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How to Get Clients for Snow Removal With 5-Star Reviews

Published on November 11, 2021

Before purchasing your services, many clients will check your business reviews. Which means, the key to knowing how to get clients for snow removal lies within 5-star reviews.

There are an innumerable amount of ways you can begin marketing your business to get clients.

However, great reviews are unique in that they essentially market your business for you.

When amazing clients are happy with your snow removal services, they’ll promote your business for you by telling everyone about it.

For example, happy clients might recommend your business to their friends and family, rave about your services on social media, or submit an online review.

Just remember, there are two types of raving reviews you want to get:

  1. Overall 5-star reviews
  2. RECENT 5-star reviews

One of the biggest strategies behind knowing how to get clients for snow removal is in knowing how to get (and keep getting) 5-star reviews. In this article, you’ll find out how to do just that!


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How 5-Star Reviews Attract High-Quality Clients

Did you know about 9 out of 10 consumers read online reviews before purchasing?

Also, here are a few more reasons why 5-star reviews matter:

  • 62% of consumers say they won’t purchase from brands who censor online reviews.
  • 79% of consumers say they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.
  • 54% of consumers read at least 4 reviews before purchasing.
  • 53% of consumers expect businesses to quickly respond to negative reviews within one week. Although, 1 in 3 have a shorter time frame of 3 days or less.
  • 97% of consumers reading online reviews also read the business’ responses.
  • 8 out of 10 consumers consult online reviews of local businesses.
  • Product pages with reviews have an average of 3.5 times more conversions than those without.

Although, just like positive reviews establish trust, negative reviews have become the #1 factor causing consumers to form negative opinions.

In fact, only 14% of consumers will purchase from businesses with average ratings of 2 stars or less. Plus, 19% will choose another business after reading one bad review.

Here’s how 5-star reviews are the answer to figuring out how to get clients for snow removal:

  • 5-star reviews can bury bad reviews.
  • Excellent reviews improve your search engine ranking.
  • Upon seeing the sea of positive reviews, clients can justify paying more for your services.

The Best Platforms for Great Online Reviews

Google is the leading online review platform with 65% of users reading it directly from search results.

Which means, if you haven't already created a Google My Business account, then it’s time to get started.

In addition to Google Business, these are a few other online review platforms to focus on:

Remember, small business listings serve as an excellent resource for collecting reviews, generating leads, and receiving referrals.

How to Get Clients for Snow Removal Using These Strategies for Reviews

Never forget, one of the biggest ways to get positive online reviews is by making it as easy as possible for your happiest clients to review your snow removal business.

Although, you should feel comfortable asking great clients to write reviews, you shouldn’t harass them about it either.

Generally speaking, these are a few instances where you don’t want to ask for reviews:

  • After sending a bill
  • When a mistake is made
  • Following a complaint or bad review

Plus, you don’t want to ask all of your clients to write reviews. Instead, only ask your HAPPIEST clients to leave a review after:

  • Receiving a compliment
  • Doing an outstanding job
  • Following a raving comment or public shoutout

Take a look at a few different ways you can elicit 5-star review for your snow removal business:

  • When a client gives you a compliment in-person, hand them your business card or flyer. Ask them to leave a review on one (or all) of the platforms listed on the card or flyer.
  • If there’s a page on your website where satisfied clients usually go, add a CTA (i.e. Call-to-Action) on that page asking for reviews.
  • In your email signature, add links to your primary review platforms.
  • After receiving a positive survey response, ask for a review via email or text. By the way, you can easily do this in Service Autopilot!

Quick Word of Caution: Due to FTC regulations and the potential legal complications, I don’t recommend incentivizing reviews. However, if you choose to do so, you’ll have to provide the same incentive to ALL clients leaving reviews (even the bad ones).

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The Best Ways to Respond to Your Snow Removal Business Reviews

Online reviews are a great asset in cultivating relationships with clients, expanding reach, maintaining a positive reputation, and establishing leading authority among the competition.

Generally speaking, reviews come in 3 categories:

  1. Good
  2. Lukewarm
  3. Bad

Take a look at some tips for responding to each review category:

1. Good Reviews With 4 Stars or Better

First, try to identify the client who left a great review by gathering as much information as possible about the client. Though, try not to step on their toes in the process.

Then, thank the client for their great review within a week or less.

Next, reinforce your commitment to client satisfaction by informing them how you’ll be sharing their positive experience with your team.

For every positive review, write a clever, original response. Highlight your high-quality snow removal services and anything else leads might want to know. If possible, include keywords.

2. Lukewarm Reviews With 3 Stars or Less

With lukewarm reviews, you’ll want to respond a bit faster than with positive ones. When you receive one of these reviews, it’s best to respond within 12 hours or less, if possible.

Try to identify the client and gather as many details as possible. Then, contact them directly.

If you can’t identify the client, then provide them with your contact information and urge them to contact you directly.

In addition to including contact details, explain to the client how you hear and empathize with their concerns in your public response to the review.

Then, ask for further details. During this process, it’s important not to make any excuses, deflect responsibility, or make assumptions.

While you might strongly disagree with the client’s feedback, it’s important to validate and acknowledge their experience.

After all, admitting your faults is the best (and only) way to improve the client experience.

Finally, highlight any positive elements of the review, and thank the client for their helpful feedback.

3. Bad Reviews With 1 Star

It’s especially important to know how to respond to bad reviews.

In this instance, timing is everything, so it’s essential to respond as soon as possible. Ideally, you’ll want to respond within 12 hours or less.

Attempt to gather as much information as possible about the client and their experience.

If you’re unable to identify the client, then state that in your response. Plus, try to contact the client directly.

Let the client know you care about their concerns, and explain how this type of experience isn’t common.

Tell them you’ll be addressing their concerns with the team in an attempt to resolve it.

Remember, even if you disagree with their feedback, it’s important to NEVER lecture, patronize, attack, or accuse a client - especially in a public response.

Instead, be professional and empathize with their negative experience.

As always, never assume anything, gather as much information as possible, don’t make excuses, and don’t deflect responsibility.

Document the steps you’ve taken to diffuse the situation and resolve the problem.

Even though it’s easy to get worked up over negative reviews, oftentimes it’s a great growing opportunity for improving the client experience.

However, in instances where the client may be wrong, it’s important to still thank them for their feedback, try to explain any misunderstanding, and attempt to diffuse the situation.

 As a result, if you properly diffuse the situation, they might even remove or improve their review!

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Start Getting Clients for Snow Removal With 5-Star Reviews

In the midst of getting mixed reviews, it’s important not to let negative reviews get the best of you. Instead, use the negative reviews to uncover the various areas of improvement.

Remember, you can continue receiving amazing reviews just by making an effort to keep clients happy.

Now, you know how to get clients for snow removal with 5-star reviews using these top strategies!

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Originally published Nov 11, 2021 7:00 AM

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