This release continues our drive toward making existing processes simpler and faster. New enhancements include Search Bars on list pages, a simpler setup for Chemical Tracking, improvements to the Job Wizard, and the ability to “watch” Tickets. Enjoy!



You can filter for Custom Fields on the V3 Accounts list.

Calendar Events

When you are creating a Calendar Event, the Body field is no longer required. This is for consistency with other screens.

Chemical Tracking Enhancements

No more restricted entry

With the growing popularity of SA’s Chemical Tracking feature, we’ve removed restrictions for using it. You are no longer required to attend the training webinar before you’re allowed access.

But do check out all the free training resources! There are videos, a user guide, and articles on Chemical Tracking in the Help Center.

Consolidated Settings

We’ve consolidated Chemical Tracking Settings into one tab, at Settings > Chemical Tracking > General Chemical Settings. Here, you can add or change any of your chemical information.

Consolidated Emails

We consolidated Chemical Tracking Emails into one screen. Here, you can manage your emails for clients, with separate tabs for Client emails: Instructions, Recommendations, and Upsells.

Copy Products

You now can copy a product to save time with creating new items that are similar. This is particularly helpful for Chemical Tracking to help you replicate application rates and product mix instructions.

To create a Product copy:
1.   In the Non-Inventory Products list, select a product.

2.   In the Actions dropdown list, click Copy.

3.   In the Copy Product dialog, fill in the New Name field to create the new product in your Products list.

4.   Open the new product copy and edit it as needed.

Copy Services

You now can copy a service to save time when creating new services that are similar.

To create a Service copy:
1.   In the Services list, select a service.

2.   In the Actions dropdown list, click Copy.

3.   In the Copy Service dialog, fill in the New Name field to create the new service in your Services list.

4.   Open the new service copy and edit it as needed.

Help Center

Have you checked out the Help Center lately? We’ve added a section for Service Autopilot User Guides.

Job Wizard Enhancements

Appointment times

We simplified setting Appointment Times on the Job Wizard.

Budgeting tool

We’ve added a Budgeting tool to the Job Wizard, similar to the tool in V2. This tool lets you calculate your budgeted hours and set up budgeting overrides for repeating jobs.

1. When scheduling a job on the Job Wizard, click the cog icon to bring up the Edit Budgeted Hours dialog.

2. Enter the number of staff members and hours into the Men and Time of Job fields. The system calculates your budgeted hours appear under B.Hrs.

3. You can type your target staff hour rate into the field labeled To achieve man/hr Rate of. The dialog then shows you what to change in order to get the rate you want.

4. Click the number under B.Hrs if you want to adjust the budgeted hours.

5. Click Add Override Budgeted Hours to make changes to the budgeted hours for a specific date range. This can be useful for repeating jobs.


The Activity Stream on the Invoices list lets you quickly see if a payment is owed or has been over-applied to an invoice.

List Pages Search Bar

To help you quickly search for records, we’ve added Search Bars to these V3 list pages:
Accounts, Tickets, Invoices, Payments, Credits, Expenses, Installment Plans, and Forms

Tickets Enhancements

Watch Tickets

You now can specify Tickets to watch, and you’ll receive alerts about any changes.

1. Open an individual Ticket or select multiple Tickets in the Tickets List.

2. Under Advanced Actions, select Start Watching or Stop Watching.

Complete a Ticket from My Day

You now can complete a Ticket from the My Day page.

1. Select the check box for a Ticket you want to complete.

2. At the prompt, click Confirm.

3. The Ticket information shows a strikethrough to indicate the Ticket is complete.

4. If you want to re-open the Ticket, select the check box again and click Reopen on the confirmation dialog.

    If you don’t reopen it, the Ticket is removed from My Day after you refresh the screen.

Client Portal Enhancements


If you offer Autopay:

If you disable Autopay:

Create Tickets from Services

With this release, your clients can create Tickets from Services on the Client Portal.

Client Portal App Enhancement

Clients can now submit Ticket requests from Jobs and Visits on the Client Portal app.

Legacy App Enhancements

Failed Login Message

We reworded a generic error message, “invalid username,” which a user might see if they didn’t use the correct credentials to log into the Legacy app.

Attachments for Tickets

If Legacy app users send or receive emails with attachments that are too big or not a supported file type, the Ticket that’s created will not have the attachment. You’ll instead see a message stating that attachments were blocked.

Updates to Correct System Issues


Activity Stream
Edit Account screen


Client Portal


Email Integration

Mobile Devices
Yahoo Email Addresses

V2 Forms

V3 Imports


Legacy app

Service Autopilot

The theme of this release is Make Life Easier. We continue to improve, clarify, and polish different areas around SA based on your feedback. This release includes enhancements to the Accounts screen and Activity Stream, new previews on some Review screens, and many improvements to the Client Portal and Client Portal app (because we want your clients’ lives to be easier too).


Account Activity Stream

1.  Enter your text into the Add a Note… field.

2. The Ticket Status defaults to closed. Click the open radio button to change the status if needed.

3. Click Add. This creates a new Ticket containing your note.

Calendar Events

1. Click the Quick Add icon and select Ticket from  the dropdown list.

2.  On the Add Ticket overlay, click the Event radio button and fill in the fields.
This function was implemented in the July release for V3.

Account Review Screen

We made various improvements to help you use the Account Review screen:

For former clients, the Cancel Reason appears below the Account Status.

Date Range Filter

Example: Say you select and save the filter called “this week” during the week of August 1st. When you open that screen the following week, the filter will bring up data for the week of August 8th.

Email Integration

You can click the Ticket to open it, then select an account from the Account / Vendor dropdown list. This ensures that any replies to the Ticket will be sent to the correct email address.


All flagged invoice rows are also tinted to make them more noticeable, even if the
flag column is hidden.

Job Wizard

You can select another option from the Auto-Renew Setting dropdown list if needed.

1. On the service line, click the note icon.  

2. A dialog opens where you can type the note.

3. Click Add note to add additional notes.



Client Portal Enhancements

We improved the experience for your clients when they submit Ticket requests on visits:

Client Portal App Enhancements

Updates to Correct System Issues

Client Portal

Email Integration

We fixed a few issues with adding emails to Tickets.

V2 Forms


Route Sheets

Quick Add

Sales Campaigns

Two Way Texting

The theme of this release is “Improving Quality of Life.” We’ve focused on both functional and aesthetic improvements throughout the system as we continue working to make Service Autopilot a better experience for you. Many of these changes are based on Member feedback.

This release also debuts important features in the Client Portal and Client Portal app:

  • Tickets can be created from the Client Portal.
  • New settings let you further customize the Client Portal for your clients.
  • Prepayments can be made in the Client Portal app.

Keep reading to learn more!

Accounting Enhancements

  • To save time creating Installment Plans, you now can choose to Auto-Fill fields below the currently selected one.
  • The Payment Edit screen is now responsive on smaller devices.
  • When you are adding a credit card or replacing a card on file on the Payment Edit and other screens, you’ll see we re-styled the Add Card/Bank Account options for consistency.
  • On the Payment Edit screen, you now can select the services that the prepayment is for, similar to V2.
  • The Invoice and Installment Plan screens now retain the choices you make under Advanced Options. You’ll see your changes the next time you open those screens.

Client Portal Enhancements

With this release, your clients can have the option to submit and work with Tickets in the Client Portal. Clients can:

  • Open a new Ticket.
  • Read and send replies to your company messages.

Note: Clients see only emails, not internal notes, calls, or calendar events.

  • See the message history between the client and your company.
  • Add attachments to a Ticket.
  • See a list ofopen or closed Tickets.
  • Use the Search Bar in the Tickets list to search for a Ticket number, category, subject, or other identifier.


  • Clients can create a Ticket from their Client Portal home page by clicking Open a ticket in the Open Tickets or Contact Us section, or by clicking the message link at the bottom right corner.

  • When creating a Ticket, clients can choose from a dropdown list of Ticket categories (which you can customize), type in their question, and add attachments.
  • You’ll be able to see open Tickets for the client in the SA Tickets List for the account and respond through SA.

  • The Your Service History section now lists the employees who worked on a service. It can be useful for clients to know who worked certain services and reference them when they submit a Ticket.
  • Clients can see a list of open or closed Tickets on the Client Portal “Tickets” tab.

Clients can click any of these to look at the email correspondence.

Note that the Client Portal displays only those Tickets containing emails to clients, not internal notes or calls. You can choose to turn off this permission in Settings.

  • Clients will see an unread message icon next to any Ticket containing an email from your company.
  • Clients can contact your company from the navigation bar if they want to send a regular email or give you a call.

Note: Tickets make it possible for your clients to do most communications with you through the Client Portal, but it still displays your company’s email address and phone number for quick reference. If your company chooses to turn off Tickets functionality, the client can easily see your contact information to reach you.

New Settings for the Client Portal

These settings let you customize the Ticket functions your client can access.

  • The setting Allow Clients to submit a Ticket was previously labeled “Allow Clients to ask a Question.”
    It lets you specify whether clients can see or create Tickets. This check box is a “master” setting, so unchecking it will disable all Tickets functions on the Client Portal.

  • Ticket Categories Shown to Client lets you select which Ticket Categories display on the Client Portal when they submit a Ticket.
  • View Open Tickets lets you specify whether your clients can see their Open Tickets in the Client Portal.
    This applies to the Tickets List as well as the Open Tickets section on the Client Portal Home page.
  • View Closed Tickets lets you specify whether your clients can see their closed Tickets in the Tickets List.
  • Custom Fields lets you specify any custom fields you want to display on the Client Portal and Client Portal app.
  • There is now a Display Order for Ticket Categories that you can choose in Settings > Ticket Categories. This setting lets you customize the order in which Ticket Categories appear for clients in the Client Portal and Legacy app.

Client Portal App Enhancements

Prepayments Are Here!

  • Now, your clients can add Prepayments on the Client Portal app. This is based on new settings that you control, including the client’s ability to make a prepayment, and the maximum amount.

Credit Card Messages

  • Client Portal app users will now see more user-friendly error messages for things like card expired, invalid expiration date, etc.

Service Autopilot Enhancements

We’ve made many general improvements to help you get around in SA:

Activity Stream

  • To simplify the Activity Stream, we removed Job Comments from the list of Past Events. You can still see the Job Comments by clicking the airplane icon on the record.
  • The Account Activity Stream for V2 and V3 now shows a small, expandable preview of Notes and Calls from the Activity Stream. The full screen design caused some Members to lose the context of the Ticket, so same information, but new look and feel.

Audit Trail

The Ticket Review Audit Trail lists when any of these are created or updated:

  • Ticket
  • Ticket Status
  • Note
  • Call
  • Event
  • Email

V3 Calendar Events

  • To expedite creating a Calendar Event, we updated the time inputs so you can type directly in the fields if you prefer.

Dialog Screens

  • We’ve simplified closing dialog screens. You now can click anywhere outside the dialog, and it will close.

Dispatch Board

  • You now can add an “Event Category” column to the Dispatch Board. Click the Columns dropdown list and select the Event Category check box. Save the view (Dispatch Board > Save) and the new column will continue to appear on your Dispatch Board in future sessions.

Invoice Edit and Review Screen

  • Billing Notes now display for all invoices in V3. Previously, only those invoices with a "Need to Review" flag would appear.
  • Billing Notes now display as a field instead of in the banner at the top.

Payment Edit Screen

This screen has several improvements for ease of use:

  • You now can tab through input fields (and tab backward with Shift+Tab).
  • We added a Save & New button to help you quickly add payments and make new ones.
  • Account Balance details are now displayed to let you quickly reference this information.

Search Bar

  • In SA, you now can immediately choose a tab to search on after you click the Search Bar in areas like Invoices and Tickets. Previously, you had to first do a search before you could see the tabs.

Quick Add

The Quick Add in V3 Accounts has some new improvements including:

  • You now can tab through fields.
  • When doing a Quick Add, data like Display Name, Name on Invoice, and Property Name auto-populate to speed up the process.
  • You now can see the full address on the Quick Add, so you can tell what City and State was set.
  • When doing a Quick Add from either an Account or a Ticket associated with an Account, SA now auto-selects the Account.
  • The Event Category field has been added to the V3 Quick Add.
  • There are now more fields available when using Quick Add to add a lead or client. For leads, the only required field is First Name.
  • The Account Quick Add now honors the Validation Rules you’ve set up. (Settings > Validation). Fields that you set as required will display for your company to fill out.
  • The Account Quick Add now has a Save & Edit button that saves the Account and takes you straight to the Edit screen to fill in more details.
  • While we were at it, we spruced up the Quick Add screens by refining spacing, grouping related fields together, and bolding required fields.

Team and Legacy Apps Enhancements

  • A disclosure message now appears the first time a user logs in after installing the Team or Legacy app. The message says that the app does location tracking. This applies to both iOS and Android devices.

Updates to Correct System Issues


  • We fixed a problem with the Charts of Accounts not saving expenses due.

V3 Accounts

  • On the V3 Property Edit, users were unable to add a Linear Measurement within a new Area Measurement. This now works as expected.

Activity Stream

  • Text Messages were not appearing on the Activity Stream for V2 and V3 Accounts screens. This is working now.
  • Some Email records were not displaying correctly in the Account Activity Stream for a Member in the UK. This has been corrected.


  • Some automations were not loading properly in Firefox. This has been fixed.
  • Avatars for Resources weren’t appearing correctly for the merge tag (replacement field) in Automations Emails. This has been corrected.

Calendar Events

  • Calendar Events created from Automations that had B. Hrs entered would have the “Appointment Time” selected when opened from V3 Tickets. This has been corrected.

Client Portal

  • Some Members had trouble registering clients for the Client Portal, and we have made some updates to address this. However, if you still have problems with clients not being able to access their account after registering, do not try to have your client re-register; instead, re-send them their username and have them click “Forgot Password” to reset their password. If you still have problems, please contact Member Support.
  • Some clients saw a “Valid amount required” error when making payments in the Client Portal. This now works as expected.
  • In some cases, there was a rounding error in which payments made on the Client Portal were generated in SA with an extra decimal, causing it to appear as 1 cent less than the actual amount. (The correct amount was actually charged to the credit card processor.)

Email Activity

  • On the Email Activity screen, some bounced emails were showing blank errors. This has been fixed.


  • On the View My Proposal screen, the Subtotal was occasionally not accounting for package item totals. This has been corrected.

V3 Forms

  • Some dropdown fields mapped to Custom Fields were using the number of the option selected instead of the dropdown value. This has been fixed.

V2 Forms

  • We fixed a problem with V2 Forms Internal or Confirmation Emails not saving inserted documents.

Legacy App

  • Previously, signatures were not appearing on the PDF for Estimates on the Legacy app. This now works as expected.

Master Schedules

  • We fixed an issue with not being able to export clients on the Master Schedule. 

Member Websites

  • Members who had an old website were unable to save changes. This has been fixed.

V3 Package Jobs

  • If a Member deleted Package Rounds after renewing a package, V3 Jobs would still display the deleted rounds as blank line items. This caused an error, which also prevented the user from adding an Installment Plan to the job. This has been corrected.
  • Package Jobs in V3 no longer display rounds that have been deleted from the main package.

QuickBooks Desktop

  • In QuickBooks Desktop, credits in the Amount field (which equals Rate x Quantity) were incorrectly populating the Rate field in SA. This now calculates correctly in SA.

Route Sheets

  • When there was a Calendar Event on the route, the last job was not printing correctly on route sheets in Work Order formats. This now works as expected.
  • Trying to email a route sheet with the culture set to English (United Kingdom) caused an error. This has been fixed. Jolly good!

V3 Tickets

  • In the V3 Ticket Review, you may not have been able to scroll past 10 items to see all the Ticket details. This screen now lets you scroll through additional records correctly.

Waiting List Jobs

  • On the Waiting List, if you tried to view allJob Notes for a Waiting List job that’s a Work Order, you would see an error. This now works as expected.

Updates to Correct Issues with Mobile Apps

Legacy app

  • A few Legacy app users saw the error “String Or Binary Date Would Be Truncated. The Statement Has Been Terminated.” This has been fixed.
  • Australian Legacy app users were sometimes unable to map Calendar Events. This now works as expected.

Team app

  • Dropdown list options were not generating when a field was set to map to "Custom Field Text." This has been fixed.

In this Release, Tickets replace the functionality of To Do’s. We think you’ll find that Tickets are an easier, consolidated way to track issues and correspondence. Any issues with an Account can be documented, assigned, and resolved from start to finish within a single Ticket.

What about my To Do’s and Calls???

All your existing To Do’s and Calls have been automatically converted to Tickets. None of your data will be lost.

Tickets are Live Now!

Unlike previous SA releases, please note that Tickets functionality is now
live in both V2 and V3, so there is no option to toggle back and forth between To Do’s and Tickets.

Learn About Tickets

We’ve got you covered with webinars and written training for Tickets!

  • Find Knowledge Base articles and training videos at:
    HELP > Knowledge Base > CRM > Tickets
  • Download the Tickets User Guide here.

Tickets Overview

Tickets consolidate your notes, correspondence, and tasks related to Jobs, Events, Accounts, and Resources:

  • Track correspondence with Accounts and Resources.
  • The system creates a Ticket automatically when you create a Note, Call, Calendar Event, or Email.
  • Calendar events can include a time by setting either budgeted hours or a specific time range.
  • Set the status of a Ticket such as Open, Closed, On Hold.

Tickets List

On the Tickets list, you can find, manage, and work on Tickets.

  • It includes filters, actions, and sorting like other list pages.
  • We recommend that you build a combination of filters so you can save and load your own customized Tickets list.

Ticket Review

Click any Ticket in the Tickets list to open its Ticket Review screen. Here, you can review important information and correspondence, including emails, notes, calls, and calendar events:

  • Add Estimates or Jobs quickly.
  • Use Ticket Edit to change data or relate other Tickets, Estimates, or Jobs.
  • Related items appear right on the Ticket for reference.

Changes in Other Areas of SA

To work with Tickets, we’ve made some changes to other parts of Service Autopilot:

  • My Day now has tabs for “Tickets due today” and “All Tickets.”
  • V2 Timelines and V3 Activity Streams now include Tickets functionality.
  • Automations can now generate Tickets from Email and Ticket events.
  • (a function in the original version of SA) does not support Tickets and is being retired. The Legacy app now offers all the functions of


Activity Stream

Ticket-related data now appears in each Account’s Activity Stream:

  • Notes
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Past Calendar Events (when marked as Completed, Cancelled, or Skipped from scheduling screens or mobile apps)

V3 Calendar Events

Calendar Events are now available in V3. These are also still supported on the V2 scheduling screens. In V3, you now can:

  • Create Calendar Events with or without Tickets.
  • Create a follow-up Calendar Event quickly while sending an email or creating a note/call from within Tickets.
  • Create repeating and single events.
  • Set budgeted "Anytime" events or specific appointment times.
  • Set a different address location from an Account address (this is integrated with Google and can show on the map).
  • Add attachments to Calendar Events.
  • Schedule, dispatch, and route Calendar events just like Jobs, similar to previous To Do's.

Important Note on Calendar Events

Calendar Events marked as Completed will also close the parent Ticket if there is one associated with it. This allows existing automations to work seamlessly with the “Ticket was Completed” trigger after existing To Do’s have been converted to Calendar Events.

Legacy App

To accommodate Tickets, the Legacy app has two new filters on the Ticket List:

  • Resources filter - Lets you filter Tickets that are assigned only to certain resources.
  • Account filter - Lets you filter Tickets for a particular Account.


Automations in the Marketplace that had To Do Events or To Do Triggers are now Ticket Events and Ticket triggers. The Marketplace supports the new data for uploading and downloading.


To Do Events are now Ticket Events. Here are some things to know:

  • Tags on Complete and Due Date are set at the Ticket level, not the Calendar Event.
  • Tickets created are "Open" by default.
  • When Automation sequences create Tickets from Emails or Ticket events, those will be related so you can find them on the Ticket Review screen.
  • Ticket Events will have a Ticket Detail record of Note, Call, or Calendar Event.
  • Tickets require a Subject, so any old events will display the subject "Created from an Automation"
  • If an automation would create a Calendar Event, the "Start in" and "End in" days will set the start and end date on the Calendar Event.

  • To Do Types are now called "Ticket Categories." Previously set "Types" are still set as "Categories" on Ticket Events.
  • All other settings such as documents, custom bodies, etc. remain unaffected and are applied to the Note, Call, or Calendar Event upon creation.

To Do triggers are now Ticket triggers

These changes are automatically made, so no action is required on your part. The new triggers are:

  • To Do was Completed > Ticket was Closed
  • To Do was Created > Ticket was Created
  • To Do Past Due > Ticket Past Due
    Note that this trigger now runs once a day in search of past due Tickets, for up to 30 days past due.
  • Ticket was Reopened is a new trigger that you can set to detect when a Ticket has been reopened.

To Do conditions are now Ticket conditions

These changes are automatically made, so no action is required on your part. The old and new conditions are:

  • To Do Type > Ticket Category
  • To Do Past Due > Ticket Past Due

Report Center

Dashboard Components Changes

  • Dashboard components that mentioned "To Do’s" now say "Tickets," and all data reflects the correct Ticket information.
  • Key Performance Indicators dashboard component: "New To Do’s" are now "New Emails.” The "New Calls" component has not changed.
  • Open Tickets Dashboard component - The data now reflects Tickets; however, the individual chart elements no longer open when you click on them.

Reports Changes

  • "Scheduled To Do’s report” is now "Calendar Events report.”
  • Lead Timeline and Client Timeline reports now reflect the Account Activity Stream. The “Description” and “Assignment” columns have been removed.
  • Damage Report has been removed.
  • Legacy SA ReportsTo Do Detail and Calls Detail reports have been removed.

User Rights for Tickets

Some user rights have been added, removed, or renamed for Tickets functionality. You may need to adjust user rights in order to use all features of Tickets. Go to
Settings > User Roles & Rights [role] > CRM to review your user rights.

  • The column "To Do's / Calls Access" has changed to "Tickets Access"
  • "View/Modify To Do's" and "View/Modify Calls" were consolidated to "View/Modify Tickets"
  • "Add Notes" and "Add Calls" determine what type of Ticket the SA user can create.
  • The user right "Damage Case List" has been removed.

What’s Going Away

With this release, we’ve removed some items that were not used much or had their function replaced by Tickets:

  • Following functionality on old To Do’s was removed due to low use of this feature, and the lack of notification for updates. We recommend using a combination of filters on the Tickets List to find Tickets that you need to monitor.
  • Damage Case fields for specific damage case type To Do’s were removed due to low use.
  • Touchpoints were removed due to low use. You can get the same functionality by using Tickets and tags.

Enhancement Not Related to V3 Tickets

Automation View

If an Automation is triggered by a Job, Invoice, or Estimate, the Automation View now identifies the item triggered by that sequence. This lets you easily navigate to the Job, Invoice, or Estimate.

Updates to Correct System Issues

We’ve made general improvements and corrected some issues in this release.


Fixed a bug for which in some cases, a Wait Period that only had basic settings for Hours/Minutes, would schedule for midnight instead of scheduling for the following day.

V3 Accounts

Fixed a bug in which trying to look at inactive jobs from the V3 Account Review was not returning any data.

V2 Accounts

Fixed a bug in which certain time zones would show an incomplete invoice on the Client View.

V3 Forms

  • In some cases, the Review field was not saving rules. This is now working.
  • Sometimes, merge tags for physical addresses on Email Notifications were not populating. This has been fixed.
  • Previously, exporting form responses that resulted in duplicate tab names would create an error. This has been corrected.

V2 Forms

V2 Forms Exports were failing due to certain format problems such as leading spaces or exceeding character counts. This has been fixed.

V3 Installment Plans

Fixed a bug for which in some cases, when working with a V3 Installment Plan assigned to a job, the service's rate was being updated.

V3 Invoices

Fixed a bug in which some members who migrated card data to Clearent were seeing problems with the "Credit Card on File" filter for the Invoices list.

Report Center

Some custom analyses including timesheet data were not showing "Lunch" as a work type. This has been corrected.

Two-Way Texting

We fixed a couple of issues with Two-Way Texting when a new number texted to a phone number and created a new lead.

Certified Advisors

Previously, Certified Advisors saw an error if they signed in through a Member's account, then tried to fill out a form from the V2 or V3 Account pages. This has been fixed.

This release contains enhancements and fixed issues for the Team and Legacy apps. Be sure to download the latest version from your app store!

Legacy App


To Do list is now online-only. This will improve the speed of the To Do list as well as the general sync.

Updates to Correct System Issues

Emailing Estimates – Some estimates emailed from the Legacy app did not include the quote link. This has been corrected.

Form Responses were duplicated in some cases. This has been fixed.

Lead Creation – When creating a lead on the Legacy app, some users would get an error. This has been fixed.  

Location Tracking - Corrected an issue in which some iOS users were asked to set their location tracking every time they logged in. 

Photos – Some photos taken in the Legacy app would appear sideways or partially cut off when viewed from Service Autopilot. This has been fixed.

Team App


Adjusting Per-Unit Service – We added the ability for a Team app user to adjust the quantity when adding a per-unit service to a job.

Clock In Again – Team app users can now clock back in after finishing their day.

Clock Out Early – Team app users can now finish their day early.

Field Time Clock Reminder – When a Team app user tries to log in, but they do not have permission for this, they will now see the message:“Field time clock disabled.”

In order for them to log in, their management must select the Field Time Clock option for each Resource on the “User Settings” tab at:
Team > Employees [Emp. name] > Edit or Team > Vendors [Resource name] > Edit

Job Notes Updates – Now, when Team app users view the Job Notes screen, any updated job notes will display “(updated)” next to them.

Location Services Reminder - If a Team app user has location services disabled, tapping the current location button on the map now prompts them to turn on location services.

Resource Status – You’ll now see real-time updates to a Resource's status (active versus inactive) in the Team app.

Updates to Correct System Issues

iPad Issue – Sometimes, tapping a job's address on the iPad would cause the Team app to crash. This has been fixed.

Day Finished – Some iOS users would see a blank Review Job screen after tapping the Day Finished button. This has been fixed.

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You charge more, because your services are WORTH IT. Don’t let these low-ballers drive your prices down.

They can charge less, because they:

They’re only in this business for a quick buck. So if you drive your prices down, you’re not going to make a profit… As it is, these guys are barely making a profit themselves.

You have a family. You have mouths to feed. You have a team who relies on you for their families. You have a lawn care business to build. Your low-ballers don’t - or at the very least, don’t understand what they’re doing.

You know what your services are worth, so don’t get bullied into lowering your prices.


Do you KNOW if your jobs are PROFITABLE?

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When you have a lead or client mention the low-baller prices, tell them why you charge more. If they’re a good lead or client, they’ll understand. If not, stand firm - and if necessary, turn them away.

Justify your prices by telling them:

If these reasons aren’t enough to convince your leads to convert or clients to stay, simply tell them you charge what you charge. Don’t beg for them to stay, because you want loyal lawn care clients. You don’t want someone who only sees your services one dimensionally.

Here’s how to price your lawn care services:

Bottom Line: It’s important to ignore the low-ballers and do what you KNOW is right.

5. Not Hiring Enough Lawn Care Employees

This is a big one.

In fact, it’s the main reason many lawn care businesses fail.

When you don’t hire enough employees:

The irony here is this: you’re scared to hire new employees, because you’re afraid you won’t be able to pay them… but in reality you’re losing more money by not hiring more team members. Additionally, you’re not going to have anyone to pay, because your employee retention is going to suffer… massively.

Here’s how Jonathan knows it’s time to hire new lawn care employees:

These are the basic signs you can watch for in your business:

If you’re experiencing ANY ONE of these signs - you NEED to hire more employees. Your lawn care business’ success depends on this.

4. Working on Low-Value Tasks

This is a direct byproduct of mistake 5.

When you don’t hire enough employees, you (the business owner) are stuck doing the low-value tasks.

Here’s what I mean: you’re working in your business rather than on it.

This decision is slowing the growth of your business down… drastically. You’re pushing aside the high-value tasks for the low ones. All because you haven’t hired enough employees - so you now have to help them.

Think of it as working for $15 an hour versus $100 an hour.

While these low-value tasks still hold valueYOU are the most valuable asset to your business. It only makes sense that you work on the highest value tasks no one else can do - that’s actually going to grow your business.

Here’s how to hire those new employees:

3. Getting Gas in the Morning

Okay, so this might sound strange this is on here, but this single task is costing your lawn care business hundreds… even thousands of dollars.

Picture this…

Every morning, your team goes to get gas. You might think this is the first thing they do, but you’re wrong. It’s the 2nd thing they do.

The first thing they do is grab snacks… and drinks… and talk. When all the while, they’re getting paid! You’re throwing your money away - and LOTS of it.

They’re not in a hurry to start their day. They’re tired. They want their coffee they didn’t have time to grab before work.

Every morning your team “grabs gas,” they’re wasting AT LEAST 45 minutes - every. single. morning.

So here’s the one question, you’ll wish you’d asked yourself from the very beginning… the simple solution you’d wished you’d thought of when you 1st started your business:

Why not grab gas in the evening?

When you fill up in the evening, your team:

So what does this mean for YOU?

They’re not going to waste your money.

Now, I’m not saying your employees are necessarily doing anything wrong. They’re doing things the way most lawn care companies operate… but you’re not like most lawn care companies. You don’t just want to survive. You want to grow.

Here are a few EXTRA money-saving tips:

2. Forgetting to Follow Up

If you’re looking to really grow your lawn care business - this mistake alone will stop you dead in the tracks.

When you forget to follow up:

Automations is the #1 way to follow up with clients. If you’re not using it, your business might still be successful - but it won’t grow.

In Service Autopilot, our automations send emails and texts to:

In automations, you can even automatically charge clients!

Although, please keep in mind you’ll have to choose a credit card processor to take advantage of auto-charging.

The opportunities for automations are absolutely endless.

The best part?

Automations are totally customizable. You just create it - and then forget about it! You don’t even have to use your assistant for these tasks anymore.

This allows your assistant to focus on those high-value tasks we talked about earlier. They’ll be able to focus on answering calls and nurturing client relationships.

1. Using Excel, Google Sheet or Pen & Paper

Your time is money, and excel takes time. So stop wasting your time and money with this…

… when there’s a solution out there that has the potential to save you hundreds… even thousands of dollars every year.

By becoming a Service Autopilot member, you’ll get a software that:

There is no other software out there that has the potential of Service Autopilot.

Why? Because, Jonathan and John (our co-founders) specifically designed our software to fit the needs of lawn care business owners.

The opportunities Service Autopilot can offer your business are absolutely limitless. In addition, we have so many affordable options to help your lawn care business grow.


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Mistakes Lawn Care Owners Make: Pt. 1