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The 5 Hottest Upcoming Lawn Care Industry Trends of 2024

Published on July 25, 2023

With the lawn care industry trends constantly emerging and evolving, it’s crucial to look for ways to meet client needs.

In this article, you’ll discover the top lawn care industry trends in 2024 to help you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve your quality of services
  • Implement technology into your business to scale faster
  • Increase client retention and upsells by personalizing their needs
  • Focus on sustainable practices that minimize your footprint and maximize resources

As you embrace a new era of technology and sustainability, it’s become increasingly important to explore innovative ways to achieve lush, healthy lawns while minimizing environmental impact.

By the end of this article, you’ll discover the hottest lawn care trends of 2024 that are sure to elevate your services and client experience.

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1. Going Green With Sustainable Services

Since sustainability is becoming increasingly important to clients, it’s important to organic product offerings and practices, such as:

By the way, did you know that 92% of homeowners are looking for more sustainable solutions for their homes? Additionally, 62% of businesses have made eco-friendly improvements.

In other words, this is one of the most important lawn care industry trends you don’t want to miss out on in 2024.

Here are a few sustainable services that can benefit your business and help you leverage these rising lawn care industry trends:

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

Water conservation has become a top priority in lawn care, especially in regions prone to drought.

As a result, homeowners are opting for drought-tolerant landscaping to reduce water consumption without compromising the beauty of their outdoor spaces.

This lawn care industry trend involves selecting grass varieties and plants that are naturally adapted to arid conditions, minimizing the need for excessive watering.

Additionally, integrating xeriscaping techniques, such as mulching and strategic placement of plants, helps retain moisture and reduce evaporation, leading to significant water savings.

In fact, did you know that xeriscaping techniques are believed to reduce water consumption by 50-75%?

Water-Conscious Irrigation Alternatives

With the rise of smart sprinkler systems and rainwater collection systems for irrigation, efficiently watering your lawn and conserving water has never been easier.

Here’s a quick look into both water-conscious irrigation options:

Smart Sprinkler Systems

Advanced smart sprinkler systems optimize irrigation by incorporating everyday things like:

  • Weather data
  • Soil moisture sensors
  • Custom watering schedules

Plus, smart sprinkler systems can adjust watering based on real-time weather conditions to avoid overwatering. As a result, this saves water during rainy periods.

Some smart sprinkler systems even have smart features that allow homeowners to control and monitor their sprinklers remotely through smartphone apps, enhancing convenience and water efficiency.

Rainwater Collection Systems

While there are a large number of various types of rainwater collection systems, you can select a small select number of options for installation.

Based on your clientele, goal pricepoint, and irrigation service offerings, you can decide while options make the most sense to offer.

Organic and Natural Lawn Care

Due to the potential risks associated with chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides, homeowners are concerned for both their families as well as the environment.

As a result, they are embracing organic alternatives, such as composting and mulching, as well as natural pest control methods.

This lawn care industry trend promotes a healthier lawn while contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to lawn care.

By offering organic and natural lawn care options for clients, your business can easily take advantage of this lawn care industry trend in 2024.

2. Technology to Streamline Operations

Technology is also playing an increasingly important role in the hottest lawn care industry trends of 2024.

More than ever before, lawn care businesses are using technology to streamline daily operations and reduce hiring needs.

Here’s how technology has become one of the leading lawn care industry trends of 2024:

Implementing the Right Software into Your Daily Operations

The most successful green industry businesses are using the best lawn care software to streamline daily operations with:

  • Bulk invoicing
  • Instantly optimized routes
  • Asset and chemical tracking
  • GPS employee and job tracking
  • Same-day automated payments
  • Automated reporting to find and fix profit holes
  • Accessible client accounts and job notes on-the-go
  • Remote online property measurements for rapid estimates from anywhere

Plus, Service Autopilot also offers automations to automate everyday mundane tasks:

  • Invoices
  • Crew to do’s
  • 90-day surveys
  • Service reminders
  • Estimate follow-ups
  • Past due reminders
  • New client campaigns
  • Upsell and cross-sell campaigns

When you choose the #1 lawn care software, the options for scaling to the next level are limitless.

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Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers

In recent years, commercial robotic lawn mowers have gained increased popularity. These autonomous mowers take the hassle out of lawn maintenance by cutting grass efficiently and quietly.

For this reason, innovative lawn care businesses have begun creating robotic mower fleets.

Equipped with advanced sensors and programming, they navigate the lawn effortlessly, avoiding obstacles and adjusting mowing patterns for even and efficient results.

Plus, commercial robotic lawn mowers offer convenience like never before when you have the ability to schedule lawn visits and operate remotely through smartphone apps.

While these robotic mowers may not solve all of your hiring problems, they can certainly minimize your hiring needs.

3. Personalization to Meet Every Need

Consumers are increasingly looking for personalized experiences, and this is one of the lawn care industry trends that’s unlikely to go away any time soon.

In fact, 66% of consumers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations. Plus, 52% expect custom offers. In addition, only 34% of businesses treat clients as unique individuals.

As a result, addressing the unique needs of each client presents a huge opportunity for your business to gain an edge against the competition.

Here are some ways you can address the unique needs of every client:

  • Offer custom plan options
  • Address the unique needs of every property with custom services
    • E.g. precision soil testing for custom fertilization plans that provide precise nutrients

4. Convenient Solutions

Over recent years, consumers have been increasingly searching for convenient solutions. In fact, 83% of consumers believe convenience to be more important than ever lately.

Plus, 52% of consumers say half or more of their purchase decisions are influenced by convenience.

For these reasons, more businesses are offering convenient online scheduling, online estimate forms, and same-day automated payments.

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5. High-Quality Value of Services

Especially during challenging economic times, clients want the biggest value for the services they pay for.

For this reason, it’s crucial to focus on providing high-quality services. This way, clients will pay premium prices for their perception of high-value services.

While you might be tempted to lower prices to accommodate for clients leaving during harsh economic times, your business can’t afford to do that. In fact, you might need to raise prices.

After all, you have to recover your increased costs due to a volatile economy. Rising costs in labor, equipment, gas, and chemicals are all factors you must account for in your prices.

In order to minimize client loss and improve client retention during an economic downturn, it’s important to focus on providing high-quality services your clients can’t get elsewhere.

Here’s how you can provide unbeatable value to your clients:

As always, remember to consistently look for new ways to go the extra mile. For instance, client anniversary cards and holiday cards go a long way in providing meaningful value to clients!

Get Ahead of These Latest 2024 Lawn Care Industry Trends

These are just a few of the upcoming hottest lawn care industry trends that you should begin taking advantage of next year!

Begin leveraging these top upcoming lawn care industry trends to:

Now, you can use these hot upcoming lawn care industry trends to ensure the long-term success of your business and stay ahead of the competition!

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Originally published July 25, 2023 7:00 AM CT

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