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How to Make More Money in Lawn Care

Published on September 22, 2022

Whether you’ve hit a growth ceiling, bottlenecks, or just want to find new ways to generate more revenue, it’s essential to know how to make more money in lawn care.

By the end of this article, you’ll discover how to make more money in lawn care and:

  • Find and hire the best employees
  • Increase existing client profitability
  • Keep clients happy by establishing a healthy relationship
  • Become the leader in your market with high-quality services
  • Protect your business with proper registration and insurance
  • Maintain continuous services with reliable trucks and equipment
  • Put daily tasks on autopilot with the best lawn care software for your business

When you know how to make more money in lawn care, you can become an unstoppable force in dominating your local market.


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1. Increase Prices

One of the best ways to make more money in lawn care is by increasing prices.

Here’s how to easily raise prices for existing clients and still keep them:

  • Use industry standards as a general guideline
  • Start with least profitable clients first
  • Send a letter to the affected clients
  • Test and improve the process
  • Raise prices at the right time

By consistently reevaluating prices, you’ll ensure maximum profitability (use Service Autopilot to instantly check client profitability).

While you inevitably will lose some clients to a price increase, it’s a vital step to running a successful lawn care business.

Plus, it’s better to replace a minimally profitable client with a more profitable one. These simple steps will minimize the amount of lost clients.

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2. Hire the Best Crew

By hiring the right crew, you can make more money in lawn care by:

  • Keeping clients happy so they don’t leave
  • Providing top-notch services so you can set premium prices
  • Maintaining a positive company culture that keeps your best employees happy

With the right hiring ads, you can begin hiring the top tier talent in your area in no time. Also, implementing an employee referral program can help capture the most ideal candidates.

You’ll know when it’s time to start hiring when:

  • Clients are happy with your services
  • There’s a formal training process in place
  • You have adequate time and resources for proper training
  • You’re growing fast enough to put a full-time new hire to work
  • The business can handle short-term profit loss during training

In addition to hiring the right crew, it’s equally important to properly train them. After all, you can’t offer high-quality services without a properly trained team.

As a result, the best crew providing the best work will merit premium prices, allowing you to make more money in lawn care.

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3. Use Marketing to Cultivate Client Relationships

Marketing serves as one of the most lucrative ways to cultivate client relationships.

Take a look at a few simple ways you can begin marketing to clients:

In addition, maintaining an automated email marketing client nurture campaign helps to further the value your business offers to clients.

You can showcase the content you’re already producing in your email nurture series. Plus, this can act as your newsletter.

Showcase your latest content, such as:

  • Blogs
    • E.g. benefits to using a lawn care service provider, how aeration benefits their lawn, etc.
  • How-to-videos
    • E.g. how to protect faucet faucets during the winter, how to repair a sprinkler head, etc.
  • Everyday lawn care tips
    • E.g. how often to water their lawn, how to get the most out of their lawn care services, etc.

By taking the time to nurture your existing clients, you can keep clients happy with your services so they won’t leave the competition.

Also, this newsletter will aid in establishing your business as the leading authority for lawn care in your area. In turn, you can beat the competition and make more money in lawn care.

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4. Focus on High-Quality Services

By offering a manageable list of services, it allows you to focus on providing top quality. As a result, you’re able to charge more premium prices for top quality work.

Plus, rendering high-quality services helps increase referrals and beat the competition by establishing a great reputation.

To start, offer a select 3-5 services. Then, gradually add services to your lawn care business.

In turn, you can become skilled and known for a few select services so you won’t attempt to master too much at once.

5. Safeguard Your Business With Proper Registration and Insurance

When your business is properly registered and insured, you can safeguard it for long-term success — allowing you to make more money in lawn care.

Begin by choosing a name for your business that’s:

  • Easy to remember
  • Not used in your state
  • Reflects your business as a whole
  • Represents the services you provide
  • Separates your business from the competition

Then, choose how you want to register your business. ALWAYS meet with a trusted CPA (i.e. Certified Public Accountant) before officially registering your business.

Remember, the best CPA can help ensure all of your bases are covered to ensure long-lasting growth so you can make more money in lawn care.

6. Maintain Reliable Trucks and Equipment

In order to provide dependable services, it’s crucial to maintain reliable trucks and equipment. After all, you can’t offer dependable services if your truck or mower breaks down.

Also, keep in mind, standardizing your fleet makes maintenance easier because you can:

  • Keep spare parts on hand
  • Choose one dealer for all repairs and warranties
  • Train employees a set standard for everyday maintenance and operations

As always, it’s important to choose your trucks and other equipment based on your budget, as well as the brands with the easiest access to nearby dealers.

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7. Automate Daily Tasks With the #1 Lawn Care Software

By far, the EASIEST way to make more money in lawn care is by choosing the #1 lawn care software to automate daily tasks.

The best lawn care software equips you with:

By automating everyday tasks, Service Autopilot allows you to make more money in lawn care, save endless hours, conquer goals, and grow fast.

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Start Making More Money in Lawn Care Now

By taking advantage of these winning strategies, you can transform your business into an unstoppable force:

Even though you might be struggling to find new ways to make more money in lawn care, this article has shown you everything needed to get started today!

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Originally published Sept 22, 2022 7:00 AM

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