How to Create the Best Christmas Light Business Cards

Published on August 19, 2021

Since your clients can pass along your Christmas light business cards to their friends and family, your business cards can be a valuable referral tool that automatically wins you more clients.

Plus, a great Christmas light business card helps you in other ways too:

  • Encourages great reviews
  • Builds your trustworthiness
  • Keeps you at the top of your clients’ minds
  • Shows clients you’re thinking of them (especially when you include a referral offer)

For these reasons, business cards are a fantastic solution if you’re searching for a solid, sustainable way to automatically win more clients.

Just remember, you only want to hand out your Christmas light business cards after you:

  • Get a compliment
  • Do an outstanding job
  • Receive a great review

In contrast, you do NOT want to hand out your Christmas light business cards after you:

  • Make a mistake
  • Receive a complaint
  • Apologize for an error
  • Receive a negative review

Now, let’s dive into how you can create the best Christmas light business cards to help you grow your business!

1. Provide a Referral Offer to Your Clients

In order to create a Christmas light business card that automatically wins clients for you, you’ll need to provide a referral offer to your clients.

When you provide a clear CTA (Call-to-Action), you’re telling your clients the next action you want them to take as well as how they’ll benefit from it.

While many Christmas light business owners are afraid they can’t afford to provide referral offers, I’d argue you can’t afford not to.

After all, clients aren’t likely to refer you if you don’t compensate them and make their efforts feel valued.

Also, keep in mind, the referral offer doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or complex. Your referral offer can be as simple as a $15 gift card for every successful referral.

Remember, it’s not so much about what you’re offering as much as it is about offering an incentive that’s something of value to show your clients gratitude for their referral.

Although, in order to avoid handing your Christmas light business cards to disgruntled clients, remember to only hand our your card to your happiest clients after they:

  • Give a compliment
  • Write a great review
  • Provide a positive survey response (easily do this using Service Autopilot)

When you give your business cards to the right clients, you’ll have the power to start automatically winning more clients through referrals.

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2. Create Magnetic Christmas Light Business Cards

What did you do with the last business card someone gave you?

As for me, I throw it in my wallet until it’s about ready to burst with receipts and business cards before I throw it away.

However, whenever I get a magnetic business card, my process is different.

Since the magnetic business card is useful to me, I’ll throw it on my fridge and use it to hold my shopping list and notes.

In turn, I’m looking at the same magnetic business cards every day.

When you print your Christmas light business cards on magnets, you’re helping your clients to “never lose” your card.

In addition, your clients will be thinking of you every time they look at their fridge.

This essentially free daily marketing is a great way to increase your referrals and conversions.

Since it takes about 6-8 touches to convert a lead into a client, this is also an effective method of gaining additional touches.

3. Showcase Your Social Media Handles and Website

It’s important not to miss out on the huge marketing opportunity to showcase your social media handles and website on your Christmas light business cards.

By the way, if you’re not on social media, or you don’t have a website, then you need to get started on it as soon as possible.

At a minimum, your Christmas light installation business should be on Facebook (and possibly Instagram).

All of your Christmas light business cards should have all of your social media handles listed as well as a link to your amazing website.

Though, if you either don’t have a website or it doesn’t look professional, think about hiring a third party to help you build one.

After all, when you list your social media handles and website on your business cards, you’re telling your clients:

  • How to connect with you
  • Where to find out more about you
  • Where to write reviews about your amazing Christmas light installation

Bottomline: Use your Christmas light business cards to drive traffic to your website and build your social media presence.

4. Ensure Your Name and Contact Information Are Easily Visible

Always remember, as you’re designing your Christmas light business cards, it’s important to ensure your name and contact information are easily visible and legible.

Since the primary goal of your business cards is to generate conversions, your cards should be functional and look professional.

For this reason, as you choose font keep it BOLD, yet simple. Additionally, as you choose colors, be sure you’re choosing something that won’t clash or blend in with the background.

Even though it’s easy to get carried away with designing creative business cards, remember that you’re not trying to win an art contest.

While you can’t get completely swept away with creativity, you can still create amazing Christmas light business cards that effectively win you more clients.

5. Include Your Name in Your Christmas Light Business Cards

In order to add an additional personal touch to your Christmas light business cards, it’s a good idea to include your name and job title (owner) under your name so clients know who you are.

In turn, this makes clients feel like a part of your brand and more connected to your business.

Since it’s more difficult to put a specific team member’s name on your cards in the Christmas light installation business (like other industries would), you can still include your name (the business owner) on the cards.

As a result of your extra personal touch, you’ll be opening up a free line of communication. In turn, you can improve client relations, which helps with retention.

BONUS: Pro Tips for Distributing Your New Cards

While there are countless ways you can distribute your new Christmas light business cards, these are a few of my favorites:

  • Mail them to happy clients or neighborhoods you’re trying to reach.
  • Include them in handwritten anniversary, holiday, or thank you cards.
  • Use your electronic copy as your cover photo on your social media profiles.
  • YOU personally give them to clients after a great review or compliment.
  • YOU go door-to-door to potential clients’ houses, introduce yourself, and hand them your card.

Even though these ideas are a great start, it’s always best to take it a step further and come up with your own unique ideas as well.

Always remember, the more unique you are, the more memorable you are. The more memorable you are, the more likely someone will remember you when they’re looking for a Christmas light installation business!

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Use Your Christmas Light Business Cards to Automatically Win More Clients

When you take advantage of the top strategies for creating effective business cards, you can use them to automatically win more clients.

Plus, use these pro strategies to grow your business and find great employees.

Now, you have the power to take advantage of effective Christmas light business cards to help you with marketing your business with a professional image.

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Originally published Aug 19, 2021 7:00 AM

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