How to Win Clients With Your Lawn Care Truck Wrap

Published on March 27, 2019

If you want to win more clients, make your business stand out, and increase your brand awareness, then you need to harness the power of a lawn care truck wrap for your business.

When you don't utilize a lawn care truck wrap, you limit your exposure and stunt your lawn care business' growth.

As a result, it's important you make the investment into your business and get a lawn care truck wrap as soon as possible.

In general, an effective lawn care truck wrap will help you to accomplish things like:

  • Get brand recognition
  • Scale your business faster
  • Enhance your professional image

If you still aren’t convinced, keep reading. In this article, we'll talk about things like:

  • How advanced adhesive technology can help you rebrand your trucks often (straight from a vinyl wrapping pro)
  • The benefits of lawn care truck wraps (straight from business owners who've done it)
  • How to create a lawn care wrap design with an effective Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • The right time to invest in a lawn care truck wrap

Now, let's talk about how to use a lawn care truck wrap to automatically win your lawn care business more clients...

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How You Get More Brand Recognition

Since you want your clients to recognize your lawn care business more so than your competitors, brand recognition is a major goal marketing.

In addition, a lawn care truck wrap help you to create an identity for your business. It'll also help you connect with potential consumers every day with no extra effort.

Plus, consumers are up to three times more likely to choose a lawn care business based on their ability to recognize the brand.

So what do the professionals have to say about brand recognition?

Welk’s Lawn Care opened in 2012 in West Fargo, North Dakota. Owner-operator, Eric Welk, began wrapping his fleet during his second year of business.

Due to his smart branding, leads and clients recognize his lawn care trucks all the time.

lawn care truck wrap

He believes that his wrapped trucks are one of his top three most effective lawn care marketing strategies.

For Welk’s Lawn Care, branding, trucks equipment and uniformed employees all equally contribute as much as the website and social media.

Is Your Lawn Care Truck Your Best Salesperson?

Just like your lawn care website can sell for you 24/7, so can your lawn care truck wraps.

Jarrett Gentry, owner of Yardbirds in Norman, Oklahoma, painted and lettered one of two trucks in his fleet at the start of the 2018 season.

lawn care truck wrap

Up until 2018, he and his crew drove plain white trucks with a magnetic sign on the door.

In just the first 2 weeks, Yardbirds gained new customers - all because they saw the lawn care truck wraps.

Chase McFarlane of McFarlane’s Lawn & Landscaping, Inc. in Cape Coral, Florida, took his business full-time in 2015.

He wrapped his first truck at the end of 2017, and it had an immediate effect on his lawn care business growth.

lawn care truck wrap

McFarlane’s Lawn & Landscaping, Inc. recognized the power in branding through truck wraps. His only regret is that he didn’t do it sooner.

Quickly Scale Your Lawn Care Business

Brand recognition is a long-term marketing tool. However, what if you want to grow your business quickly?

For this reason, you need to establish your value immediately.

That’s why Zack Brown, owner-operator of Diversified Lawn Services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, wrapped his truck and trailer during his first year in business.

lawn care truck wrap

In order to scale as quickly as possible, Zack has wrapped his truck and trailer. This has increased his local market’s perceived value and created an “established look."

Keep in mind, a lawn care truck wrap does more than boost branding power. It establishes legitimacy and credibility within your local market, which can result in more calls and more lawn care customers.

Who Cares About Your Professional Image?

When you pull up to a prospective client’s home, you probably make an effort to create a great first impression, right?

From the initial handshake, you strive to stand out from your competition and establish yourself as an expert.

But did you know your first impression starts before you step out of your lawn care truck?

Kyle Tarvin is the owner-operator of Special T Landscaping in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

He knows that his partially wrapped Toyota Tundra helps establish his professionalism from the moment he arrives.

Kyle’s clients know he’s going to serve them based on a higher quality standard. As a result, the clients’ minds are at ease, because they know he’s a professional.

lawn care truck wrap

Re-Brand When Necessary (... Or Whenever You Want)

What if scaling your business quickly and enhancing your professional image sound great… but you don’t know your long-term goals for your business?

What if you only offer lawn care services now… but want to venture into treatments or large landscaping projects down the road?

Also, what if you don’t even have a lawn care website yet?

Paint Your Lawn Care Trucks - Charlie Trujillo

Charles Trujillo, CEO of Lettering Express in Oklahoma City, says you can update your information with minimal to zero issues.

Advanced adhesive technology has made graphic removal effortless. Basically, that means you can rebrand your vehicle as often as you’d like.

Trujillo has clients who update their wraps seasonally, which creates a great selling point for their business.

How to Create an Effective Lawn Care Truck Wrap Design

Now, you’re ready to wrap your lawn care truck.

How do you create an effective design that will resonate with consumers, connect with your brand, and sell work?

If wrapping your trucks is a marketing strategy, you should use careful consideration when designing it.

First, ask yourself: What is your competition doing (or not doing)? What makes you different?

Using that information, you can determine how to make your trucks stand out in your local market using color or creative text.

Then, ask yourself... What are your marketing goals?

For example, “I want my wrapped trucks to:”

  • Make my phone ring
  • Send leads to my website
  • Create or increase brand recognition

If you’re thinking, I want my wrapped trucks to do all of those things, then follow these design tips:

1. Start With An Eye-Catching Paint Color

Matt Green, owner of Green’s Lawn Care and Property Services in Indianapolis, Indiana, painted his trucks corvette yellow and then partially wrapped them.

He chose that color because it’s an “attention grabber." Everyone sees his truck when he’s out doing estimates or parking at job sites.

Matt’s goal is to drive potential leads to his website, so he has chosen big, bold, black lettering. He wanted to make sure anyone who entered his website could easily read it.

lawn care truck wrap

Stephen Jurell of Eagle Landscapes in Mertztown, Pennsylvania, implemented the same strategy.

Since yellow is one of the most visible colors on the spectrum during the day, he chose yellow. As a result, on sunny days it's very bright, and on overcast days it stands out.

Stephen receives daily compliments on his bright-colored trucks and bold contact information. A graphic designer explained to him, it’s how all advertising should be.

lawn care truck wrap

3. Create a Strong Call-to-Action

A successful piece of marketing has a strong, effective Call-to-Action (CTA).

Your lawn care truck wrap should be no different.

Next to your website, phone number, social media link, or email address, add simple directions for action. Tell potential consumers exactly what you want them to do (and why they should do it).

Here are a few common Call-to-Action examples:

  • Call Now
  • Try Us Risk-Free
  • Get a Free Estimate

You can also take a more unique approach:

  • Get Started for FREE
  • Let’s Start Your Project
  • Take Back Your Weekends
  • Join Your Friends & Neighbors

Always remember, your Call-to-Action should exist to get an immediate response from the person seeing it.

It is essential in driving a prospect to the next step of your sales process.

When to Get a Lawn Care Truck Wrap

Again, a truck wrap should be viewed as any other marketing strategy.

But between Facebook Ads, Google Ads, traditional marketing, and all of the other strategies you could invest in, how do you decide when to wrap your truck?

lawn care truck wrap

Is the Risk Worth the Reward?

After speaking to lawn care business owners who have “been-there-done-that”... the resounding answer is: don’t wait.

On the first day with the wrapped truck and trailer, Chase McFarlane acquired a $1500 cleanup project at a job site. All because they saw his truck wraps. This has proven to be a great investment to him from day one.

Marvin Salcido of Salcido Lawn in Tyler, Texas highly recommends wrapping or lettering your lawn care trucks. He’s seen the firsthand power of standing out against everyone else.

What If the Funds Just Aren’t Available?

Matt Green saved almost $2,000 per truck by painting them first and then partially wrapping them.

The result was clean and eye-catching.

He didn’t wait until funds were more readily available, because his goal is to create a successful lawn care business that thrives.

Matt believes every new customer is hiring his image, because they’re proud of him parking his trucks in front of their home. He thought waiting to wrap his trucks was senseless.

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Use Your Lawn Care Truck Wrap to Win Clients

Are you ready to…

  • Increase sales?
  • Become a permanent face in your market?
  • Take your lawn care business to the next level?

If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, then wrap your trucks this year.

If your budget is tight, use a money-saving strategy (like Matt Green did) or only wrap the most high-traffic trucks in your fleet.

No matter what you do, remember: "Great things never came from comfort zones."

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Originally publishedMarch 27, 2019 7:00 AM, updated June 29, 2021 9:26 AM

Nicholle Godar

Nicholle Godar is the Marketing Manager at Scooter’s Lawn Care and Website Designer at Godar Designs. She specializes in marketing for the lawn care and landscaping industry. Contact Nicholle at


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