4 Questions to Make You Rethink Your Lawn Care Services

Published on March 7, 2018

Are you selling the right lawn care services?

Some Lawn Care Owners think they are, but life is stressful and they struggle to make a profit.

The only way to truly know is to audit your services.

You need to ask your customers and employees the right questions.

Here, I'll give you the four questions you need to audit your lawn care services. Take your company up a notch:

What is Our Brand?

How well do you know your brand?

It always starts with your values and vision.

For example, if you’re a lawn care company that only provides conventional pest and weed control, located in an area where there are a lot of environmentally conscious homeowners, you may find that they’re not calling you for your lawn services.

Instead, they’re calling the lawn care company down the street that offers an organic insecticide.

Your brand shows your client that you believe conventional lawn care is the only way to go. They also may interpret your brand to mean that you don’t care about your local ecosystem.

So, what is your brand? How do you present your brand to the world?

Are you different from your competitors?

If so, in your opinion, are your lawn services better than the competition? Why?

Finally, does your brand solve a problem or fill a need for your potential and current customers?

You can find the answers to these questions by asking your customers. Surveys, feedback boxes and asking your current customers directly are some of the ways to find out what they think about your lawn services.

Your employees, especially your crew leaders, managers, sales and customer service departments, need to understand your brand, so they can communicate it to your customers.

So, ask your employees, if they know what your company’s brand is, its mission and its vision.

If your employees can’t explain why your company exists and how it benefits its customers, then you need to train them.

What Lawn Services are Important to Our Customers?

You probably can tell someone right off the bat what the most important lawn services are for your customers.

But you should also look at the numbers over the past season or two. Do the numbers match what you thought were the most popular services?

Can you improve on these services? The only way to know for sure is by sending a short survey to your customers:

  • Do you know why your customers prefer your lawn care company over your competitors?
  • What lawn services do your clients wish you offered?

This helps motivate you and your employees to continue to give exceptional service.

How Well Are We Marketing Our Lawn Services?

Do your potential customers know of the great service and products that you provide to them?

Marketing your lawn care business is key to getting more people to buy from you.

Marketing includes both content marketing and print marketing.

When you market to your potential clients, you need to know who those people are. Here are some demographics to consider:

  • Do you serve mostly retirees and the elderly? Or busy families with kids?
  • Do your potential clients have disposable income?
  • What kinds of services do these homeowners need? Drive through the neighborhood and look for problem areas.
  • Do your residential clients live in HOAs? What restrictions do they have?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can develop a client persona. Create your blogs, landing pages, website copy and other content marketing with that buyer in mind.

You can also use your buyer persona to create print marketing materials. The more that you can relate to your ideal client, the more you’ll reap the rewards from your marketing efforts.

Client Personas will help you find better leads, and generate more (and higher quality) customers.

[Free Download] Lawn Care Client - Persona Templates.

How Well Are We Selling Our Lawn Care Services?

What do the online reviews say about your business?

When you sell to your clients in person, do they like your work... or not?

Here are five areas to improve in order to better sell your lawn care services:

1. Do your crews wear clean uniforms and show up in clean, company trucks?

When your crews drive up to your customer’s house, do the trucks look like they were in a monster truck rally? Do your crews always have clean shirts with the company’s logo on them?

Your customers’ first impression of your company will be the crews that work on their properties.

2. Are your employees kind and polite?

Nothing turns off a customer like a rude technician or office assistant.

If all your customers get curt responses, they’ll go to someone else who’ll treat them better.

3. Do your crews clean up after themselves and make the property look pristine?

Your crews should blow off hard surfaces, like patios and driveways, as well as take grass clippings with them unless the customer specifically said that they want the clippings left in their yard.

4. Do your crews get the job done on time?

Your crews should always show up on time.

Service Autopilot's lawn care software makes this really easy to monitor. With the mobile app, you can have crews clock in, watch their time on route - and even see where they're driving.

5. Do your crews over-deliver on service?

Coach your employees to be a step above your competitors. If the rumor in town is all lawn care companies are alike, then change that perception with crews who show up on time, go above and beyond in their services and act professionally toward the customer.

When you audit your company for brand recognition, marketing and customer service, you want to see that your employees are living up to your expectations.

And if you find a weak area, put your heads together with your management team, to see how your company can transform that weakness into a strength.

Sell More Jobs When You Can Answer these Questions

Armed with these 4+ questions, you'll have a much better understanding of how to sell your services.

You'll also find out whether or not it's even worth providing those services in your market.

Now that you know HOW to sell the right lawn services, it's time to figure out HOW MUCH to sell them for.

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Wendy Komancheck

Wendy Komancheck is the owner of The Landscape Writer. She writes for lawn care, landscape and other field services. You can email her at wendy@landscapewriter.com. When Wendy’s not working, she’s at the local high school cheering on her two sons' volleyball games, taking walks with her dog, Hope, or helping out at church.


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