5 Ways to Dominate This Spring Lawn Care Season

Published on April 7, 2022

By taking advantage of the best strategies in the industry, you can take over entire neighborhoods this spring lawn care season.

Take a look at some of the primary ways you can be the #1 choice and beat the competition:

  • Competitively position your prices
  • Hire and keep the top professionals
  • Stand out with the best marketing strategies
  • Automatically receive referrals from your happiest clients
  • Use the #1 lawn care software to streamline everyday tasks

The pro strategies in this article will allow you to easily beat the competition this spring lawn care season.


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1. Reassess Your Prices

Pricing your services is an ongoing balancing act. To correctly price your services, you’ll need to regularly reassess client accounts to ensure competitive pricing that’s not too high or low.

In turn, competitively pricing your services allows you to:

Plus, when you use Service Autopilot, you can easily and instantly review client account profitability.

Use these four basic steps to properly price your services for profit:

  1. Track job times
  2. Know your market
  3. Calculate operational costs
  4. Test your lawn care pricing process

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2. Hire and Keep the Best Employees

In order to provide your clients with the highest quality of work, you’ll need to know how to hire and keep the best employees.

Take a look at a few quick ways to know when it’s time to hire:

  • Are clients happy with your services?
  • Do you have a hiring process already in place?
  • Do you have enough money to handle the short-term profit loss?
  • Are you growing fast enough to put a new, full-time hire to work?
  • Do you have the adequate time and resources to properly train them?

Also, here are a few examples of ways you can find the best employees:

Plus, despite what you might think, it’s still possible to hire and keep great professionals during a hiring crisis.

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3. Take Advantage of the Best Marketing Strategies

When you know how to implement the top marketing strategies in the industry, you can:

  • Build branding
  • Increase online presence
  • Improve selling effectiveness

These are some of the best marketing strategies to quickly win clients:

Also, contrary to what you might believe, you don’t have to hire a professional marketer.

ALL of these marketing strategies are accessible to beginners and more experienced marketers alike.

While hiring a freelance, part-time, or full-time marketing expert might help advance your business faster when your budget allows, it’s not necessary.

After all, it’s better to get started marketing now than to wait until you have the right resources!

Plus, as you’re first getting started, you might even consider having your executive assistant or an intern aid you in these everyday marketing strategies.

For example, your executive assistant or intern could help manage your social media accounts or update your website.

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Conduct 9-Arounds

In conjunction with these solid marketing strategies, conducting 9-arounds is an excellent way to target and take over specific neighborhoods.

Simply have your team drop off flyers/door hangers and business cards at the nine neighboring client houses.

As a result, you can condense routes by dominating these neighborhoods. Plus, you can make big money mowing small lawns!

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4. Ask for Referrals from Your Best Clients

One of the best ways to win great clients this spring lawn care season is by asking for referrals from your best existing ones.

Start by implementing a client referral program. In turn, you can generate an automatic, steady stream of referrals by leveraging your existing clientbase.

Plus, your client referral offer can be as simple as offering $15 off their next service for every successful referral. Alternatively, you can offer a free upsell service.

To implement your new client referral program, simply give clients your business card after they:

Sell more work with these lawn care business cards!

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5. Use the Best Lawn Care Software to Get Miles Ahead of the Competition

The best lawn care software has the power to get your business miles ahead of the competition this spring lawn care season with:

With Service Autopilot, you’ll have the power to dive into untapped, rapid growth beyond your highest expectations.


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Beat the Competition This Spring Lawn Care Season

In order to be the top choice for lawn care services in your area, you’ll need to know how to leverage the right steps to make your business stand out.

When you know how to take charge this lawn care season, you can:

Use the top strategies in this article to beat the competition and dominate entire neighborhoods this spring lawn care season!

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Originally published April 7, 2022 7:00 AM

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