15 Ideas to Amaze Your New Cleaning Clients

Published on September 25, 2018

It feels so good to hear your cleaning clients say... “Wow! I’m so glad we hired you.”

But how do you do it?

How do you get new clients excited about your cleaning services?

These 15 strategies will move your customers instantly to the “Wow” factor, and help you grow your cleaning business faster.

1. Customer service is a big one:

How you treat your clients reflects on your cleaning company’s reputation.

  • Do you under-promise and over-deliver?
  • Do you offer service with a smile?
  • Who answers the phone and what’s their attitude?

Just the simple act of kindness can put you ahead of your competition, or at least amaze your customers.

2. Be smart about the clients you take on:

Don’t take on every client who calls you.

Some clients have been through a lot of cleaning agencies because the customer is hard to satisfy. If your gut tells you this client will be hard to please no matter what you do, then politely decline.

3. Stay up-to-date with technology:

From scheduling software to accounting and GPS, technology helps you to deliver better service to your clients.

Don’t break the bank staying updated with technology, but increase your use of it as your business grows.

Some scheduling softwares, like Service Autopilot, are designed to grow with your business - so your cleaning business stays light, flexible, and stress-free.

4. Know how to safely use cleaning chemicals:

You and your cleaning crews will be in regular contact with various cleaning chemicals. Learn how to use them safely and teach your teams on best practices while using these chemicals.

5. Develop a niche:

Cleaning can be competitive. Focus on a niche in the beginning of your business, otherwise you will have to compete with everyone.

Niches include:

  • janitorial cleaning for office buildings,
  • cleaning newly constructed houses,
  • cleaning houses up for sale,
  • cleaning small offices and preschools,
  • as well as cleaning private homes.

Take on one niche, and become amazing at it. This will help your reputation grow - and get you more referrals from the right kind of client.

6. Go green:

Going green is a popular concept in many service-related industries.

You may want to go green because of regularly working with cleaning solvents, or you may want it to be a niche business to reach a certain clientele.

Depending on your market area, “green cleaning” services may be in extremely high demand.

7. Clean like it’s your house:

Take the same intensity that you clean at home and apply it when you work on your clients’ homes. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to wow them.

You can also offer niche services such as deep cleaning, rug and window cleaning, in addition to other jobs that make rooms sparkle.

8. Create systems:

Unless you enjoy being a lone ranger, you’ll eventually hire employees to help you service your cleaning clients.

Develop cleaning policies, so everyone knows what to expect. Also, make sure you create a manual for you and your employees to keep in your fleets’ vehicles to use as a reference while on the road.

However, you want to conserve time and still do your cleaning with efficiency.

Here are 12 simple steps to start your cleaning business.

9. Don’t rush through the work:

However, if your systems cut corners, modify them to make sure you’re still giving your customers’ the best service possible.

10. Price Your Services Right:

You never want to charge too little, or else you’ll run yourself out of business.

Pricing too high is scary, too.

Instead, figure out how to price your cleaning services for a FAIR profit. That will allow you to pay yourself (and your employees) while still growing your business.

Instead, opt for the middle price, making sure you can pay your employees and your overhead as well as earn a living for yourself.

11. Hire well and treat your cleaning crews with respect:

Good employees are hard to find. And when you find those gems who work hard and take pride in it, you want to make sure that you keep them long-term.

Don’t be afraid to do three interviews with potential employees. You also may want your prospective employees to visit a site with you to see if your potential hires are willing to do the hard cleaning work.

12. Make sure you’re insured and bonded:

In many cases, you may be cleaning offices during off hours or homes during the day when your clients are at work.

Instill that extra layer of trust by getting bonded and insured. You also want to do background checks on your crews since they’ll be cleaning without you.

13. How’s the economy doing?

Make sure you keep up with local and world news.

The current economy will affect your business. How? Well, if oil prices rise, it’s going to cost you to fuel up your vehicles to get you to your jobs. If the cost of wood increases, then paper products, such as toilet paper and paper towels will go up in price.

And all of these things affect your bottom-line and potentially the level of service you give your customers.

14. Stay on top of labor costs and other employee-related issues:

Make sure you stay current on labor costs, benefits and other employee-related issues.

Join a cleaning trade organization that can help you stay up-to-date with the hiring process and benefits.

Why do you need a marketing plan? Listen to this podcast to learn more.

15. Go to the next level and build your brand:

After you’ve developed a following and have some great reviews posted on your website, think about promoting your brand.

You may not want national attention, but you can create a brand that attracts customers from your market area.

You’ll need a logo, a tagline and marketing materials with your logo on them.

You can build brand recognition by using your logo on everything that a customer sees, hears and touches:

  • Your company cars,
  • uniforms,
  • business cards,
  • website and social media sites.

Why the “Wow!” Matters

It’s easy to wow your customers when you incorporate these 15 ideas into your business’s daily life.

You may not accomplish everything right away, but remember to amaze your customers by giving them excellent customer service and a job well-done.

An extra “Wow!” from your clients goes a long way. Clients who love you - and your work - are much more likely to forgive you for any mishaps. People are desperate (and will pay a healthy price) for a good cleaning company.

They’re also much more likely to refer your company to their family and friends, which is a great way to grow faster.

When you can amaze your clients, you’re ready to grow a great cleaning business.

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Wendy Komancheck

Wendy Komancheck is the owner of The Landscape Writer. She writes for lawn care, landscape and other field services. You can email her at wendy@landscapewriter.com. When Wendy’s not working, she’s at the local high school cheering on her two sons' volleyball games, taking walks with her dog, Hope, or helping out at church.


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