9 Designs to Inspire Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Website in 2018

By now, you have probably heard the quote: “the best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google.”

Maybe you spent a lot of time optimizing your lawn care website for search engines (or maybe you outsourced it to a pro)…

…but we are going to take it one step further.

An Out-of-Date Website Will Hurt Your Business

Is your website design up-to-date?

If not, your outdated website design could be killing your business. The best marketing strategies must include a great, up-to-date website.

How do you know if your website design is outdated?

According to Visigility, your website design may be outdated if it features:

  • Broken links
  • Gaudy backgrounds
  • Low-resolution photos
  • Long paragraphs of text
  • Hard-to-read font or inconsistent font sizes
  • Old content (expired specials, a neglected blog, ex-employees, or no new employees)
  • If this sounds like your current website design, don’t panic.

We researched the most popular design tips for your lawn care or landscaping website and handpicked 9 of the very best layouts.

The following sites are gorgeous, effective, and stand out among a sea of competing sites.

Their strong SEO puts them above their competitors and in front of new leads every single day.

If your website design is in need of an update, follow these tips to come out swinging in 2018.

1. Add a mobile-friendly “Call Now” button.


According to a recent study, 88% of consumers who search for a local business will call or go to that business within 24 hours.

That makes a “Call Now” button an effortless (and effective) way to connect with a new lead.

With one mobile-friendly click, your website visitor can reach your company immediately (which is why it’s so important to implement a phone call strategy).

Why it Works: Some people will visit your website to gather information before they contact you.

Whole 9 Yards Lawn Care knows that a large percentage skip the research and click the first source of direct communication.

2. Include testimonial sliders.


For years, it has been common practice to post customer reviews on a testimonial page.

Website designers are implementing a new technique on lawn care and landscaping websites in 2018.

Instead of posting good reviews on the “testimonials” page only, designers are incorporating them into every page so viewers won’t miss it.

South Carolina-based landscape company ALL Outdoors doubled down and built a testimonial slider to auto-play nine testimonials on their homepage.

Why it Works: Good reviews add value and build immediate trust in your company before your new lead contacts you.

3. Ask your viewer to choose their experience.

lawn-care-web-design 3Easton Outdoors asks viewers to choose “Residential” or “Commercial” before viewing content. 

This landing page technique may seem like an unnecessary extra step, but it serves a very effective purpose.

Viewers choose what type of service they are shopping for, and they are immediately guided to a page built specifically for them.

Why it works:  It eliminates the need to create content that broadly addresses all leads.

Instead, your website can create a personalized experience; connect more effectively; and utilize specific calls-to-action.

4. Talk “about” yourself on your homepage.

lawn-care-web-design 4

The standard “about” page is reinventing itself on lawn care and landscaping websites in 2018.

Instead of – or in addition to – an “about” page dedicated to telling viewers about you, add a story-telling section on your homepage.

Ideally, place it next to an estimate request form (like Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape did).

Why it works: Consumers are looking for instant gratification. Save your new lead precious moments of research, and tell them what they need to know immediately.

Consumers are much less likely to click through multiple pages of a site just to find out who you are, which leads us into design tip #5…

5. Get personal.

lawn-care-web-design (5)

With the rise of social media, consumers are looking for more than an elevator pitch. They want to feel a behind-the-scenes connection to their service provider.

Don’t hold back! This is a great approach for family-owned small businesses, but the potential for a company of any size is limitless.

Get personal. Get real. Tell your story. Use your lawn care or landscaping website to introduce your family, your team, and the faces behind the company.

Why it works: It is human nature: we all want to build relationships and create meaningful experiences.

Deese Lawn and Home agrees that adding their family’s “autograph” creates an effective personal touch that new leads love.

6. Showcase a promotional film.

lawn-care-web-design (6)If “content is king,” then video will be queen on lawn care and landscaping websites in 2018.

More professional videographers are offering commercial promotional films formatted for websites and social media.

Why it works: The average person’s attention span is eight seconds, which means you don’t have long to draw your new lead in to your website.

A short, high quality video is an incredible way to introduce your company and connect with your audience.

Click here to view the promotional film showcased on the homepage of Landscape Services of Nashville, TN.

7. Outsource your blog.

lawn-care-web-design (7)This may not be a design trend, but it’s important advice to make your website more successful – just ask C & A Landscape.

According to digital marketing professional Kimi Miller, “Blogging is a cornerstone of the foundation for content marketing, social media, earned media, and search optimization.”

So what does it mean?

More professionals are outsourcing the blog on their lawn care and landscaping websites in 2018.

Why it works: Starting a blog can be intimidating – and for good reason.

Blog posting is a skill and an art form. It requires knowledge of SEO, experience with WordPress (or a similar CMS), and creative content writing.

Most importantly, it requires consistency, which can be difficult to maintain throughout the busy season.

Find a web designer or digital marketer that specializes in the lawn care and landscaping industry and/or comes recommended by industry experts, LawnSite.com, or other lawn care professionals.

Another option: reach out to your local college or university, and hire a digital marketing intern.

If you’re still unsure if a blog is right for your lawn care website, read Forbes’ Top 10 Benefits of Blogging On Your Website.

8. Showcase your notable clients.

lawn-care-web-design (7)

Juniper Landscaping does everything right on their website.

This design tip focuses on the “Our Clients” section of their homepage.

Why it works: This is an excellent opportunity to include external links (an important source of ranking power).

It also validates your company, builds trust, and creates a feeling of familiarity.

9. Categorize your portfolio.

lawn-care-web-design (9)

Landscapes By Design has a great website.

We are especially impressed with their comprehensive photo gallery, categorized by service.

The beauty of the lawn care and landscaping industry is that it is beautiful.

A landscaper is a designer and an artist, and great work should be featured.

Why it works: Consumers are visual, so use images to your advantage on your lawn care or landscaping website.

The possibilities for an effective photo gallery are endless.

Share high quality “before,” “in progress,” and “after” shots; photos of your team working; or images of your product at night vs. during the day (ideal for outdoor lighting).

Categorizing your gallery promotes the “easy navigation” feel that website visitors seek and guides them to exactly where you want them to go.

This Year, Show Your Personality

We believe that 2018 will be the year to showcase your personality on your lawn care and landscaping website.

Now is the time to create your marketing strategy. Outsource parts – or all – of it.

The best advice we can give you is: start right now. Use the off-season to gear up for the upcoming year. Start Spring 2018 with a bang – and a brand new website design.

If you don’t already have a website, hire a qualified designer.

If you do have a website, it’s important to review and update it frequently. All websites require regular maintenance and attention.

Whether you manage your own website or outsource it to a professional, use some (or all) of our website design tips in your upcoming marketing push.

When you start waking up to requests from new leads every morning, you’ll know you did something right.

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Nicholle Godar

Nicholle Godar

Nicholle Godar is the Marketing Manager at Scooter’s Lawn Care and Website Designer at Godar Designs. She specializes in marketing for the lawn care and landscaping industry. Contact Nicholle at nicholle@godardesigns.com.

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