3 Profit-Building Goals for Cleaning Businesses in 2023

Published on January 10, 2019

In order to kick off every new year, it’s important you know how to set the right profit-building goals for cleaning businesses.

If you don’t know how to set goals for cleaning businesses yet, or aren’t sure what to do next, this article will help you to:

As a cleaning business entrepreneur, you want to:

  • Increase profits
  • Beat the local competition
  • Get in the right direction for an amazing 2023
  • Establish local authority as THE BEST house cleaning service provider

Use this article to uncover the insider secrets to setting GREAT profit-building goals for cleaning businesses in 2023.

1. Grow Your Revenue

Growing revenue is the most important of the profit-building goals for cleaning businesses.

That means increasing your client list, selling more jobs, and upselling current clients.

Here’s how to achieve this goal:

Lead Acquisition

Sales funnels are a great way to convert leads into clients.

Creating a sales funnel can be as simple as creating a digital ad on social media, Youtube, or Google Ads.

Using any of these marketing strategies, you can direct leads to a simple landing page or homepage on your website.

Your landing page, or homepage, increases conversions by highlighting your unique selling propositions.

Grow Your Current Market Share

If you’re not already the leading cleaning service provider in your area, then you’ll have to find new ways to grow your current market share.

To start, take a look at what the local competition is doing:

  • How are they acquiring more leads?
  • Why do customers choose the competition over you?
  • Are they offering something different or unique compared to other cleaning businesses?

But be careful - you don’t want to copy them. Instead, use this knowledge to assess areas of your business that may need improvement.

Next, figure out how to increase your share of the market.

While each business is different, the most common ways to improve are improving marketing strategies and improving reviews.

Expand into additional markets.

Have you tapped out your current local market? Which neighboring areas could you expand your cleaning services into?

For example, you may set up a remote team in a different town that’ll be responsible for servicing only that area.

In turn, you won’t have daily commutes to neighboring areas, but you’ll still be able to expand your business into new markets.

2. Improve Customer Service and Quality

The reputation of your cleaning business speaks louder than your marketing.

For this reason, online reviews should be taken seriously. After all, your prospects are researching your business before converting.

So if you want to be known as the best cleaning business in town, you’ll have to earn that reputation.

You can improve your business’ local reputation by having:

  1. Better hires
  2. Improved assessments
  3. Competitive incentives

Monitor the quality of work your teams provide to clients. You can do this by developing a review system for your customers.

One of the best ways to gather this customer feedback is by sending automated surveys after a cleaning service is completed.

By the way, you can easily send automated surveys using Service Autopilot’s Automations.

Once you know how your teams are performing, reward their outstanding work.

For example, you could develop compensation plans revolving around quality scores.

As a result, your cleaners have more opportunities to earn, and your clients get a better experience—everyone wins!

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3. Level Up Your Marketing Strategies

If you do it right, marketing isn’t a one-and-done process.

You should ALWAYS be stepping up your marketing... testing... assessing... changing... testing again.

Test new things—offers, audiences, email subject lines, social media posts, images, headlines, etc.

If you can get a solid testing plan in place you’ll be able to track what’s really working and what’s not. Take what works and push your efforts into that.

To be successful, test these advertising channels:

Paid Social Media Ads

If you’re not doing Facebook ads, you should be.

Like, right now.

Stop reading this article and go set up some ads.

Creating a leads funnel on Facebook could get those leads flowing directly into your business:

  • Start with a few educational videos to warm up your audience.
  • Next, deliver a video detailing your business and what you do.
  • Finally, target them with a super cool new client offer that directly sells your business with a strong call to action.

Email Marketing

The majority of email marketing is free. It typically costs nothing to email your clients and lead lists, and it can be an easy touch point to stay top-of-mind.

Start by creating separate strategies for each audience. For clients, email them with timely upsell offers.

For leads, send them new client discounts, holiday promotions, and creative content to hook them.

Plus, your emails don’t have to be flashy. Typically, shorter emails are better anyways. Just make sure it’s actionable and easy to understand. 

As always, track your emails to see what is working with your lists. You can easily do this using the #1 cleaning service software!

These are small things you “leave behind” after you finish a cleaning service.

They push you from good… to GREAT.

Design a few pieces with upsell offers that you can leave for existing clients.

Create new client discounts that you can use as door hangers, or leave behind for your clients to pass out to their friends.

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Leave Behinds

Just like it sounds, leave behinds are the small things you “leave behind” after finishing a cleaning service.

To start, design a few pieces with upsell offers you can leave for existing clients.

Next, create new client discounts you can use as door hangers or magnetic business cards, or leave behinds for your clients to pass out to their friends.

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Create the Best Profit-Building Goals for Cleaning Businesses

This year will be amazing… if you follow the plan.

These simple but effective goals for cleaning businesses can take you from zero to 60 in no time.

Your business is year-round. That means you can test your sales and marketing strategies throughout the year.

If you sit idly by, your business will not grow.

Use these winning pro strategies for creating the best profit-building goals for cleaning businesses today!

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Lisa Marino

Lisa Marino is the Sr. Marketing Director for Service Autopilot. She uses her 17+ years in direct marketing, sales, and product development to push entrepreneurs beyond their limits. She's passionate about helping others grow their businesses through time-tested marketing techniques. When not writing, you can find her belting out a mean Stevie Nicks at a local karaoke night.


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