The Transition to Meta: How to Advertise Cleaning Services on Facebook

Published on June 25, 2024

Ever wonder how to advertise cleaning services on Facebook?

Even though Facebook's company name has changed to Meta, advertising on their platform remains one of the best ways to reach new customers and grow your cleaning business. 

In this complete guide, we'll show you how to:

  • Target the right audience
  • Make compelling ads that convert
  • Set up high-performing Meta Ads campaigns to achieve your cleaning service advertising goals

Use this article to discover how to advertise cleaning services on Facebook like a pro!

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Facebook vs. Meta Ads

Facebook has changed its company name to Meta, but all that really means is that they are bringing together several apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

Rest assured, you don’t need to learn a new system because much of it is the same on the backend. 

Simply put, this change makes it easier to manage your ads across all of those social networks and reach an even bigger audience.

Why Facebook Ads Work for Cleaning Services

Facebook is still growing. Even after all these years, there are over 3 billion people using it. 

So how do you advertise cleaning services on Facebook?

With the right Facebook Ads, you can quickly reach many people who might want your services

Plus, it's a fast and effective way to grow your cleaning business.

Finding the Right Clients

Facebook knows a lot about its users which means you can show your ads to specific groups of people. 

You can choose based on things like:

  • Where they live
  • How old they are
  • What they're interested in
  • How they use the internet

Different Ways to Use Ads

Facebook Ads can do more than just get you new customers. They can also:

  • Make your business more easily discoverable online
  • Attract visitors to your website

Not everyone will hire you right away. But if they see your ads, they'll remember your business when they do need cleaning help.

See How Well Your Ads Work

With Facebook Ads, you can easily see how well they're doing. You can check things like:

  • How many people clicked on your ad
  • How many people hired you because of the ad
  • How people interacted with your ad

This data can help you make your ads better over time by focusing on what is working for your cleaning business as well as what isn’t.

Affordable Advertising

Facebook lets you choose how much you want to spend on ads. You can:

  • Set a daily budget
  • Set a total budget for the whole ad campaign

This means you can start small and spend more as you see good results. It's a great way for cleaning businesses to advertise without spending too much money at first.

Getting Started: Setting Up Your Facebook Ads

Before you start making ads, there are a few things you need to do first:

  1. Make a Facebook Business Page: This is like your cleaning company's online store and should have:
    • Quality pictures of your best work
    • Clear descriptions of what you do
    • Good reviews from happy clients
  2. Post Regular Content: Here are a few examples:
    • Talk about your cleaners
    • Give cleaning tips
    • Show before and after pictures of your best work

How to Advertise Cleaning Services on Facebook (i.e. Meta)

To make your ads, you'll use something called Meta Ads Manager

Choose Your Ad Goal

Within Meta Ads Manager you’re first going to need to decide what you want your ad to do:

You might want to:

  1. Get New Customers (free quotes or cleaning appointments)
  2. Get More Website Visits (great to build engagement and help potential clients get to know you)
  3. Let People Know About Your Business (i.e. "Local Awareness," which helps people in your area learn about your cleaning company)

Setting Up Your Ad

After you pick your goal, you need to decide who will see your ad and how much you'll spend.

This means picking things like the demographics mentioned above (e.g. age, location, interests, etc.) and where your ad will show up (e.g. Facebook feeds, Instagram, or Messenger).

As for ad spend, it basically comes down to how much you want to spend each day.

A good general rule of thumb is to keep the spending small, and then increase the budget if the ads perform well.

Making Your Ad Look Professional

Now comes the fun part—making your ad!

  1. Choose Your Ad Type: You can use pictures, videos, or even a group of pictures that people can swipe through.
  2. Use Great Pictures: Show clean homes or happy clients.
  3. Write Great Ads: Keep your words short and clear. Tell people why your cleaning service is special. For example, instead of saying "We clean houses," say "Come home to a spotless house and relax!"

Checking How Your Ad Is Doing

After your ad starts running, you need to keep an eye on it:

  1. Use the Meta Pixel: This is a special code for your website. It helps you see if people who clicked your ad actually hired you.
  2. Look at the Results: Meta Ads Manager will show you how many people saw your ad, clicked on it, and became clients.
  3. Make Your Ads Better: Try different pictures or words to see what works best. Keep changing your ads to make them better.

Extra Tips for Cleaning Service Ads

Here are some more ideas to make your ads work even better:

  1. Show Ads to People Who Visited Your Website: If someone looked at your website but didn't hire you, show them another ad to remind them.
  2. Give Special Offers: Offer deals to your regular clients or new clients.
  3. Share Helpful Information: Post cleaning tips or how-to videos to show that you're an expert.
  4. Seasonal Cleaning Ads: Advertise spring cleaning services or holiday cleaning help.
  5. Ask Customers to Refer Friends: Offer rewards to clients who tell their friends about you.

Beyond the Ad

If your ads aren't working as well as you'd like, look at these things:

  1. Make Your Website Better: When people click your ad and go to your website, make it easy for them to contact you or book a cleaning.
  2. Use Other Social Media: Share your ads on Instagram or X (i.e. Twitter) too.
  3. Use Email: Get email addresses from your ads and then send out offers and value added content via email.

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Start Now: How to Advertise Cleaning Services on Facebook (i.e. Meta)

Facebook Ads can really help your cleaning business grow. They can:

  • Bring in new clients
  • Keep your current clients coming back
  • Make people see you as the cleaning expert in your area

Remember, if you’re curious about how to advertise cleaning services on Facebook, know that it can take some time to see results. 

Keep trying, keep tabs on your ad performance, and continue to make them better. 

Soon, you'll see your cleaning business grow thanks to your Facebook Ads!

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