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5 Types of Grants for Starting a Lawn Care Business

Published on May 2, 2024

Are you looking to find grants for starting a lawn care business? If you need some financial assistance to get your new lawn care business off the ground, then grant funding may be an option.

Use this article to explore everything you need to know about the top types of grants for starting a lawn care business so you can:

  • Get all of your big questions answered at a glance
  • Find out where you need to go to apply
  • Quickly get the funding you need

By the end of this article, you’ll have everything you need to start applying for the most lucrative grants for starting a lawn care business today!

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FAQs on Grants for Starting a Lawn Care Business

What Is a Grant?

Similar to a scholarship, a grant is a free aid that doesn’t need to be paid back. These non-repayable funds are often supplied by the government, a company, or foundation.

Are Grants Free?

While grants aren't easy to get, they can provide crucial funding that doesn't have to be repaid like a loan.

What Can I Use Grants For?

Grants can allow you to access the capital you need for getting everything you need to get started:

How Do I Know if the Grant Is Legitimate?

Here’s how to tell a grant is legitimate:

  • Did you apply for the grant?
    • Remember, grants don’t just show up—you have to apply for them.
  • Is there a fee?
    • Typically, grants are free because they’re normally sourced from federal or local public funds.
  • Is it for business use?
    • In the U.S., grants are intended for business use. Any grants that are intended for personal use are most likely a scam.
  • What agency is the issuer from?
    • Agencies, such as the Federal Grants Administration, are nonexistent offices that are scams. Always double-check the source!
  • Is the issuer asking for your personal or company ID or banking information?
    • Ask the issuer to send this request in writing. This isn’t a typical question in the grant application process.

How to Get Your Grant Approved

There are several steps you can take to improve your chances of getting your grant application approved.

These are a few of the main ways you can bump your application to the top of the list:

Applying for Grants for Starting a Lawn Care Business

The process for grant applications is rather simple, and most grants have online applications with no fees.

However, before applying for grants, it’s important to:

  • Look into the grant before submitting an application
  • Meet business requirements (e.g. revenue, size, etc.)
  • Verify you meet the requirements (e.g. minority, veteran, woman, etc.)

Now, let’s take a look some of the top grants for starting a lawn care business:

1. Government Grants

Small Business Administration

The SBA (i.e. Small Business Administration) does not provide direct grants for starting or growing a business.

However, it does partially fund several grant programs through organizations, like the Small Business Development Centers and SCORE, that provide free business counseling, training, and mentorship.

This assistance can be invaluable when writing grant proposals and business plans to secure funding.

State and Local

Many states, counties, and cities offer grant programs to encourage entrepreneurship and small business development in their areas.

For example, some state departments of commerce or economic development authorities have self-employment assistance programs.

Local community development financial institutions (i.e. CDFIs) may also have grants for underserved entrepreneurs.

2. Job Creation Grants

Minority-Owned Businesses

There are numerous private grant funds and federal/state programs aimed at supporting minority-owned businesses.

However, keep in mind, many grants for minority-owned businesses require you to become a certified MBE (i.e. Minority Business Enterprise).

Take a look at a few opportunities minorities have for grants for starting a lawn care business:

Plus, in addition to federally funded programs, states also have programs aimed at helping minority businesses.

Every year, the EDA (i.e. U.S. Economic Development Administration) creates a list of minority grants.

New Immigrants

These are a few of the main grants for new immigrants:

Veteran Businesses

For former military members, resources like the Veteran Entrepreneur Portal can help veterans find the funding to establish veteran-owned small businesses like a lawn care company.

Plus, veterans can access a wide variety of grants:

Additionally, veterans can apply for Hivers and Strivers, an angel investment group that provides early-stage business financing for veterans.

Female Founders

Women entrepreneurs have access to a wide variety of grants for starting a lawn care business, such as:

Female Founders: Grants for Women of Color

In addition, women of color also have a wide selection of grants to choose from:

Female Founders: Grants for Moms

Also, there are a few grants for entrepreneurs who are moms:

Youth/Young Entrepreneurs

If you're a younger entrepreneur under age 25-35, you may qualify for grant programs designed to support and fund business ideas from students, recent grads, and young founders.

  • YBUSA (i.e. Youth Business USA)
  • NASE (i.e. National Association for the Self-Employed)
  • The Halstead Grant
    • For those in the jewelry industry but also has a category for young entrepreneurs in other industries, including lawn care

3. Environmental, Recycling, and Green Grants

Because lawn care relates to environmental services, like landscaping and protecting green spaces, you may be eligible for "green" business grants from sources like the EPA (i.e. Environmental Protection Agency) or private foundations focused on environmental sustainability.

Plus, for lawn care businesses in rural areas, you might qualify for the USDA rural business development program.

4. Small Business Grants

Small business grants for starting a lawn care business are more easily accessible to a wider population of entrepreneurs.

5. Grant Resources and Databases

There are several grant resources and databases you can use to search for specific grants that will meet the individual needs of your business.

BONUS: Additional Funding Options

In addition to grants, there are numerous other ways you can secure the funds you need to get your lawn care business started.


Crowdfunding is another way you can access additional funds for your business.

Take a look at a few crowdfunding opportunities you can explore:

In order to be successful in crowdfunding, you’ll need to provide a compelling pitch and offer rewards to backers.

Small Business Loans

If you can’t secure enough grants or adequate crowdfunding, then you might consider taking on a small business loan.

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions offer small business loans if you have a:

The SBA (i.e. U.S. Small Business Administration) is one of the best resources to connect you with reputable lenders who can provide funds for your lawn care business.

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Take Advantage of the Best Grants for Starting a Lawn Care Business

The key to getting the top grants for starting a lawn care business is by gathering your resources to create a detailed, persuasive business plan that clearly explains your:

  • Services
  • Qualifications
  • Target market
  • Financial projections

Plus, your business plan should also outline how you'll use the funds.

Remember, don't get discouraged by rejection—it's very common in the competitive grant process.

However, persistence pays off, so keep trying other opportunities.

Good luck securing the funding to make your dreams a reality using the best grants for starting a lawn care business!

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