The Best Pool Cleaner Uniform for Your Business

Published on April 21, 2022

Both new and established businesses need to choose the best pool cleaner uniform to represent their brand.

With the right uniform, businesses can:

  • Protect technicians from hazards
  • Increase business visibility and recognizability
  • Establish a professional, trustworthy look and reputation

Also, remember proper PPE (i.e. personal protection equipment) can be an essential aspect of a pool cleaner uniform.

In other words, an adequate uniform can be a legal requirement in some instances.

Eliminate endless hours of research and guesses, and use this article to uncover the best pool cleaner uniform for your business.

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Why a Pool Cleaner Uniform Is Essential

A pool cleaner uniform has certain aspects which are legally required for providing proper PPE. In addition, the right uniform also has the ability to ignite growth in your business.

Plus, the right uniform protects technicians from hazardous chemicals and objects, as well as providing:

  • Technicians with a sense of team spirit
  • Automatic marketing in a cost effective way
  • Increase visibility and recognition with branding
  • Develop a trustworthy and credible reputation as a professional business

Also, a great pool cleaner uniform allows technicians to move more comfortably and freely while on the job.

As a result, uniforms can maximize employee potential so they can efficiently complete jobs to the best of their ability.

Who Pays for the Pool Cleaner Uniform

There are no laws requiring businesses to provide uniforms. Although, all businesses are legally required to provide adequate PPE at no cost to the employee.

Remember, it’s critical to pay attention to your local laws to find out what PPE you’re required to provide.

Also, keep in mind, there might be PPE you consider to be a part of the uniform. However, even so, you can never require employees to pay for legally required PPE.

In addition, while you might consider forcing employees to pay for the remaining pieces of their uniform that aren’t PPE, I’d strongly caution against it.

Why Your Business Should Consider Paying for It

As you’ve likely already experienced, the ongoing labor shortage has forced businesses to find unique ways to stand out from the competition.

There are more open pool technician positions available than there are people to fill them. As a result, it’s critical to give candidates a reason to choose your business over others.

Which means, requiring technicians to pay for parts of their pool cleaner uniform will be a deterrent.

In conjunction with the legally required PPE, consider providing uniforms for your team.

Start by giving technicians a week’s supply of uniforms as well as one or two free replacements in case of an accident.

Then, you can consider charging individual employees for their uniform after they’ve used their free replacements.

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How to Choose the Right Uniform

Some other field service industries don’t necessarily have legal requirements for uniforms. However, pool cleaning is different because of the increased hazard risk due to chemicals.

Before choosing the right pool cleaner uniform for your business, make sure they’re:

As always, verify that your business is abiding by local laws and regulations for adequate uniforms and PPE.

Expert Recommendations for the Best Pool Cleaner Uniform

Different local governments have varying laws for providing appropriate PPE for employees.

This also largely varies based on the types of pool services you offer (e.g. cleaning, installation, etc.).

For the purposes of simplicity in this article, we’ll only be discussing the top pool cleaner uniforms experts recommend.

Here’s a look inside the top pool cleaner uniforms businesses recommend:

Logos Shirts, Button-Downs, Polos, and More

Pants, Shorts, and Logo Overalls

Hats and Visors


Uniform Rental Programs

If you have the budget for it, then you can consider signing up for a uniform rental program with laundering services.

Waterproof, Non-Slip Works Boots

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Instant invoicing

Better scheduling

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Select the Best Pool Cleaner Uniform for Your Team

The endless array of pool cleaner uniform options can make it seem impossibly overwhelming to make the right choice for your team.

However, the tips in this article will help you:

  • Make your team’s safety a priority
  • Follow OSHA guidelines for proper PPE
  • Eliminate endless hours of time-consuming research
  • Discover the most recommended uniforms in the industry

Use the information in this article to pick the best pool cleaner uniform for your business based on the top expert recommendations!

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Originally published April 21, 2022 7:00 AM

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