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13 Cleaning Social Media Tips to Grow Your Business

Published on March 25, 2021

When you use the right cleaning social media strategies for your business, you can quickly begin to win more clients and build relationships with existing ones.

While using social media to grow your cleaning business is different than using it for personal use, it’s not as complex as it might seem.

At the end of the day, the same goal applies for both business and personal use of social media: Post things people actually care about.

In this article, we’ll talk about the main cleaning social media strategies you can start immediately utilizing:

  • Creating hyper relevant posts
  • Using short videos that sell your work
  • Getting happy clients to write great reviews
  • Using hashtags to become more discoverable
  • Use social media ads to generate high-quality leads

… And so much MORE.

I promise, by the end of this article, you’ll have the main cleaning social media tips you need to start quickly growing your business.

1. Set the Right Cleaning Social Media Goals from the Start

In order to sustainably grow your cleaning social media accounts, it’s a great idea to set some foundational goals in place.

I suggest creating a simple data spreadsheet and setting these 4 goals for all of your social media accounts:

  1. Weekly goals
  2. Monthly goals
  3. Quarterly goals
  4. Annual goals

These are a few examples of some basic cleaning social media goals you might set:

  • New Facebook Likes/Followers
    • Weekly: +10
    • Monthly: +40
    • Quarterly: +120
    • Annually: +480
  • Facebook Clicks (to your cleaning website)
    • Weekly: 15
    • Monthly: 60
    • Quarterly: 180
    • Annually: 720
  • Facebook Interactions
    • Weekly: 5
    • Monthly: 20
    • Quarterly: 60
    • Annually: 240

While these are a few great goals to get you started, you may find as you go along that there are additional metrics you’d like to track.

I suggest using a free social media scheduling tool, like Hubspot or Hootsuite, so that you can view your data in one simple place.

Plus, you’ll be able to schedule your social media posts in advance for easier convenience.

Once you have your goals in place and you’ve created a social media scheduling tool account, it doesn’t stop there… You need to consistently evaluate your data to get better.

2. Consistently Evaluate the Data to Improve Your Strategies

Now that you’ve made your spreadsheet and created your social media scheduling tool account, you need to continually update your spreadsheet every week.

As a result, you’ll keep yourself on target for reaching your goals, and you can adjust your cleaning social media strategies in real-time.

In addition to tracking your metrics to improve your strategies, you should also keep tabs on your competitors.

Make it a habit of looking at your local competitors and evaluating their social media strategies… What’s not working? What’s working? How can you do BETTER?

This is a great way of using your competitors as a gauge for what your target market actually wants to see and engage with.

3. Focus Your Efforts on the Best Platforms for You

While social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok are great, some of them may not be suitable for you.

Depending on your bandwidth, you may find that you only have time to dedicate to two of these platforms to really do them justice.

Even though your cleaning business’ social media presence is important, it’s more important that you have enough time to dedicate to the platform.

This means you need to focus on growing your cleaning social media accounts with engaging posts, rather than spreading yourself thin with half-way decent posts.

If you only have time for one or two platforms, then that’s okay.

In order to choose which social media platforms are best to start with, look at what’s consistently working (or not working) for your local competitors… 

Are Facebook and Instagram working well for most of your competitors? If so, then those are the two platforms you should start with.

Whatever you choose, make sure you have enough time to dedicate to at least one or two social media platforms.

Pro Tip! If you’re truly spread thin, then you might consider hiring an executive assistant who can also manage social media for you. You could also consider hiring a part-time social media specialist or intern.

4. Create Relevant Posts that Your Clients Care About

One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen cleaning businesses make is to sell in EVERY post… On the flip side, I’ve also seen businesses post content in EVERY post (forgetting to sell).

When it comes to your cleaning social media accounts, you have to create relevant posts your clients care about, while also selling your services.

That said, you should also develop a good cadence for your posts.

Depending one the social media platform, the general consensus is to post 5-7 times per week on Facebook and Instagram (though, no more than once per day).

Take a look at some examples of things you might share:

  • Giveaways
  • Cleaning hacks
  • Your blogs (if applicable)
  • Company volunteer work
  • Deals and exclusive offers
  • Great reviews or testimonials
  • Promote your client referral offer
  • Company new, events, or milestones
  • Before and after pictures of your best work
  • Introduce new cleaners or employee anniversaries
  • Anywhere you’re featured (news, websites, awards, etc… )

And more!

The opportunities are endless as to the types of engaging content you can post on your cleaning business’ social media accounts.

And don’t forget! You should always stay updated on what your competitors are doing on social media.

See what’s not working or working for them and find out how you can do better.

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5. Host Giveaways and Exclusive Offers

In addition to posting relevant content, consider offering occasional giveaways and exclusive offers.

These are some of the BEST ways to increase engagement on your social media accounts.

After all, everyone wants to win something or snag the best exclusive deal!

Though, try not to overthink it.

Your giveaway can be as simple as offering a free $100 Target gift card to the first 10 people to like, comment, and share your Facebook post.

Your exclusive offer can be as simple as 50% off the next cleaning service for the first 10 people who sign up for your newest upsell service.

Plus, you can also share occasional reminders of your client referral offer. This serves as a true exclusive offer since it’s only for existing clients.

As always, check your cleaning prices and profit goals to make sure you’re charging enough to still meet your desired profit (you can easily check this using Service Autopilot).

Even though these offers are great to drum up new business and boost your social media accounts, you want to make sure you can handle the potential short-term profit loss.

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6. Post Pictures of Your Cleaning Business in Action

Both leads and clients want to see pictures of your cleaning business.

Leads want to know what you can do before they hire you, and clients are more willing to pay for upsells if they know what you can do.

Plus, pictures are a great way to develop deeper connections with your clients virtually.

As a result, it’s important you consistently post pictures of your cleaning business in action.

You can post pictures of things like:

  • New employee pictures
  • Employee anniversary with picture
  • Employee of the month with picture
  • Before and after pictures of your best work
  • Company events (christmas parties, company barbecues, etc… )

Pictures like these go A LONG WAY in developing deep, long-lasting relationships with your clients!

7. Use Social Media Ads in Addition to Organic Posts

Remember those cleaning social media goals we talked about in the first step?

The goals you set earlier will determine how much you want to focus on organic posts versus ads.

Typically, organic posts are used to cultivate and nurture deeper relationships with existing clients and win the interest of newly aware leads.

Social media ads are usually used to find new clients by generating new leads.

Depending on your goals and budget, it’s a great idea to reinforce your organic posts by using social media ads.

This is because social media ads usually drive traffic to your social media account and persuade newly aware leads to follow your page for organic content.

Despite what you might think, creating social media ads is easier than you might think.

Check out our Facebook Ads Guide for Cleaners to find out more.

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8. Use Short Videos to Showcase Your Cleaning Business

In addition to useful content and company pictures, it’s also important to provide your cleaning social media audience with quick 1-3 minute videos about your cleaning business.

Did you know that your client could be 35% more likely to buy your services by watching a video than by looking at a picture?

… ALL are great platforms for posting quick video content.

These videos can range from a variety of topics:

  • Client testimonials
  • Your company story
  • Quick advertisements
  • An introduction to your company (your mission, what your company is all about)

The main goal of these videos is to provide your leads and clients with something tangible they can’t get from pictures or written words.

Quick videos are a great way to introduce yourself and create a sense of human connection with your audience.

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9. Stick Your Cleaning Social Media Handles EVERYWHERE

One of the best ways to grow your cleaning social media accounts is by simply telling your clients about it!

Put your social media handles on things like:

As a result, your leads and clients will know where to go to connect with you or find out more about you through social media.


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10. Ask Your Happiest Clients to Write a Review

One of the biggest mistakes I see cleaning businesses make is by asking everyone to write a review for you.

While this is a great way to get a lot of reviews, it’s also going to get you some bad reviews too.

Did you know that customers are 21% more likely to write a review about a negative experience than a bad one?

Also, 63.6% of consumers say they check reviews before converting.

In other words, most leads will check your reviews before they convert, and you’re more likely to have clients write bad reviews over good reviews.

Bottom Line: Your raving clients will likely write great reviews, and your angry clients will likely write poor reviews. As a result, your reviews can be highly skewed.

This means you need to put extra focus into getting your happiest clients to write you reviews.

These are a few instances where you should ask your happy clients to write you a review:

  • Excellent survey
  • Compliment on your services (or about an employee)
  • Happy comment on social media raving your services

Whenever one of these instances arise, always take advantage of the opportunity to ask them to write you a review on social media and Google.

Your potential clients are checking your reviews before they convert, and these are the best ways to remove some of their buying barriers.

Also, don’t forget to share these happy reviews on your social media accounts! This can be as simple as a quick screenshot or small quote graphic sharing your great review.

A Quick Word of Caution: Some businesses choose to incentivize their clients to write them great reviews. However, this is a murky area. If you choose to do this, make sure you offer ALL of your clients this opportunity (good AND bad), or you can risk running into legal implications.

Pro Tip! When you get a bad review, try to empathize with your client and immediately drive the conversation offline to a phone call or online chat.

Check out our 5-Star Review Guide for Cleaners for more ways to get great reviews.

11. Respond to Direct Messages in 24 Hours or Less

As a service business, it’s important you quickly respond to ALL of your direct messages within one business day. Though, the sooner, the better.

By doing this, your showing you’re a reliable, professional business that cares about your clients.

Oftentimes, leads will send direct messages asking about your services. Don’t miss this opportunity to convert them!

Direct them to whatever Call-to-Action you want them to make (i.e. calling your office or signing up for an estimate).

A great way to stay on top of this is by utilizing chatbots.

In Facebook, you can select your hours of operation and have a chat bot send automated, custom messages to your clients.

Utilize chatbots wherever possible and make sure you have your direct message chatbot settings and hours of operation set up and customized to meet your needs.

12. Grow Your Cleaning Social Media Accounts With Hashtags

A great way to become discoverable on social media is by using searchable hashtags.

In other words, research which hashtags are popular on your social media platforms in your area, and find different ways to incorporate them into your posts.

Plus, you can even come up with a few of your own so interested aware leads and clients can easily find your posts.

These hashtags can be as simple as #dallascleaningbusiness, #dallashousecleaning, or #[yourcity][cleaningbusinessname].

Though, try to be as specific as possible. If you choose too broad of hashtags, you probably won’t be found by the right leads (if at all).

Simply find which hashtags are the most searched in your area.

Also, don’t forget to see what’s working for your local competitors and check the hashtags they’re using.

13. Stay Updated on the Latest Social Media Trends and Capabilities

As a cleaning business on social media, it’s important you stay up-to-date on the latest social media trends and capabilities.

For example, new social media features or viral trends.

If you’re new to social media or you want to know more, I suggest signing up for social media newsletters. This is probably the easiest way to stay in-the-know.

And as always, look at what your local competitors are doing well to try to spark ideas for your own cleaning social media accounts.

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Start Growing NOW Using These Cleaning Social Media Tips

Even though using social media to scale your business is different from personal use, once you get the hang of it, social media is a powerful tool for your cleaning business.

In order to grow your cleaning business using social media, remember to keep your content relevant to what your clients want.

While hiring a social media manager or a professional photographer or videographer are nice, you don’t have to hire professionals in order to use social media for your business.

It’s more important to get your cleaning business’ name out there to generate more leads while also cultivating long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your existing clients.

Now, you can use these cleaning social media tips to start growing your business TODAY!

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Originally published March 25, 2021 3:01 PM

Alyssa Sanders

Alyssa is the Team Lead of Content Marketing at Xplor Field Services. When she's not writing or creating content, you can find her watching a new sci-fi series or shoving her nose into a book.

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