. Use Software to Streamline the Process

The right software is one of the most crucial elements in streamlining the pool service training process.

With the best pool service software, you can track your team’s progress and job satisfaction as well as access:

  • Two-way QuickBooks sync
  • Asset and chemical tracking
  • Automatic marketing made simple
  • Accessible client accounts on-the-go
  • Utilize same-day automated payments
  • Track your technicians and job progress
  • Generate rapid estimates from anywhere
  • Record job times and employee time clocking
  • Take advantage of flexible recurring scheduling

Furthermore, when you choose Service Autopilot, these daily task automations can minimize clerical errors and labor needs.

In turn, your team can get back to focusing on providing high-quality services.

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Launch a Standardized Pool Service Training Program in Your Business

Developing a comprehensive, standardized pool service training program is no small undertaking for your business. It requires dedication, consistency, and a blended learning approach.

However, the long-term payoffs in service quality, employee engagement, and workforce retention can give your business a considerable operational advantage over competitors.

Plus, you can further streamline training needs by automating daily tasks within Service Autopilot.

By committing to continued workforce development through standardized training, your pool business can build a team of knowledgeable, skilled technicians who deliver exceptional pool services!

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