The Best House Cleaner Checklist for Every Job

Published on March 17, 2022

Whether you’re a new or established business, a house cleaner checklist is essential for ensuring consistent services.

The best house cleaner checklist will:

  • Instill a routine into your team
  • Keep clients happy with consistent, high-quality services
  • Ensure cleaners double-check their work and never miss a step

Plus, a robust house cleaner checklist tells the business and clients every measure being taken to provide services to each client.

Use the information in this article to gather all of the information needed to develop the best house cleaner checklist for every job.

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Why a Checklist Is Essential for Your House Cleaning Business

A checklist is essential for a house cleaning business because it ensures both the cleaner and the client have established mutually set expectations.

Remember, happy clients who receive regular high-quality services are more likely to:

  • Pay premium prices
  • Never leave for the competition
  • Recommend your business to their friends and family

In addition, a robust house cleaner checklist:

  • Sets the standard for services
  • Provides proof of services rendered
  • Allows you to track your team’s work
  • Makes clients aware of which services are performed
  • Ensures the cleaner doesn’t skip any services or steps

Plus, if you provide the clients with completed checklists after each visit, then it can serve as an upsell strategy.

After all, completed checklists allow clients to see which upsell services can be included in their next visit.

What to Include in Your Checklist

The cleaning services you offer largely impact what you need to include in your checklist.

As you determine what to include, consider your house cleaning business’ standard practices. For example, what’s included in a basic cleaning versus a deep cleaning?

Here’s a basic overview of what you should consider including:

  • Names
  • Date of service
    • Arrival time
    • Departure time
  • List all cleaning service packages and their services
    • E.g.
      • Basic cleaning package
      • Deep house cleaning package
      • Ultimate heavy cleaning package
    • Be sure to specify which package the client is paying for
  • An open bottom section allowing the house cleaner to provide additional notes for the client

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How to Ensure a Robust List

Before finalizing your checklist, it’s a good idea to allow your cleaners to review it. This way, they can spot anything missing.

In addition, think about any disputes or complaints you’ve received from clients regarding services.

Then, try to find ways to make the checklist resolve those disagreements or entirely eliminate them.

Use Feedback to Make Improvements

Once you’ve created your house cleaner checklist, it’s never too late to make improvements based on feedback.

You might make preliminary adjustments based on your team’s initial feedback. However, it’s important to ask for repeat feedback after the checklist has been in use for a while.

For example, you might ask cleaners if the checklist helps them better perform their job, or if there’s anything you can do to make the checklist more robust.

In fact, you might even ask a select few (or all) clients for feedback on your checklist.

For instance, you can ask clients if the checklist is helpful in knowing the services being performed, or if there are anyways you can improve it.

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Develop the Best House Cleaner Checklist for Your Business

Developing the best house cleaner checklist for your business isn’t as challenging as it might seem.

The best checklists ensure:

  • No steps or services are skipped
  • Cleaners understand the proper measures to take
  • All clients receive the same high-quality cleaning services

Finally, you can develop your own robust house cleaner checklist for your business now!

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Originally published March 17, 2022 7:00 AM

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