Lawn Care Owners: 10 Podcasts You Need to Be Listening To

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Lawn Care Owners – podcasts will make you:

  • Richer
  • Smarter
  • Happier with your business

Because when you listen to the right podcasts, you’ll automatically gain knowledge from thousands of owners who have found success in the lawn care and landscaping industry.

Here are the 10 best podcasts you need to listen to if you want to start, build, and grow a lawn care business:


1. The Profit Roadmap

Do you dream of doubling, or tripling your lawn care profits?

This is where you should start.

The Profit Roadmap includes interviews with Lawn Care titans, Green Industry Experts, and Consulting Professionals… all focused on growing your profits faster. Hands down, the best lawn care podcast out right now.

Where to Start: Jonathan Pototschnik talks about “What comes after selling season?”

2. Landscape Business Course

Mike Andes talks about how he grew his landscape business from $0 to $100k+ in just three years.

His podcast focuses on how to start a new lawn business… and get it to the size you want.

Where to Start:

Lawn Care Business Academy

3. Lawn Care Business Academy

This is an academy for new business owners in lawn care.

Here, Ethan Mann breaks down the elements of a lawn care business, the mistakes you might run into, and how to get up and running ASAP.

Where to Start: Three things to help your financial situation in 2018.

4. Dirt Monkey University

Unfortunately, Dirt Monkey University seems to have ended.

However, with nearly a hundred episodes on everything Green Industry, this podcast is still worth listening to. Especially if you work in the dirt.

Where to Start: Growing with Fewer Pains.

Want to grow even faster? Check out the ultimate guide to marketing your lawn care business.


5. Profit First

Mike Michalowicz wrote the book on making a business profitable.


This is perfect for small service businesses that NEED to get their financials in order.

Where to Start: Saving Money, Increasing Your Profit.

6. Landscape Business Pro

Interviews with experts.

This podcast dives into:

Where to Start: Build Reputation & Charge What You Want.

7. Lawn & Landscape Radio Network

Sliced up interview with Green Industry Experts.

This is specialty content from Lawn and Landscape Magazine, in audio form.

Where to Start: Protect Yourself.

8. Lawn Care Business Success

Is it Spring yet?

This is another good resource to help you start your lawn care business.

Lawn Care Business Success focuses on small companies trying to gain that competitive edge.

Where to Start: Is it Spring yet? Things to plan out right from the start


9. The Strategic Landscaper

Matt Hudson wants to help you create an “insanely profitable business.”

No matter what your goal in landscaping is, Matt wants to help you get there.

Where to Start: How to Make an Offer they Can’t Refuse

10. Service Business Mastery

Not just for lawn care owners, but all the advice here is very applicable.

High production quality, and great answers. This podcast focuses on the business side of things.

Where to Start: Marketing Basics w/ Ted Gravlin


Lawn Care Growth

Lawn Care Podcasts Will Grow Your Business

Whether you’re still working out in the field…

Or you need something to listen to on your drive to the office…

These 10 lawn care and landscaping podcasts will give you the tools and the confidence to grow your business that much faster.

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