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You're busy. You want to grow your lawn care business. You want to educate yourself. You want to conquer your dreams.

... But you're also busy.

Podcasts allow you to learn anyways (even if you're busy!) because you can listen while you work.

Lawn Care Owners - podcasts will make you:

  • Richer
  • Smarter
  • Happier with your business

Because when you listen to the right podcasts, you'll automatically gain knowledge from thousands of owners who have found success in the lawn care and landscaping industry.

Here are the 5 best podcasts you need to listen to if you want to start, build, and grow a lawn care business:

5. Service Business Mastery

Tersh Blissett gives great, applicable advice to anyone in the service industry.

This podcast focuses on growing your lawn and landscaping business to its fullest potential.

It's jam-packed with tips on business operations, pricing, profit-building goals and anything else you'll need to grow your lawn business.

One of Our Favorite Episodes: Service Tech Cram Course Training Review with Justin

4. The GaryVee Audio Experience

If you're trying to make more money in lawn care and landscaping... trying to grow your business... trying to be a better business owner - this podcast is for you.

Gary gives step-by-step marketing advice with implantation tips as well as insider marketing knowledge.

His marketing experience is going to revolutionize your business... plus his show is fun to listen.

One of Our Favorite Episodes: How to Become Who You Aspire to Be

3. Entrepreneurship Elevated

Mike Michalowicz wrote the book on making a business profitable.

... Literally.

This is perfect for small service businesses that NEED to get their financials in order. So whether you're lawn business is struggling... or thriving - every lawn and landscape owner will benefit from Mike's podcast.

One of Our Favorite Episodes: Clarifying Your Brand Message with Don Miller

Want to grow even faster? Check out the ultimate guide to marketing your lawn care business.

2. Landscape Business Course

Mike Andes talks about how he grew his landscape business from $0 to $100k+ in just three years.

Every new lawn and landscape owner should check out Mike's podcast.

His podcast focuses on starting a new lawn and landscape business... and get it to the size you want. Through his expert advice, you can start growing your new lawn business in no time.

One of Our Favorite Episodes: Q&A - Which Service Is Most Profitable in Lawn Care?

1. The Profit Roadmap

Do you dream of doubling... or even tripling your lawn care profits?

This is where you should start.

Co-hosts Cody and Bear give interviews with people like Lawn Care Marketing Mechanic, the CEO of Ballard Incorporated and Smart Growth Expert Jeff Harkness... all focused on growing your profits faster. Hands down, the best lawn care podcast out right now.

One of Our Favorite Episodes: From the Field to the Product Lab: Creating Efficient Lawn Care Accessories

Find Out the Emotions and Benefits YOUR Clients Care About


Even if you're busy as at work, these podcasts will give you the chance to listen and learn while you work.

No matter where you are in your business, these podcasts will give you the tools and the confidence to start growing.

If you follow the tips in these podcasts, I promise you can start quickly taking your business to the next level today.

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Originally published March 15, 2018 7:00 AM, updated July 2, 2019 1:44 PM



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