7 Reasons to Fire a Bad Pool Service Client

Published on March 23, 2023

Figuring out when it’s time to fire a bad pool service client is the ultimate key behind running a successful business.

Even though firing a client should always be reserved as a last resort, it’s important to know when it’s time to let a bad pool service client go.

After all, a bad client can be damaging and detrimental to the health of your business.

Just by knowing when to fire a bad pool service client, you can:

  • Keep happy technicians
  • Prioritize your most profitable clients
  • Redirect valuable resources to higher value efforts
  • Maximize profits by replacing bad clients with great ones
  • Mitigate liability by firing bad clients harassing your techs

Rather than delaying firing a bad pool service client, it’s important to know when to let them go. After all, it’s best to fire these bad clients before they’re too much of a nuisance or liability.

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1. They Repeatedly Compare Your Business to the Competition

Clients who repeatedly compare your pool service business to the competition in an effort to reduce prices usually aren’t worth the trouble.

More often than not, it’s best to remain firm on your pricing. Remember, you know your profit goals as well as the worth of your services.

If a client doesn’t accept your prices, then it’s likely time to replace this bad pool service client with a more profitable one.

2. They’re Always Late or Non-Paying

A bad client who is always late or non-paying is usually not worth your time. In most cases, it’s best to let them go and replace them with a more profitable client.

Keep in mind, every day a client is late or non-paying is another day your business loses money.

Remember, you’re in the business of making money, so it’s important to only focus on clients who are going to consistently pay on time.

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3. The Client Is Minimally Profitable or Doesn’t Meet Profit Goals

You have two options for a bad pool service client who is minimally profitable or doesn’t meet profit goals:

  1. Fire them
  2. Increase their price

Even though the goal is usually to keep clients at the new increased price, you’ll need to be willing to fire them if they don’t agree to the new adjusted price.

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4. The Bad Pool Service Client Is Impossible to Satisfy

Despite your best efforts, your pool service business will inevitably come across impossible clients to satisfy.

Here are a few scenarios in which you should consider firing a bad pool service client:

  • Multiple or frequent trips to reservice the property
  • More resources are spent with them than with others

Unfortunately, you’ll occasionally encounter clients who are more trouble than the worth they bring to your pool service business.

Rather than squandering valuable resources on someone who’s impossible to please, letting a bad pool service client go is typically the best option in these instances.

5. Unreasonable Demands Are Made

Much like a bad pool service client who’s impossible to satisfy, it’s equally important to consider firing clients making unreasonable demands.

By taking a stance against bully clients, you can save lucrative resources which are better spent elsewhere.

Take a quick look at a few examples of a bad pool service client who makes unreasonable demands for:

  • Set specific times for pool services
  • Repeat pool services for the same price
  • Providing services your business doesn’t offer

Typically, firing these types of clients and replacing them with better fits is the best option for your pool service business.

6. They Refuse to Follow Company Guidelines

Profit disruptions, frustrated crews, and damaged equipment are just a few of the main ways a bad client can interrupt the scale of your business.

For instance, it’s likely time to fire clients repeatedly breaking basic company guidelines:

  • Pets are left out during scheduled services
  • Neglecting to leave open a gate or access point
  • Pool toys and pool equipment left in or near the pool
  • Leaving obstacles near pool equipment (e.g. heater, pumps, etc.)

While none of the above scenarios necessarily cause a huge depletion of everyday resources, these resources collectively add up.

Remember, even if a technician is forced to wait 5 minutes for a gate to be unlocked, you’re still paying your crews for this time. Plus, this cost adds up when you have repeat offenders.

However, rather than immediately firing the bad pool service client, it’s important to consider sending them a written warning first.

7. The Bad Pool Service Client Harrasses Your Techs

Other than presenting potential liability, a bad pool service client harassing your technicians can deeply impact your team with:

  • Wasted resources
  • Top techs to leaving
  • An unhealthy work environment

Keep in mind, a client who verbally or physically harasses your techs even once can cause liability if proper actions aren’t taken.

Based on the scenario, you typically have two options:

  • Send a written warning
  • Immediately fire the client

In addition, clients consistently creating nuisances or interruptions for your techs at work also waste valuable resources.

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Replace a Bad Pool Service Client With Great Ones

Knowing when to fire a bad pool service client allows you to:

Also, keep these steps in mind when firing a bad pool service client:

  1. Check your contract/agreement terms
  2. Remain professional, calm, and polite
  3. Call to explain your reason for firing them
  4. Stay civil and avoid blaming or confrontation
  5. Provide a referral when applicable
  6. If you’re in the midst of a contract or ongoing project, then finish it before firing them

Remember, when in doubt, it’s always a great idea to consult a trusted legal consultant to plan your next course of action.

Now, you know the primary signs of when it’s time to fire a bad pool service client. Use these pro steps to replace these bad clients with great ones with higher profits!

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Originally published March 23, 2023 4:03 PM

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