7 Field Service Business Goals You Need in 2024

Published on January 4, 2024

Field service business goals serve as one of the most effective ways to ensure sustainable growth and success in 2024 and beyond.

When you create actionable field service business goals, your business will have the power to:

  • Maximize profits
  • Solve bottlenecks
  • Push past growth ceilings
  • Streamline everyday processes
  • Take advantage of the best marketing strategies
  • Find and keep the best employees for your crew
  • Stay focused and surpass your most ambitious goals

Use this article to create the best goals to set your business up for a successful year in 2024, increase profits, and beat the competition.

1. Get Paid as Fast as Possible

With automatic, same-day payments, you can simplify the payment process and get paid on time, every time.

Think of it this way, if you’re not auto-charging cards, you’re leaving money on the table and wasting valuable time.

With Service Autopilot's in-house payments, you can get:

  • Far fewer late payments
  • Automated, same-day payments
  • Automatically updated credit cards
  • Credit card storage with full PCI compliance
  • Faster cash flow by eliminating wasted time at the office

Gone are the days of manually sending individual invoices! 

Plus, SA Payments essentially pay for itself since you won't have to make

2. Track and Analyze Data

By tracking and analyzing data, you can create a storybook of your business' successes and failures in 2023. 

That means you can interpret this data to explore how you'll grow into 2024 with findings such as:

Additionally, it's important to know things like:

  • Densest routes
  • Popular services
  • Most profitable neighborhoods
  • Lead quality and conversion rates

With this data you can take action to break through your business's biggest growth ceilings and achieve your field service business goals. 

Ultimately, you’ll want to select some hard targets for your business:

  • Ideal profit margin
  • Conversion goals
  • Growth goal percentage

Remember, it's never too late to begin tracking and analyzing data! Plus, you can automatically track this data using the #1 field service software.


How many hours per week do you spend scheduling?​

By streamlining your everyday tasks, you simultaneously save money AND time. This gives you more time to work on high-value tasks and grow your business.
Avg. Office Pay
/ hr.
Hours Saved
hr. / week


Per Month:
Per Year:

3. Stay Current on the Latest Marketing Trends

If you want to use the most effective marketing strategies, you'll need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends so that you can achieve your field service business goals.

For example, it's important to keep up with the latest trends for:

Next, find a happy balance between these trends and your business goals. Your industry, location, and target market segment are among some of the best ways to find the right marketing mix for your business.

4. Properly Maintain All Equipment

Each year, it's important to check out your equipment to ensure it's properly maintained and functioning.

This might mean a simple tune-up, part replacement, or even replacing old equipment altogether.

While equipment varies, here are a few things to keep an eye on:

  • Check for leaks, damaged parts, and loose bolts
  • Watch oil levels
  • Remove any debris
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check batteries for corrosion

Plus, when you use Service Autopilot, you can easily track all of your assets and chemicals, and in turn, you can more easily keep track of general equipment maintenance.

Keep in mind, that you should start small with equipment. 

In other words, as you sell more work, then you can buy more equipment after reaching your field service business goals.

5. Streamline Daily Tasks to Work Like Magic

Since efficiency is key, it's crucial to analyze your daily tasks and pinpoint the main areas where efficiency can improve:

  • Set your priorities
  • Automate daily processes
  • Refine and improve the process
  • Determine how to simplify everyday tasks
  • Create opportunities for improving workflow
  • Identify where your team can improve efficiency
  • Prepare for potentially unnecessary adjustments

While this is a GREAT way to start each year, you and your team should constantly be re-analyzing your processes. 

As a result, your team is better able to create more time and money-saving solutions throughout the year to help you make your field service business goals a reality.

The #1 Way to Put Your Everyday Tasks on Autopilot

Start Software Tour

6. Hire the Best Local Talent

In any field service business, it’s extremely vital to know how to find and hire top local talent.

After all, with your physically demanding and time-consuming services, you'll need to hire team players who are reliable and trustworthy.

That said, it's best to hire for attitude and train for skill. 

Determine how many employees you need to conquer your 2024 goals, and make a plan to staff up before the busy season.

This is one of the best ways to snatch the best employees before the competition steals them away.

7. Use the #1 Field Service Software to Scale Your Business

In addition to automations, the best field service software has the power to:

  • Rapidly bulk invoice
  • Put everyday tasks on autopilot
  • Automate same-day payments
  • Easily track chemicals and assets
  • Instantly generate condensed routes
  • Track your team and job status in real-time
  • Find and fix profit holes with the reports center
  • Access client account information from anywhere
  • Easily schedule recurring jobs with flexible scheduling
  • Quickly create estimates from anywhere with a few clicks

With Service Autopilot, you can conquer your most ambitious goals, and start scaling your business for long-term growth and success in 2024 and beyond!

Automations is the  #1 way to follow up  with clients. If you’re not using it, your business might still be successful - but it won’t grow. 

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In Service Autopilot, our automations send emails and texts to:​

Every lead after an estimate is completed
Clients after their property has been serviced​
Remind leads and clients to send you customer feedback​
Update outdated or declined payment information​
Inform them when a service can’t be completed due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. weather)​
Remind them of maintenance tips (i.e. putting a cover on the outdoor faucet before the winter)​
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Set Your Business Up for Success in 2024 and Beyond

By setting the right field service business goals, you can set your business up for overwhelming success and:

  • Increase conversions
  • Charge premium prices
  • Develop a custom growth plan
  • Establish a reputation for being the best
  • Save time and resources by streamlining daily tasks

Finally, you can use these leading field service business goals to surpass your most ambitious goals and make 2024  your most successful year yet.

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Originally published Jan 14, 2020 12:40 PM, updated Jan 4, 2024 4:07 PM

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