11.5 Best Ways to Market Your Lawn Care Business

11.5 ways to market

The best lawn care marketing strategies will double your business in 2018.

But which advertising strategies should you choose? How can you be 100% certain you will make money?

Here, we’ve gathered advertising secrets from…

  • 45+ books
  • 300+ hours in marketing courses and conferences
  • Strategies from lawn care and landscaping marketers that have generated millions of dollars

We’ve picked out the best ideas and advertising techniques and put them all here. This list is full of easy, actionable steps to market your lawn care or landscaping business.

Are you ready to dominate your market?

riding lawn mower over green field new clients

1. The #1 Mistake in Lawn Care Marketing

Why do people buy lawn care services?

The answer is NOT “Because their grass is tall.”

Believe it or not, nobody buys anything based on logic. People make their final buying decisions based on how they feel (and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll start selling vastly more work).

This is the Most Important Rule of Marketing ANYTHING:

Your clients want to hire YOU because of how you make them feel.

Every home owner needs their lawn mowed. But the reason they pay YOU to do it is because:

  • You save them time
  • You make it look way better
  • You take away all the pain and stress of mowing

The Fix? Sell the Benefits, not the Features

Whenever you are working on ANY marketing piece, focus on the feeling (or the benefit) that your clients actually care about. 

For example: you sell lawn care services.

Ask yourself, “So what?”

  • Do your clients actually want to save time?
  • Are they trying to get a professional-looking backyard paradise?
  • Do they just want more free time to spend with family and friends?

When you start selling emotions in your lawn care marketing (yes, even on your truck wraps!) – your marketing success will skyrocket.

Not sure what emotions and benefits your clients care about?

Download this free “Ideal Client Persona” Template, and get the answers right now.

2. Facebook (a.k.a. The Most Powerful Marketing Tool Right Now)

Facebook is the largest social media platform on the internet. In fact, two out of every three people in the US are on Facebook. 

But did you know…

Facebook is also the most powerful marketing tool to reach your clients (and ONLY your clients) right now?

It’s also incredibly easy and low cost to get started (far cheaper than printing out thousands of Flyers).

Check out the brand new “Lawn Care and Landscaping” Facebook Guide now!

Basically, Facebook allows you to target people in your service area, and run ads that actually generate clients for as little as $5 a day.

Check out the link above for Facebook Guide dedicated specifically to the green industry. Your business is absolutely missing out if you’re not running ads through this uniquely powerful engine right now.

3. Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and PPC?

Paper advertising is NOT dead.

But it’s quickly becoming clear that the new digital methods of advertising are the best way to push yourself several levels above your competition.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo all offer a service called Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC).

How Does it Help Your Business?

Mary goes to her computer because she needs a new lawn care guy. So she heads to Google.com and searches for:

“Best Lawn Care near me”

Because Google knows where she lives, it pulls up a bunch of Lawn Care websites in her area. Before she even sees the “normal” search results, Google shows her a few ads for Lawn Care providers near her.

Those are called PPC ads.

Basically, good Pay-Per-Click advertising guarantees that clients will see your name first. And you only pay when people actually click on your ads – so you never get overcharged (though if you’re careful, you can waste money). 

Here’s a guide to Geo-targeting and creating high-performing local ads with PPC. And here’s another one straight from Google.

For lawn care entrepreneurs who want to grow faster… you might want to hire a 3rd party Adwords Specialist to work on your account instead, since it can take many hours (and several weeks of waiting) to get up to speed. This is especially a good idea if you’re in a high-competition market.

building a website by hand

4. Wow Them with Your Website

For 95% of your clients, your website will be their first impression of youI can’t tell you how many lawn care websites I’ve seen that look like they haven’t changed in 20+ years.

Are they going to sign up on some janky, broken, dinosaur-era web form?

Or are they going to move on until they find someone with a fresh, professional looking design?

Chances are, your best clients are shopping around with someone who gives them a strong first impression.

Make your website amazing. Hire a freelance web developer if you have to.

Make sure you include these nine elements in your new landscaping or lawn care website, and you’ll get new clients begging for your work – without you ever having to talk to them.


5. Get to the Top of Google with SEO

Question: What’s better than a great website?

Answer: A great website that appears at the top of search results.

SEO – or Search Engine Optimization – is the combination of healthy web practices and keyword usage that puts your website to the top of search results (i.e. When Mary searches “Lawn Care,” your website could list in the first slot).

Websites with good SEO get seen first. They also get 2x as many visitors as the next spot.

Basically, if you want to grow your business… you want to get better at SEO.

Local SEO means that you optimize for your service area. For example, if you are in Miami, you don’t want people in Alaska to find your website and call you up for a quote.

Local SEO is easier than you think. Follow this quick and dirty guide to local SEO for lawn care and landscaping companies to catapult ahead of your competitors.

I can almost guarantee you nobody in your area is doing all of these things. Which means you’ll have a huge advantage.

Send this guide to the person who developed your Website, or try to execute some of these strategies yourself.

When you do SEO right, you get tons of FREE traffic to your website.

A healthy portion of that traffic should turn into new clients for you. Good SEO can be several times more profitable than even the best “Every Door Direct Marketing” piece.

laptop generating mail

6. How Does Email Marketing Actually Work?

Email marketing is great because…

…it’s one of the least expensive ways to grow your business.

With emails, you can see an insane return for your time.


Because every email feels personal. Even if you automate them (I’ll show you how to do that in just a moment).

Strategy #1: Get More Email Leads

You want to sell more work with email?

All you need is a way to passively collect new emails – even when you’re sleeping. This can take a combination of SEO, Paid Traffic (that is, Facebook or Adwords), and…

…a valuable asset.

Build out a free guide. Something you are an absolute expert on:

  • Spring yard care
  • Watering schedules
  • Winterization routines

Give out these free guides in exchange for email addresses. Put them up on your website, your social media, anywhere your clients might find you.

Prove to people that you are the expert – that you can give them instant value – and they will gladly pay for your services.

Step 2: What to do when you have emails

You have all these emails… now what?

The key is to FOLLOW UP. Whether it’s a new lead, or a new client, you want to start sending them emails. Email is critical for selling to people who are “on the fence.”

Plan out a series of “welcome” emails – and then automate your series.

Your series should include a healthy mix of:

  • Valuable content (like the guides mentioned above)
  • Sales to convert your leads into clients
  • Upsells to get more revenue from current clients

This is a fantastic way to stay in front of your market at all times.

How do you Automate your series?

You can use a free email suite like MailChimp, or more professional one like Aweber.

However… they won’t work great if you’re using other software to run your business. Now, there is a better tool out there.

Service Autopilot just released a massive new update called “Automations.” It allows you to automate your…

  • Text messages
  • Emails and email marketing
  • Instant follow up and long-term sales messages

Yeah, that’s all on Autopilot now.

Check out Service Autopilot, and get software that will actually grow your lawn or landscaping business.

(Oh, there’s also a 100% money back guarantee for your first 30 days, so you’ve got nothing to lose.)

7. Get More Online Reviews (and Fix the Bad Ones)

Online reviews are almost as good as in-person referrals (we’ll get to those in a minute).

If your clients really love your work, ask them to review you online.

Get your business good reviews in at least two of these places:

Poor reviews can hurt sales. However, if your good reviews outweigh the bad, you will sell more work and your reputation will increase drastically.

This quick post will show you how to get a constant stream of 5-Star online reviews for your lawn care company.

8. Flyers, Doorhangers and 9-Arounds

Print marketing still works.

The problem is:

Most people don’t know how to make it work for them.

Flyers can be a cost-effective way to build your lawn care client-base… when you do it right.

Why? Because they…

  • Build route density
  • Make your clients recognize you
  • And yes, if you do them right, people will hire you from a piece of paper


There is near-100% chance that these new leads will see your flyers. The goal is to make sure they like what they see.

So, with the help of several lawn care owners, we’ve put together a gift for you:

[FREE Download] Grab our 7 Proven Flyer and Door Hanger Templates

These are the 7 best performing flyers (tested over 8+ years), put into print-ready templates. Instructions included. Go download them now, and make some money!

2 Flyer Strategies (that Actually Work)

Unless you’re just starting out, your time is too valuable to post up flyers yourself.

Here are are two realistic strategies for flyer and door hanger marketing:

1. Pay someone else to post up your flyers

College kids, high schoolers, people looking for some extra, one-time work. Even your own crew might be willing, off hours.

2. Build Richer Routes with 9 Arounds

Get more from your team on the job. Check out the full guide to executing profitable 9 arounds here.

man selling door to door

9. Get Better at Selling in Person

To be a successful landscape entrepreneur, you have to know your clients: what they want, what they hate, what they wish they had…

To know your clients, you have to talk to them. Be friendly, respectful, and don’t forget to smile.

Want a book to improve your people skills?

Let me recommend How to Win Friends and Influence People. It’s a classic, and everything in this book still works… without making you feel like a “used car salesman.”

It boils down to three things:

  • Look professional
  • Be respectful, and use your ears
  • Talk to people about what they want to talk about

There are some more selling secrets in this article: “How to sell landscaping jobs in person.”

When you know your clients, you will be able to do a better job. You will know what they expect from you and your company.

This makes it super easy to meet their needs… and sell to them in person.

10. Be BOLD When You Paint Your Trucks

There’s a white Ford F-150 on the side of the road.

It’s got a trailer hitched to the back. The mowing crew is somewhere down the street, working at a lawn. As you get closer, you see curvy black letters scribbled on the side of the truck.

You can’t really read the words – does that say “lawns?” Is that a phone number?

It’s a good idea to paint your truck, but why do people make it so dang hard to read?

If you’re going to advertise your landscaping company…


Your trucks should SHOUT about who you are.

Hire a freelance designer. Get some custom-made magnet clings or truck wraps, and slap your company colors all over your vehicles.

Make sure to include:

  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Company colors
  • Something that makes you stick out

Paint your trucks boldly, then EVERYONE will know about you, even when you’re zipping down the road.

Short term, you are investing in your truck. If you keep your vehicle for a long time, it will really pay off.

Check out our new guide on how to wrap your lawn care and landscaping vehicles. 

11. How to Get “Too Many” Lawn Care Referrals

New clients don’t trust you…


Because you sell an “invasive” service. You are a stranger, working on their property.

…but they do trust their friends and family.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool to sell invasive services – like lawn care or landscaping.

You need your clients to trust you. Referrals skip over that trust barrier.

Even better, referrals build up over time, so 1 good client can turn into 2… then 4… then more.

There are some magic steps to get more (and better) lawn care referrals:

  • Focus on clients who love you
  • Use better incentives (everybody loves free stuff)
  • Ask for referrals at the right time
  • Keep business cards on you at all times

All of these steps are covered in depth right here.

Clients who give you referrals are like geese who lay golden eggs.

Good referrals cost zero marketing dollars, and will boost your revenue – and reputation.

Now, speaking of reputation…

man mowing lawn

11.5 Do an Awesome Job. Every Time.

This one only counts for “one half” of a strategy.


Because you’re already working your ass off. You didn’t get into this industry to be lazy.

You got here because you are an entrepreneur at heart.

My only advice here is to never stop. Keep up your best work, and fresh new leads will keep swarming in.

When you find and hire the best employees you possibly can….

When your team puts in 100% effort – every time – I guarantee your lawn and landscaping business will grow.

Better Lawn Care Marketing = Faster Growth

Use these 11.5 strategies to grow your business in 2018:

  • Your client base will grow
  • Your reputation will skyrocket
  • Your revenue and profits will explode

And soon, you’ll be saying, “Now, I have too much work.”

But that’s a problem we will work on another day…

Happy growing!

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